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If you want to learn the most as a parent as far as understanding the issues, I suggest you work backwards through my materials... looking at my RESEARCH FILE, the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin, and then going through the books, Book 4 (on language development in the autistic), then 3 (autism issues), then 2 (exercises we did etc. to help our son) then 1 (diet). 

You can access each of these via the main web page

Each resource has extremely valuable information... as do the Teaching Tools which I provide online and free of charge to any parent who has a child with autism.

Book 2 - Breaking The Code To Remove The Shackles Of Autism: When The Parts Are Not Understood

And The Whole Is Lost!

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To Print PDF FILE -  BOOK 2 - Click Here! (make sure you read critical update to Danger of Imaginary or Pretend Play in Autism section here and more on this issue in Book 3 also)

A World of Order©

(For much more on these issues, see also Book 3, Book 4, Insulin Paper and Research File)

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Disclaimer - Breaking The Code To Remove The Shackles of Autism


Chapter 1 - A Theory On Autism


Chapter 2 - Special Note To Parents


Chapter 3 - Odd Behaviors - Understanding Why The Autistic Child Does What He Does...


Chapter 4 - The Interrupted Task - Transition Issues...


Chapter 5 - Hyperactivity And The Apparent Inability To Sit Long Enough To Learn Anything...


Chapter 6 - When Rest Is Work, Too!!!©


Chapter 7 - Issues With Motor Skills In The Autistic Child - Difficulty Using A Pencil / Inability To Point With A Finger / Inappropriate Use Of Stairs / Difficulty With Drinking From A Cup Or Straw...


Chapter 8 - Issues With Cutting Of Hair And/Or Nails / Brushing Of Teeth...


Chapter 9 - Inability To Look At Oneself In The Mirror...


Chapter 10 - Issues With Potty Training... Why Is This So Difficult For The Autistic Child?  Toe Walking - Could This Be Related To Issues With Potty Training???


Chapter 11 - I Don't Want To Be Hugged!!! Issues With The Sense Of Touch!


Chapter 12 - Yuk!  Issues With Specific Food Textures...


Chapter 13 - Listen!!! Auditory Issues... Why Does The Autistic Child Have Such Sensitive Hearing?  The "Deaf Child" Syndrome


Chapter 14 - Strength Of The Autistic Child In Auditory And Motor Learning!


Chapter 15 - Breaking Eye Contact ... More There Than Meets The Eye!!! / "Looking Through You" And "Blank Stares" As Coping Mechanisms!


Chapter 16 - Colors... And The Autistic Child - The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow!!!


Chapter 17 - Difficulty With Certain Concepts... But Strength With Others / Concept of Same Verses Different / Uncanny Ability To Remember Specific Facts About Specific Topics


Chapter 18 - Teaching Language Based On A Building Blocks Approach / Breaking The Code! / Fascination With Captions / Echolalia And Ordering Or Reference Language© (Once Called "Nonsense Language) / ABCs To Breaking The Code Of Language / Phonics / Words / Talking In Labels And Commands / Reference Communication© / Conversation / Sentence Compartmentalization / Teaching Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Homophones And Acronyms / Words To Cope / Words That Teach Quantity

(see also Teaching Tools  for help with ABCs-Phonics-Sign Language and much more)


Chapter 19 - Teaching The Concept of Money
Chapter 20 - Teaching The Concept Of Time ( see free Teaching Tools for more help with TIME)


Chapter 21 - Socialization - Why Is Interaction So Difficult For The Autistic Child! (see also critical issue of Face Blindness)


Chapter 22 - Issues With Sharing...


Chapter 23 - Teaching A Process...


Chapter 24 - Safety Issues - A Matter Of Life & Death!


Chapter 25 - Motion And The Autistic Child!


Chapter 26 - "Father, I Cannot Tell A Lie"... The Apparent Inability To Lie In The Autistic!


Chapter 27 - The Potential DANGER OF IMAGINARY PLAY... The Slippery Slope That Could Lead To... Adult Schizophrenia?  (see Book 3 and Research File for more)
Chapter 28 - Emotions - Why The Autistic Child Is Never Simply A Little Bit Angry!


Chapter 29 - Discipline And The Autistic Child - Potentially Devastating To Both Parent And Child!


Chapter 30 - Routines And Other Therapies... Why They Work... And Why They Don't Work!


Chapter 31 - Coping Mechanisms... How The Autistic Child Deals With His World!  Spinning, Visual Stims, Self-Spinning, Hand Flapping, Licking, Screaming, Rocking, Toe Walking, Odd Behaviors, Biting, Self-Injurious Behaviors, Breaking Eye Contact With People And/Or Objects, Looking Through You And Blank Stares, Making Eye Contact With Certain Objects, Physically Removing Oneself From An Upsetting Situation, Ritualistic Familiarization Processes, Aligning And Stacking, Creating New Entities, Creating One's Own "Code To Life" And The Danger Of Reference Living©, Creating Randomness, Ordering Language©, Echolalia And Reference Communication©, Counting And The Use Of Math Equations, Words To Cope, Music, The CRITICAL Role Of Labeling!
Chapter 32 - First Steps For Parents - What Can Be Done To Help These Children Today!  Digestive Enzymes, Chelation, GrapeFRUIT Seed Extract


Chapter 33 - Exercises I Do At Home!!!
Chapter 34 - The Autistic Brain - When The Parts Are Not Understood And The Whole Is Lost!  General Overview Of Brain Structure And Function / What's Going On In The Autistic Brain?  Explaining So Much In The Autistic Child Based On Brain Structure And Function Alone!!! / View Online Video Showing Neural Degeneration As A Result Of Mercury Exposure!!!


Chapter 35 - The Pain Of Today... The Hope For Tomorrow!


Chapter 36 - The Burden On The Autistic Brain... Forced To Work In A Way It Was Not Intended To!


Chapter 37 - All Those Brain Studies... What Do They Really Tell Us?   The Need To QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!


Chapter 38 - A Whole New Way Of Looking At Brain Structure And Function / Anesthesia - Could It Be Causing Right Temporal Lobe Damage?  Secretin Verses Anesthesia - Which One Really Made That Autistic Child Talk?  Could Sensory Input Actually Trigger Functions Previously Thought Unrelated?
Chapter 39 - OOPS!!! How Could Something So Simple Have Been Missed For So Long?
Chapter 40 - A New Definition For: AUTISM!!!


Chapter 41 - Parents - Meeting The Challenges Ahead!


Chapter 42 - Putting Things In Perspective!!!
Chapter 43 - Society - Worldwide - Meeting The Challenges Ahead!
Chapter 44 - Voices For The Voiceless... Why Alzheimer's May Be "Autism In The Elderly"© (for much more on this, see Research File)


Chapter 45 - Criminal Acts Or Total Incompetence...


Chapter 46 - Moving Forward!!!


Chapter 47 - Putting It All Together...


Appendix... Signs So Easily Missed Or Dismissed / Zachary's Possible Reaction To Cod Liver Oil / Zachary's Room Of Colors




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