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Society indeed had many issues to address on many fronts.   Issues as they related to the affiliations and loyalties of those in political office certainly topped that list since society could not possibly move forward on so many of these issues if the interest of all men, women and children was not at the forefront of everything in matters relating to vaccinations and mercury overall.

When I had written my first book, I had really not looked very much into matters relating to vaccinations.   As I personally, came to research more on autism and a possible vaccination link, I knew the liver, the body's main detoxifying organ was somehow involved, and the pancreas too... so critical in enzyme activity and the regulation of blood sugar.   Zachary, had after all, been low on blood sugar at birth... and that had always been in the back of my mind.   I knew I had a mouthful of mercury fillings, the very substance found in so many vaccinations, and these fillings could have somehow impacted him while he was still in the womb.  I knew the American Dental Association denied any adverse effects of mercury fillings, but, there were too many parents saying this too, may have been a factor in terms of mercury poisoning.  

I felt Zachary may have been born with a weak immune system as a result of my fillings, and that perhaps, his condition had indeed been made much worse by the mercury in vaccinations.  After all, he had developed some language... and then lost it... and, too many parents were now pointing the finger to vaccinations for vaccinations to be so easily dismissed as a possible cause for autism.  I was not against vaccinations... but I was very much for safe vaccinations and each parent's right to choose whether or not to vaccinate!

I continued to do research... and to read parent discussion boards, especially in terms of discussions relating to vaccinations.

I knew many parents were adamant vaccinations had caused their child's autism, but I, personally had not had that "overnight" change in Zachary... he had only gradually changed before my eyes.   Of course, I worked very long hours at the time and, perhaps, I just did not see what I should have seen.   Regardless, if you were to ask me today if vaccines played a part in my child's autism, I would have to answer that I now believed they played a role in traumatizing an immature immune system.  After all, the liver, the major detoxifying organ in the body did not produce bile until the infant was 6 months – so, another parent had told me.  If this were true, Zachary, and all other infants subjected to vaccinations prior to six months of age, would have been exposed to numerous toxins via vaccinations with a liver not fully functioning in terms of its ability to detoxify the body of heavy metals and any other toxins.

As I learned more about autism in general, many things began to puzzle and frustrate me greatly.   For example, I could not understand why the overwhelming majority of the medical establishment, within government, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals, simply refused to accept the well-proven fact that dietary issues were very much at play in the autistic child.  

I could not understand why the government and medical community did not recommend specific dietary intervention for these children... as it related to casein, gluten, phenols, supplements, etc.   As I thought about this, I wondered... and wondered... why not?  

Why was the dietary link so difficult to accept as "common knowledge" in recovering the autistic child when it had so readily been accepted as an issue in so many other ailments... such as diabetes, depression, etc?  – especially given the fact that casein free and gluten free diets were helping to recover so many of these children – including my own son! 

Then, as I read more and more on parent discussion boards, something else started to be very, very troubling to me... the fact that so many autistic children had "other issues".   I kept praying and thanking God that "at least I only had autism to deal with"... that my child did not also have diabetes, epileptic seizures (known to develop in the autistic at puberty), depression, suicidal tendencies, or so many of these other ailments other parents of autistic children were reporting in their children.

As I thought about all this, a thought crossed my mind... could this be the reason the battle had been so difficult... the reason the pharmaceuticals simply could NOT allow the autism-vaccination link to be shown...  because if it were shown to be a fact in a court of law, then, perhaps, parents would start noticing a lot of "other factors" their children had in common... all these "other issues".    

I then thought some more and wondered... why did we have such an increase in childhood illnesses... such as juvenile diabetes, allergies, etc...  we just did not see so much of "all of this" when I was a child.   So, I thought some more...and then it hit me... what may very well be the true reason the pharmaceuticals could not allow the autism-vaccine link to be shown…

Autism provided ONE critical thing that all these "other ailments" failed to provide... an almost overnight link to vaccinations!  And so, if society were to "put it together" that autism was an illness with huge dietary issues in terms of the functioning of the pancreas, the liver's ability to detoxify foreign substances, in terms of immune system issues (the immune system, by the way, is approximately 70% within the digestive track)... issues the medical community for the most part absolutely refused to recognize... (again ... why was that?)... and yet, there were plenty of "other illnesses" out there with huge links to diet... and in those cases, the medical community was "fine" with accepting a link to diet (i.e., in diabetes)... why was it so hard for parents of the autistic to convince the medical community that, in the case of autism, diet/digestive processing was also at the heart of the matter?  Although this was simply a theory on my part, nothing I could prove, my heart told me that it simply had to be because parents of the autistic, in many cases, were pointing the finger directly to vaccinations - and in many cases - overnight!!!  

Autism seemed to do what no other ailment had been able to show - an accusation by parents of the overnight connection to vaccinations!  That  was why the pharmaceuticals simply could not allow the autism/vaccination link to move forward - because if a link was shown between autism and vaccinations - and diet and mal-absorption, and leaky gut were huge pieces of the puzzle for autistic children, then perhaps, vaccinations, diet and other organ mal-functioning in the human body were linked to vaccinations too! (i.e., mal-function of the liver, of the pancreas, of the brain, etc. - all huge issues in and of themselves - and all issues in the autistic child as well.)  In my opinion, that would certainly explain why so many parents with autistic children were also battling "various other issues" - would it not?  This certainly would also help explain why everything had been so difficult in terms of parents making their issues heard... and in terms of why the autism-diet link had also been so hard for the medical community and the government to accept! 

Perhaps the words of a very brave man - a man not afraid to go against very powerful organizations, a man in search of the truth - best summarized the message from parents to the medical community, the pharmaceuticals and the government agencies involved in autism as they related to vaccinations:

"The take-home message for the medical profession is that the parents were right... In our infinite arrogance it is a difficult pill for us to swallow".  Andrew Wakefield

If, indeed, Dr. Wakefield was right, as many parents now suspected he was, the concerns he raised in respect to the MMR and the possible interaction of the measles and mumps viruses, and given the fact that the “rubella” virus was made with human dna, why were these immunizations not readily available, worldwide, as single, independent immunizations?   As stated earlier, the only answer to this question was purely a financial one!

To read more on vaccines and their link to so many other illnesses, I encouraged all parents to go to: (scroll down - left hand column).   This was but one site of many that discussed research and the possible link between vaccinations and so many other illnesses.  The research on possible vaccine related illnesses, in addition to autism, was growing indeed!

Could I, personally, prove an autism/vaccination link?   No!   But I now suspected that this proof, perhaps, did exist - within the very strong, almost impenetrable walls of the pharmaceutical industry and our government agencies involved in vaccination programs.

IF, the walls of the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in vaccination programs had indeed been built with the brick and mortar of deception, sealed and gold plated by political contributions, their lack of integrity would eventually be revealed.  And, if the cracks within these walls did form as a result of a lack of integrity,  as the cracks begin to spread - deeper and deeper – it, surely, would only be a matter of time before these walls collapsed totally, for walls with no integrity cannot endure the test of time and the violent storms of life... and as more parents looked to vaccinations as the cause of their children's autism, and of possibly other ailments, the hurricane that spread from sea to sea and continent to continent,  was forming quickly and the waves of protest were beginning to pound upon many doors for answers! 

This hurricane, with all its furry, had in the past been swirling aimlessly in the midst of confusion, but now, its eye was becoming much more focused, and this hurricane, as it increased in strength, was now on a direct path - leading to Washington!

The people of this land understood all too well issues of national and indeed international security as they related to vaccinations.  We understood that vaccinations were critical in stopping many life-threatening diseases.  Parents were not crying for "no vaccinations", they were crying for "safe vaccinations" - the difference was huge!

Indeed, issues of national and international security as they related to vaccinations, I would argue, spanned much further than most believed.  IF a link could be proven between autism and vaccinations, then given the fact that there were already over 2 million children in the US considered to have "attention deficit", the implications for national security were indeed overwhelming also.  

There could be no "security for the elderly" who depended on the income of the next generation to help pay for social programs available in retirement.  As such, I encouraged all grandparents to contact their chapter of the AARP and ask that the AARP take a stand, alongside parents, on this very critical issue.    Children in need of help themselves would not be there to support government programs for the elderly unless these children first received the therapy they themselves needed.

There could be no "security" in daily life as these children became engineers, truck drivers, train conductors, assembly line workers, construction workers, airline pilots, military personnel, etc., and took on so many other critical roles related to this nation's infrastructure and security.  The possibility of having persons suffering from "attention deficit" or mercury induced brain lesions resulting in improper communication among the various parts of the brain, was a national security issue indeed... and, in all probability - a reality - as the workforce continued to shrink drastically !

The potential drain on the financial resources of this nation, and other nations, was troubling indeed!  In special education alone, resources were already very scarce.   As such, I encouraged all education professionals to contact their unions also, and ask that teachers unions take a stand on this issue as well, because there was absolutely no way that schools could even begin to be equipped to handle the ever-growing number of autistic children - these included children with labels of autism, pervasive developmental disorder and attention deficit as well... all children, whom in my opinion, had an inability to properly process the world around them as it related to specific "parts" to a whole... all children who had an inability to properly and effectively cope with all aspects of everyday life and properly focus their attention… all children who had potentially serious sensory input integration and relay issues!  Did teachers honestly believe they could handle vast numbers of autism spectrum children without help in the form of therapy and special education tools for these children?  These children could very much be helped and made into very productive members of society, but they needed help to do so! 

The tides of autism were now turning... and parents were owed answers.   If these answers were to be found within the walls of the pharmaceutical industry and the government agencies involved in vaccination programs, as I believed they may very well be, then, I had but one question for our government officials:

Why had subpoenas not yet been issued to get to the bottom of the possible autism -vaccination link and to provide for independent audits?  Society – worldwide – now had to take a strong stance on this question and send politicians, worldwide, the strong message that real answers were needed – there was no longer time for dancing around the issues without the facts, and to get those facts, necessitated subpoenas and independent audits of the CDC, NIH and the pharmaceutical industry.  Were we a government “By The People, For The People” – or not?  Who exactly as running the show in Washington?

Sure - we currently had the “never-ending” congressional hearings - but without subpoenas and actual documents from independent audits these “hearings” could go on forever.  Of course, that also, made me wonder about something else.   Given the magnitude of this issue of the autism-vaccine link, in terms of financial costs to the pharmaceuticals, to the government that had been involved in so adamantly pushing forward vaccination programs, to world health policies, I now began to truly wonder if all these “government hearings” were nothing more than simple delay tactics and smokescreens to buy more time, as legislators hurried to pass laws like the Frist Bill in an attempt to avoid the furry of the hurricane that was now building more rapidly than ever on so many shores!  If past, the Frist Bill would prevent anyone from suing a pharmaceutical for vaccine related injuries. 

This document I had written had many difficult messages within it, and I realized that.   However, I, like so many other Americans, was tired of all the dancing around the issues.   It was time to truly address the issues rather than pretend we were working on them via countless “hearings” that were lacking in true evidence – documents from the pharmaceuticals, the CDC and the NIH as they related to vaccine research.  

Again, where were the subpoenas and the independent audits necessary to get to the bottom of this issue?   If the government was so sure that there was no autism- vaccination link, then subpoenas should pose no problem – should they?  So, why the delay?  Was the government, via its “congressional hearings” simply trying to appease the public and make parents think they were “working the issue”, when truly, they had no desire whatsoever in getting at the bottom of it?  You could have all the “hearings” you wanted, but without documentation from the sources involved in this issue, these “hearings” were but a waste of taxpayer money!

I also did not understand why, in view of the tremendous controversy on these issues, vaccinations containing thimerosal had not been recalled.  All childhood vaccinations were now available without thimerosal so why were we still “jabbing” 8,000 children per day with old stock?  How many devastated children would it take before society finally awoke to these very real and painful issues?

Autism now impacted much more than the families touched by it.   Autism could provide vital keys to absolutely every type of brain research, every illness, every disorder and as such, society – worldwide- truly had to meet the challenges placed before it, in requesting that this issue of the possible autism-vaccination link, finally be addressed once and for all – in a timely, efficient and effective manner via independent third party, non-government, audits!  America was a democracy for the people and by the people.  This issue would truly indicate whether or not, this in fact, was true!

The requests of parents of the autistic were, after all, in the best interest of everyone – worldwide!   Parents were not against vaccinations – they were for safe vaccinations – there was a HUGE difference! 

Given all the potential implications of vaccinations, the burden on the government and on the pharmaceutical industry to rebuild public trust, was indeed overwhelming, especially given the fact that so many scientists and doctors were now showing their concerns over these issues.  I had gone this far in providing my views on so many issues, for me, and so many others, there could be no “going back”.   As such, I now also provided what I felt were the first steps necessary to rebuilding any trust between parents of the autistic, society in general and the pharmaceutical industry and indeed, our government when it came to issues of vaccinations:

1.      There had to be an immediate recall of all vaccinations containing thimerosal (mercury) with no further mercury containing vaccinations being produced.

2.      The MMR had to be made available in single doses only given the potential measles and mumps virus interactions.

3.      No childhood immunizations could begin until a child was at least 6 months of age – in order to allow for the proper development of the liver in terms of the production of bile given the liver’s critical function in detoxifying the human body of toxins found in vaccinations!

4.      Those vaccinations causing the most injuries in to children, as determined by vaccine injury statistics would also be made available in single dose vaccines.

5.      A new, independent research organization needed to be set up and involved in reviewing all research results as they related to vaccinations prior to new vaccines being made available to the public in order to ensure ethical standards were maintained within the pharmaceutical industry as they related to issues of vaccination safety.    This independent research organization would also provide input into what would be considered acceptable standards in terms of vaccination research study duration, etc. Only by having a third party organization, independent of the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in vaccination programs, could the future safety of all children be ensured.  Since the CDC (Center For Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes Of Health), UN (United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization) had previously been involved in vaccination policies worldwide, and stood by as vaccination injuries continued to soar, refusing to thoroughly investigate these concerns by having subpoenas issued, but chose instead to simply deny any link, these organizations, could only play secondary roles, in this watch group function given their very close ties to the pharmaceutical industry!

6.      Funds currently made available to the CDC, NIH, the UN and WHO by the government of the United States, in terms matters relating to vaccination policies, research and safety should be made available to help fund this new watch group.

7.      There should also be independent studies investigating the possible autism-anesthesia link and possible temporal lobe damage resulting from anesthesia!

8.      Intensive intervention programs by qualified therapists knowledgeable in these issues had to be made available to all autistic children.

The government’s current vaccination policies made no sense in many respects.   For example, the simple fact was that hepatitis B was acquired sexually or via “drug use” and it was highly unlikely that an infant would engage in either behavior – so, why vaccinate for hepatitis B before allowing the child’s immune system and detoxifying organ – the liver - to truly kick in at 6 months of age?  Why inject toxins into an infant who had no way of truly getting rid of those toxins?  It was a well-known fact that there were a lot of bad laws and/or guidelines across America and it was now time to review many of them and that included a review of all vaccination policies by not only those in government, but by those in private industry as well!

Surely, government officials were about ready to “fall over” at the above suggestions, however, it truly was time for all to “step back” and look at these issues objectively and do what was in the interest of all children and adults.  Given the current autism-vaccination controversy raging on many shores it was nothing less than negligent to do otherwise!  I had gone this far in addressing very difficult issues, placing these suggestions “on the table” was simply my way of letting the public know what I felt was needed.   My views had been communicated.   It was now up to societies and governments to decide the importance and prioritization of these issues and whether, based on what we now understood, these suggestions should be implemented.

Because autistic children held the keys to so much, in so many areas of study, it was absolutely critical that almost all the above measures be taken given the unfortunately “inherent” interest of the pharmaceutical industry to have MORE autistic children, from a research perspective. 

This simply could not be allowed to happen and the only way to ensure safe vaccinations would be by having a third party, independent watch group ensuring the safety of all vaccinations by reviewing all vaccination research findings prior to new vaccinations being made available to the public! 

Agencies that had failed in their duty to protect children in the past, by refusing to properly investigate this issue via subpoenas simply could not be depended on to do so in the future!

Governments, and citizens - worldwide - were encouraged to support these requests and also, to help fund this new watch group in order to help ensure safe vaccinations for all countries.   We all knew vaccinations were necessary to prevent deadly outbreaks of disease, but surely, the control of such outbreaks could be done in a safe way – and the first critical step to that, had to be the immediate recall of all vaccinations containing mercury and legislation providing for very stiff criminal penalties for any pharmaceutical executive found producing and distributing vaccinations containing mercury in the future.   In my opinion, it was also critical that society hear the numerous warning bells currently sounding on many shores in relation to the MMR vaccine.   Although not a vaccine containing mercury, obviously, there existed enough concern with this vaccination also, to warrant special investigation into these matters – and by that, I meant real investigations – not smokescreens! 

Only then could parents and societies, worldwide, help ensure no further damage not only to their children, but also to currently normal children and children born in the future as well.

To the many politicians who had sworn an oath of office, upon the Bible, to uphold the laws of this land and to protect its citizens, I asked that you remembered the following words each time you entered a church, each time you saw a bible:

"There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known"  (Luke 12:2).

The most Supreme Court of all would, in the end, be the final ruling on these matters…

"For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil".  (Eccl. 12:14).


"Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein:  and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him" (Prov. 26:27).  ".  

It was time for our government to show us that we still were still a nation  “By the people, For the people” and not a nation that could be bought by the mighty hand of the pharmaceutical industry!

Just as I had here provided a few pieces to the autism puzzle, there was another mother providing another critical piece as well.   This mother was the US Autism Ambassador, LD Wedewer.  In her book, now available on CD, Autism and Vaccines The Story A Closer Look, supporting documents provided by LD Wedewer include actual testimony materials, information and confidential reports from companies producing vaccinations, the unpublished, original and never released CDC report on the risk of autism from vaccinations (before it was altered and released to the public), the original Eli Lilly documents on the dangers of Thimerosal, including the company’s vaccination inserts that were constantly changing in terms of how the company “defined the risk of Thimerosal”, and the sad statistics, in the form of affected children - statistics of victims, increasing at the very time that Thimerosal doses given to children were also increasing.  

This collection of materials was a must read for all parents - be they parents of an autistic child or not – as well as for all members of society, including all government officials – worldwide! 

With autism, the devastation on children and their families was so tremendous that families who did find successes, I found, were more than willing to share their insights to help save other children too!   These parents were truly to be commended. 

Yet, as I sought to inform myself, I found the sheer number of organizations trying to “do something” to help the autistic - to be overwhelming.    One could literally drown researching autism on the Internet.  In no time, I came to understand that in the case of many organizations, pharmaceuticals or the government agencies behind vaccination programs often provided financial backing and as such, I wondered how impartial these organizations could be in their message to parents.  With other organization, I honestly felt “the organization had become more important than its cause”.   But, overall, I truly felt there were simply “too many organizations”… and as such, I encouraged parents to look for the best among them and to support those that were truly making a difference in terms of working with the government to protect currently autistic children as well in working to help ensure that the fewest possible new children be afflicted by this disorder – to support organizations devoted to legislative changes in terms of government policies as they related to vaccinations and therapy for the autistic.  

Note, however, that “working with government”, in my opinion, had to involve an honest effort on the part of the government to really get to the bottom of autism issues – and that meant the funding of independent research into vaccines, mercury, aluminum, etc.  – and , again, I felt one strong parent led organization would be the best way to accomplish that.  Organizations that argued they were there to help families of the autistic but failed to look into matters of vaccine injury as they “partnered” with government agencies and the pharmaceuticals were of no use to me, and quite frankly, would never be organizations I could support.   Families did not need further “cover-ups” – they needed honest answers!

Our voice, as parents, had to be a loud voice to make its message heard.   It needed to include parents, and grandparents too.  Grandparents were a very powerful voting block in America, and indeed, around the world, and I truly felt all grandparents or retired persons needed to take a stand on this issue – politically – and stand behind the children not only of this nation but of all nations!  Grandparents, the valued customers of the pharmaceutical industry if united with parents, could truly help make a difference on this issue and get to the bottom of it!  Since the very beginning of time, man always looked to his elders for guidance and wisdom.   Given the strong emotions involved in so many of these issues, perhaps, more than ever, we now needed to turn to our seniors for assistance in these issues too!  Although retired, many senior citizens could still be very active in helping in so many ways.   Surely, our healthier retired citizens could be involved in working with some of these children in recovery programs, too.   For retired persons looking to pass their golden years in the most rewarding of ways, perhaps helping to save autistic children was an avenue that could be considered – a way to truly make an impact in the life of even one child!

The issue of vaccination safety, after all, was not simply an issue for children.   Vaccination safety touched all members of society – from the youngest to the oldest!  Their now appeared to be reason to believe that the great increase in Alzheimer’s was perhaps also due somewhat to vaccinations.   Many vaccinations, after all, did contain aluminum.   Also, the fact that mercury damaged neurons resulted in lesions in the brain similar to those found in patients with Alzheimer’s was reason for concern.

Thimerosal (mercury) was also found in flu shots and other vaccinations given to adults, too!  The issue of vaccination safety affected absolutely every American, absolutely every person around the world who received vaccinations, and as such, this issue had to be thoroughly investigated, and only a global outcry– one voice - could accomplish that! The potential costs incurred by all societies, around the world, in caring for vaccine-injured children were indeed becoming overwhelming in terms of special education, insurance costs, costs in terms of lost tax dollars as more parents stayed home to be with their children, research costs, etc. as were the costs of many illnesses and disorders.

If I had been correct in the theories presented in this document, and had come to possibly understand so much about the workings of the human brain, viewing it in a whole new way, in only two short weeks - and I was but a stay-at-home mom – if I were indeed correct, the leaps to be made in science, therapy, and various treatment options by having much more knowledgeable persons than myself working these issues as they investigated the autistic brain, could, in my opinion save countless billions for all nations while ensuring the safety of all!   

As difficult as this message had been for me to deliver, from the bottom of my heart, I had delivered it the best way that I could.   All nations, now, needed to take a stand on these issues and I hoped that positions taken – would be the right positions to take – ethically, morally and socially!

In attempts to circumvent the storm currently forming on many shores, Washington was in the midst of passing the Frist Bill at the time of my writing these materials.   The Frist Bill, if passed, would make it so that no one could ever sue the pharmaceutical industry for vaccine related injuries.   Such "laws", if on the books in America would indeed be bad laws - and laws that would need to be quickly reversed!   No law was ever final.   This was a land of "We The People... For The People... By The People".   If the government was willing to lift the burden of the pharmaceuticals to provide safe products for children around the world, then the government should perhaps be ready to accept, itself, the full financial burden lifted from these corporations if it chose to absolve them of any liability.   Vaccinations had been made mandatory by the government in order for children to be educated in America’s school systems or in order to attend any daycare.   As such, if mandatory, that meant parents had been given “no choice” and had lost complete rights over their children’s bodies.   If the government felt it could mandate vaccinations, then, it should be willing to bear complete financial burden for all vaccine-injured children.  And, who would care for all the children injured, internationally – the silent voices around the world – those in third world countries – perhaps the most voiceless of all?

Yet, to place the financial burden on governments, I believed, was truly not where this burden belonged – at least not in full - because in the end, once again, financial responsibility would fall upon the taxpayer rather than where it did really belong - with the manufacturers of these products.  

The passing of legislation, such as the Frist Bill, prior to the facts being known and made public via the use of subpoenas,  in my opinion, necessitated that there be a great outcry among all nations to have such legislation quickly and decisively reversed by placing this issue to a national vote once the facts were truly known!  For if the facts did reveal a link between autism and vaccinations, then the shackles that had for so long enslaved autistic children around the world needed to be removed and placed upon the hand and feet of the perpetrators of this great injustice, for as a President of the United States once stated:

Children are the world’s most valuable resource… and its best hope for the future!  John F. Kennedy

We could no longer cast aside the possible link between autism and vaccinations.   Parents' concerns had be addressed so that we did not find ourselves saying much later:  “Oops!  How could we have missed this - for so long?”

I could already hear the “who does she think she is?” resounding across the halls of governments worldwide as more and more parents read these materials and placed pressures on their governments to act on this issue – governments comprised mainly of men.    In the interest of not wasting any further time, I would answer that question – the “who does she think she is?”  for all politicians.  To those who were offended at my position on these matters, perhaps you would best understand my concern, my frustration, and yes,  - my anger - by understanding the label I and so many others affected by autism also carry.  It is a simple label, but it is one so deep in meaning that words truly cannot define this term.   The label I carry is that of:



... with all that it implies!!!

Vaccinations and autism was the new women’s and indeed – the new parent issue and social issue - and surely, in this issue, all societies worldwide could stand together!    The simple fact was that until society got to the bottom of the issue in terms of the potential autism – vaccination link, no child – or adult, for that matter was safe!  If mothers, and indeed fathers, were not willing to fight for all children - autistic or not - who would?

I encouraged all parents and politicians – worldwide – to ensure we did not find ourselves still saying, even a year from now: OOPS!!! How could we have missed this for so long?

The time had come to finally get to the bottom of this issue – and that meant subpoenas!   Politicians worldwide who were not willing to listen had to be given the very clear message that they would be thrown out of office at the first opportunity if they failed to take the right stand on this moral issue – an issue that would truly be an indicator – a very accurate gauge of one’s integrity in making difficult decisions! 

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