Stem Cells Found To Grow... in FAT!!!

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Well... we know we store toxins in fat... and we know there are different types of fat in the human body... and now... we are discovering that stem cells are actually growing in FAT!   Could that help further explain the diabetes-obesity link? (note:  research shows obesity comes AFTER other words... the diabetes came first... then the obesity).   I truly can't help but wonder given I now very much believe diabetes is a sign of metal toxicity and that insulin may play a huge role not only in metal detoxification but in the actual regeneration of the human body's cells!

The following is an article about alternatives to the most unethical practice of fetal stem cells... it is well known in science that research using adult stem cells (making use of stem cells within an adult as opposed to taking them from an unborn child) is showing much greater promise than fetal stem cell research... note in this article the following comment:

taken from:, the source referenced in this article is:  Lemonick, M., Who Will Live Longest, Time, April 23, 2001, pg. 64.

Very interesting, however, is also the information on umbilical cord stem cells as it relates to the blood...  Keep in mind that some who research autism have stated that their research indicates 90%+ of children with autism appear to have blood type "A" and glyconutrients are also very much tied to "blood types" in how they appear to work (these are known as "healing sugars... and glucose certainly is one of those 8 "healing sugars) known as "glyconutrients)... for more on these issues, again, refer back to the paper I wrote on Redefining The Role Of Insulin... but, the point in this article below, however, if that via the use of "adult stem cells" found in umbilical cord blood, a person's entire blood type was literally changed from type "0" to type "B" (donor's blood type) as the body "healed itself" and his sickle cell was healed (see last point in printscreen below)!    Likewise, women who were Rh- went to Rh+ blood just via diet changes.   So, again, clearly, there do appear to be documented cases of "blood changing" as the boby heals itself...

That certainly would be in line with what I stated in the paper on Redefining the Role of Insulin... that man probably started out with just one blood type... and that the others were the result of changes over time... that could be seen as "a bad thing" and that these are "mutations" in blood... but, just maybe, it might be a sign of "a good thing" -  as the body tries to perhaps "fix itself"!   Truly amazing! 

 taken from:

It is certainly true that "the media" certainly prefers to push the "fetal stem cell agenda"... however, there are now many scientists showing that adult stem cells are showing much greater promise than fetal stem cells...and to take these cells... you don't have to kill an unborn child!

Note:   Although there is much to be excited about when it comes to adult stem cell research... the simple fact is that there are certainly issues being raised about "the harvesting of umbilical cord stem cells" and the position some hold that this may contribute to autism.  

Here's the issue:   It used to be that umbilical cords were clamped about 2 minutes after the child was born... allowing for blood still in the umbilical cord to be pumped into the newborn.   Now, however, there are many practicing "early cord clamping" and the cord is clamped prior to having stopped "pulsating"... and there are some... who absolutely think this may be tied to higher autism rates and many other problems in children today.    We certainly need to investigate this one... because we don't want to be damaging newborns in order to harvest that cord blood or stem cells within the umbilical cord if it can damage the newborn in some way...

For those interested in reading more about the possible link between  early cord clamping and autism as well as a host of other issues the newborn may face as a result of this, go to: .

The other issue with "early cord clamping' is that many mothers are simply not aware of this... that hospitals may actually be performing "early cord clamping" in order to "harvest" the cord blood for its precious stem cells.   This is certainly an issue, that all mothers/mothers-to-be need to be aware of.   Personally, I think there should be full disclosure here as to "what happens to that cord blood" and consent should be required in writing prior to the delivery of the child.   Mothers should be given a say as to how long doctors should need to wait before clamping the cord of their newborn child - because if indeed there may be issues here for the newborn, I think mothers need to be aware of that!

Note this interesting quote also: 

"Interesting to note, midwives and home-birth doctors, who delay clamping the cord until the blood has stopped pulsating, report an almost zero incidence of Rh problems."  [end of quote, The Rh Factor,].

This same link also discusses Polly's Birth Book by Polly Block in which women who were Rh-, just via diet changes, changed their Rh factor to Rh+.   Thus, truly, it appears "the blood can be changed" by environmental factors (i.e., diet) or things other than "genetics".

 Let me say that I do not agree with what some are putting forward... that doctors may be knowingly performing unethical "early cord clamping" to the intent of "harvesting" that precious cord blood for its stem cells.   I don't think most doctors would put a newborn at risk that way... but there are some who do definitely think that and that the all mighty dollar must once again come first.   Hospitals may engage in "harvesting" of that precious cord blood - and putting that on the "hospital agenda" -  but I doubt most doctors are "active participants" who have decided to practice early cord clamping specifically for this reason.     Doctors, unfortunately, may not even be aware of the issue... but they need to be... and they need to remember their oath as doctors to "First Do No Harm" and they must know to question any "guidelines" that would be provided by hospitals/medical schools, etc. if those guidelines appear to be resulting in problems for our children.   Should we stick to about 2 minutes prior to cord clamping... if indeed research can show that early cord clamping is harming children... it is certainly an issue we must all take very, very seriously!

Unfortunately, battle lines get drawn very quickly when it comes to "saving lives", "higher autism rates", etc... Emotions run high... and accusations such as these can be made... but that does not make them true.   Clearly, however, we do need standards in place as to what is an acceptable time that needs to be allowed PRIOR to cord clamping- a time that does not endanger or compromise the newborn... and parents need to be aware of these issues... and involve themselves in cord-clamping decisions!     

The following is the "complete article"  on umbilical cord stem cells curing a person from sickle cell and changing that person's blood type from "O" to "B"... for those who care to read it... or to learn more about these issues, you can go to the Georgia Sickle Cell Information Center at: ...  very interesting to say the least... but, certainly... all concerns and sides need to be weighed here also!   Note that "sickle cell" also very much involves issues with "bilirubin"... the most powerful antioxidant now known to man, as stated in the paper on Redefining The Role Of Insulin... and I now very much believe that sickle cell may be another "iron overload disorder".   Note that as with diabetes, sickle cell is a disorder that affects certain races more than others (i.e., blacks, etc.)... just as does... diabetes!  Also note that sickle cell is also very much tied to "anemia" (remember:  "anemia" can be a sign of iron overload) and to vitamin B12 deficiencies... certainly also both issues discussed in the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin! 

I can't help but wonder... is anemia.. or the destruction of red blood cells a way the body is once again trying to "fix itself"... red blood cells... after all... carry not only oxygen... they also very much carry IRON... and based on the information presented in the paper on "Redefining The Role Of Insulin", perhaps... just maybe... there is a reason the body feels it needs to "destroy" those extra red blood cells... maybe it has something to do with iron overload issues and the possibility that this may be a way to get rid of iron in the body... flush it by destroying the cells that would normally carry it!   Just "a theory" at this point... based on a whole lot of research that would seem to indicate this may indeed be a possibility... after all... when a newborn is born... all those extra red blood cells get destroyed because the child is now in an environment with "more oxygen" and so "fewer red blood cells are needed"... could the same not be true for iron!

Yes, we need oxygen... and perhaps that is why some are finding hyperbaric oxygen treatment (see:  helpful to some who have autism...  Perhaps what we need is "more oxygen" and "less iron"... Note that "less oxygen" or "anemia" also makes one "more fatigued" or tired... and hence, there is certainly a feeling of "less energy" and the desire to "sleep more"... well... could that all not make sense too given the body repairs itself during sleep... and as such... maybe this is how the body forces itself to rest... in order to give itself a chance to sleep... just as Insulin Treatment (see: using glucose (one of the "healing sugars) was once used to induce a coma in patients who suffered from schizophrenia!

Also note that "anemia" is not due to "low iron"... as many appear to believe... but rather to the fact that there are too few "oxygen carrying molecules" - the red blood cells - in the blood!   For more on "anemia", read first what the Iron Overload Association has to say on this issue...  99.9% of doctors probably have a very warped view of what anemia truly is... explaining why they overwhelmingly prescribe iron supplementation for "anemia"... WRONG THING TO DO!!!   See the first link below... and you will understand very clearly why that is!   Anemia should be treated with B6, B12 and folic acid according to the iron overload association...  not with iron! (This one is a MUST READ!!!)

For a little more on "anemia" (or "low oxygen") and how blood works, you can go to the following... keeping in mind of course that "anemia" may result from EXCESS iron ... not too little...  the "too much iron" anemia is not something that is presented in the overwhelming majority of "anemia" sites... and hence... the great lack of understanding in this whole issue of "anemia"... we should be thinking of it as "low oxygen"... not "low iron"! (How Blood Works)


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