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Insulin Resistance Comes First... THEN Obesity...

Another interesting study by the Joslin Diabetes Research  Center, entitled "Scientists Link Role of Insulin Receptors in Brain to Type 2 Diabetes, Appetite Control, Obesity and Infertility" (September 2000, refer to Science, work published by C. Ronald Kahn, M.D., and Deborah J. Burks, Ph.D., of Joslin and their colleagues at the University of Cologne and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Germany), posted at would seem to provide another clues... particularly interesting is the fact that obesity increased when diabetes/insulin resistance was induced in rats (note the diabetes/insulin resistance came first... then the obesity... just as I suspected - that DIABETES CAUSES OBESITY... not the other way around as we've been led to believe for so many years - issues  discussed in my paper entitled Redefining The Role Of Insulin:  Could It Play a Critical Role In Metal Detoxification?.   Thus, again, in my opinion, diabetes may be among the first signs of metal toxicity... and an "effect"... not the underlying cause of so many problems tied to diabetes (eye problems, kidney problems, Alzheimer's and on and on and on).

I quote from this article posted at the above mentioned link: 

"A new study led by scientists at Joslin Diabetes Center and a German university links the insulin signaling system in the brain not only to the onset of type 2 (adult onset) diabetes, but also to appetite control, obesity and even infertility. Using genetically-altered laboratory mice, the researchers found that the mice in which insulin action was blocked gained weight at a considerably higher rate than their counterparts, developed resistance to insulin action in other tissues of the body, and exhibited a 50 percent decrease in fertility.... We found evidence of a decrease in the ability of insulin to lower blood glucose (sugar) levels, increased appetite, obesity and increased infertility in the genetically altered mice in which the insulin receptor in the brain had been genetically knocked out," said Dr. Kahn, the Mary K. Iacocca Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School."

The increased appetite is interesting in that perhaps the body needs things in our foods in order to heal itself (i.e., vitamins/minerals we get from foods... things the body can not produce that we know are beneficial to health).   Yet, unfortunately, today, the "foods" we eat are laced with chemicals of all kinds and often "fortified"... I suspect making matters much worse because I do not doubt that all those "additives", food colorings, chemicals, etc. now found in foods also are considered toxins by the body... and as such, probably only result in even further hunger (for those things the body really needs) and fat (to store the additional toxins being taken in).   Perhaps if we gave our bodies the foods they really needed (i.e., organic fruits/vegetables, etc.), they would do a better job of allowing the immune system to do what it needs to.

Also, note that diabetes also leads to infertility... again... how very interesting... considering iron and insulin modulate one another... and considering just how toxic iron is and how it is given at tremendously high levels to pregnant women (can get up to 20 grams of iron over the course of just one pregnancy... a full grown man has 3.7 grams of iron in is body... and iron is preferentially transferred to the unborn child... as stated in my paper on redefining the role of insulin, I suspect prenatal vitamins are seriously poisoning not only pregnant women, but their unborn child also... and I suspect that all very much plays into matters of "infertility", miscarriages, and so on.  Could it be that the system knows there exists metal toxicity and that producing offspring would not be a good thing to do in view of this?   Diabetes is also said to "lead to impotence" and drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, all used to treat impotence are now being investigated for a possible link to blindness/vision loss according to the FDA (May 2005).

Note that prescription drugs are not "natural" products... you need a prescription for a reason... and many consider prescription drugs to be toxins to the body also... and, personally, I guess I would tend to agree... just my opinion, of course.  The fact is, the body has to figure out some way to deal with these "chemical equations" that were never meant to be in the body in the first place!  What amazes me as I read news reports is how "what appears to be common knowledge to some" appears to be "new knowledge for others".  For example, the scientists who did the research involving insulin resistance and obesity were surprised to see a 50% reduction in reproductive capability, yet news articles stating that the FDA is investigating reports of blindness/vision loss due to the above drugs make comments such as  - I quote:

"At issue is a type of blindness called NAION, or non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy.   It typically affects men who suffer from diabetes or have heart disease -- the same conditions that can cause impotence. " [end of quote:  FDA checks reports of blindness in Viagra users, May 27, 2005,, ]

Note again, how we just assume the "diabetes" or "heart disease" is what causes the impotence... but we don't go that step further and ask... "What is causing the diabetes, heart disease and impotence (leading to men taking such drugs) in the first place?"   Personally, I once again think this all very much plays into metal toxicity (which is absolutely linked to diabetes, heart problems, vision loss, and loss of reproductive capability)!  Looks like once again... we are looking at the "surface issues" rather than looking at what the true underlying issues really are!  How very interesting indeed!

Note also that Parkinson's also has to do with "insulin issues"... how very interesting given world-leading immunologist Hugh Fudenberg (the same man who stated that 5 consecutive flu shots make you 10 times more likely to get Alzheimer's and the man who states Gulf War Syndrome - in the great majority of cases - up to 80%+ of cases of GWS - appear to be VACCINE INDUCED)... how very interesting indeed given that those with GWS often go on to develop - PARKINSON'S - another disorder I very much believe plays into this... one I suspect impacts those in the 50-70 or so age group!

Finally, note this study also mentions "high blood fat levels"... well... again... toxins are stored... IN FAT!... thus, again... not a surprising finding to me!

Perhaps when women around the world find out what may really be causing them to constantly fight the "battle of the bulge"... well... we won't even go there...

To those who still think obesity causes diabetes... well... let me remind you - as stated in my insulin paper - that hormones may be measured in parts per TRILLION (1 drop on a six mile train) and that the most sensitive of equipment may be necessary to measure  hormonal changes... and so... would it not stand to reason that perhaps by the time we "catch" the "insulin resistance" that the insulin hormones are already way out of whack and the production of fat by the body already well underway (in other words, due to the insulin resistance - which they most likely are not catching in early stages - the body may be starting to do exactly what those mice were doing - triggering the desire/need to eat more, producing fat/obesity, etc.)!   But, the undeniable fact that this above-referenced study revealed was that the insulin resistance came FIRST... then the obesity... and I very much suspect the same to be true in humans.

And to those who would continue to argue "the elusive missing genetic link"... well... oh yah... in my opinion, I think there is absolutely a reason why we may see several children with autism in one family... can you spell "same metal toxic mother"?... and of course once a person's genetics are impacted by toxins you can pass along mutations... but that is a far cry from saying "diabetes" is hereditary - especially given we know environmental changes can help modulate a person's insulin levels (i.e., exercise, giving blood, taking Vitamin B6, etc. - see insulin paper for more on that issue) .

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