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Note: Book 4 has 2 parts to it... the "text" and the "exercises section".   The exercises section accounts for the last 190 pages or so of this book.   I highly recommend that parents print this entire document using colors.   I had always found colors to be very important in Zachary's world... and with each passing year, I came to see more and more how colors had played a role in Zachary's development.   As such, my materials (especially the exercises), make use of lots of colors to teach concepts.

For those who did not have a color printer, I had also made use of shapes in these materials in order to help provide the concepts that way also... however, there could be no denying that, in my opinion,  colors were very key to Zachary.

Note that some sections were repeated from previous books.   However, since I wanted to put all my thoughts on language in "one book" I had to include these sections here.   These are indicated in the Table of Contents as well as in the links below for those reading online.

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Updates:  These are currently provided only in "individual sections" below (not in pdf file)... make sure you read update on "pronoun confusion"... critical in my opinion!  Also look at sections below for any other update since pdf file was created (i.e., section on discipline has update also).

Breaking The Code To Language And Communication:  The Ultimate Puzzle For A Child With Autism! (please get updated sections on pronoun usage and discipline from links below... more critical stuff!)

Appendix of Exercises (approximately 190 pages long)

To read online, go to the sections provided below!   


Special Note to Readers

Put Those Yellow Pieces Back In Their Place!

Looking Back…

Brain Structure and Function Overview

Common Ground

Duplicate Language Section From Book 2 - next 12 links

        Teaching Language In Building Blocks

          Fascination With Captions

          “Ordering Or Reference Language” (once called “nonsense language)

          ABCs To “Breaking The Code” Of Language



       Talking In Labels And Commands


          Sentence Compartmentalization/Bubble Graphs

          Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Homophones, Acronyms

          Words To Cope… Words Of Encouragement…Words To Help Understand…

         Words To Teach Quantity

Updates To Language Section Overview From Book 2

Building Critical Bridges…The Key To Order & Understanding In The Midst Of Chaos!

Left Brain… Right Brain… What’s The Difference?

Duplicate Section From Book 3 – Some New Materials Also – Next Link

The Mystery In The Right Temporal Lobe…

          Emotions… Clues To Overcoming The “Stuck On High” Control Knob…

Duplicate Section From Book 3 – But, Absolutely Critical Section! - Next Link

Pronoun Confusion… And The Loss Of Self… (UPDATED JULY 2004)

Difficulties In Discipline… (UPDATED JUNE 2005)

   Failing Schools?  Failing Teachers? Or… Failing Materials?      

One Piece At A Time… One Day At A Time…

Trying To Get Those Kids Talking…

Appendix of Exercises (approximately 190 pages long)




































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