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 Since writing my book, I’ve learned a great deal more about the issues surrounding my son’s autism, so much so, that I could easily write another book.   That’s why I created my web site.  It provides for all parents a place for me to post my latest findings and a place for parents to learn about so many issues that were critical in how I handled Zachary after writing this book.   This site provides exercises all parents or legal guardians of autistic children can use free of charge, along with a file I entitled: “Parent Nuggets”.   This is a collection of observations/discussions from parents of autistic children on several key issues and how they relate to recovering the autistic child.    There is also a link entitled:  If I Had To Do It All Again.  This is where I tell parents what I would do differently now that I have learned so much more since the writing of this book.   There is also a Journal of Zachary’s Progress since the writing of this book along with More on His Diet and Supplements (this link is particularly important).  You’ll also find a link entitled: New Things In The Treatment Of The Autistic.   Again, these are things I learned about after writing my book.  But, perhaps the best resource I provide, however, is that in my new book: Breaking The Code To Remove The Shackles Of Autism:  When The Parts Are Not Understood And The Whole Is Lost.   This book finally seems to provide the “missing link” to autism.  

In my opinion, autism is the result of a complete failure to integrate, process and relay any input from the senses.  In other words, it is my belief that all areas of the autistic brain act independently of one another and as such, the child must consciously perform tasks that should have been performed subconsciously – the integration of all sensory input!  There are serious issues raised in this book – including the possibility that these children could be at risk in term s of committing crimes without possibly having memory of doing so!

I encourage all parents to read this book.  Here, you will find not only exercises I’ve come up with to work with my son, but ideas on how to teach your child many skills that will help him/her cope with everyday frustrations and it will teach you, the parent, what I truly believe is the source of those frustrations that result in behavioral issues.   Understanding these issues and how to address them will surely bring sanity back to the lives of many parents as it did for me.  I strongly encourage all parents to visit this site after reading this book.

Reading the first book will allow you to understand my journey with autism and why I came to believe some of the things I did.  The second book (over 425 pages) provides explanations of many, many topics as they relate to autism – truly a must read for all parents of the autistic.    

On my web site you will clearly see why the conclusions I came to in this book are so true.   I now fully understand all of my son’s behavioral issues… and as such, I now know how to address them.   This “how do I address them” is the information I provide for all parents of autistic children, free of charge, on my web site.  This first book was truly just the beginning of our journey. 

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DISCLAIMER - PART II - Now... for those of you who think "mother at home researching" means "uneducated person with unfounded information"... I have 10 years of university... 3 degrees... and over 30,000 hours of research into these areas.   For anyone who thinks my research is "unfounded"...  read the RESEARCH FILE posted on my home page... with its over 1,000 references ... for your reading pleasure... because... quite clearly... you haven't read it yet!    

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