Helpful Viruses... That Can Even Kill Cancer?

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People tend to think of viruses as "all bad"... as little bugs that cause us many ills... well... once again... we may be wrong in how we have been seeing things...

A new study actually showed that one harmless virus may actually kill cancer cells in humans... I quote from a Reuters article that appeared online on June 21st, 2005, entitled "Common virus kills cancer, study finds":

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A common virus that is harmless to people can destroy cancerous cells in the body and might be developed into a new cancer therapy, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

The virus, called adeno-associated virus type 2, or AAV-2, infects an estimated 80 percent of the population.

"Our results suggest that adeno-associated virus type 2, which infects the majority of the population but has no known ill effects, kills multiple types of cancer cells yet has no effect on healthy cells," said Craig Meyers, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the Penn State College of Medicine in Pennsylvania.

"We believe that AAV-2 recognizes that the cancer cells are abnormal and destroys them. This suggests that AAV-2 has great potential to be developed as an anti-cancer agent," Meyers said in a statement....  For their study, Meyers and colleagues first infected a batch of human cells with HPV, some strains of which cause cervical cancer.  They then infected these cells and normal cells with AAV-2.  After six days, all the HPV-infected cells died.  The same thing happened with cervical, breast, prostate and squamous cell tumor cells.  All are cancers of the epithelial cells, which include skin cells and other cells that line the insides and outsides of organs.  "One of the most compelling findings is that AAV-2 appears to have no pathologic effects on healthy cells," Meyers said. " [end of quote, Reuters, Common Virus Kills Cancer, study finds, June 21, 2005, ]

If this is true of this virus... could it not be true of many others as well... could viruses that we find be "an effect", "a symptom" of a problem... and perhaps not "the underlying cause"... and could many of these viruses "invade" in order to help?   Radical change of thought indeed... but one that may not be without merit...

Much as Pasteur stated that it is the environment or "the condition of the host" that matters... not the bug itself!  So the question becomes, why do some viruses invade some and not others?   Could some viruses invade to help us rid ourselves of things like iron, aluminum, mercury, etc.   I truly can't help but wonder.  

For more on this issue of "viruses" and Pasteur, read the information I posted on the possible link between Lyme Disease and Autism.

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