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An Important Piece To The Puzzle – Captured On Video!

There was no denying that those in the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in vaccinations programs had long echoed the now familiar “half truth” as it related to the safety of mercury in vaccines.   This “half truth”, now all too familiar in the autism community was as follows:  

The agencies involved in vaccination programs and the pharmaceuticals insisted that there was “no link ever established between vaccines and autism”.   That was “the statement”.   In actuality, that statement was true – but it was a “half truth” – a “half truth because there were no long term studies ever performed on the safety of mercury in vaccines and hence, without a long term study – of course there could be “no link” found!

Indeed, in the Government Reform Hearings headed by Congressman Dan Burton, in June of 2002, the public discovered that in over eighty years, not once had the government studied the safety of mercury in vaccinations!  This was now a matter of public record – a known fact!   Most studies for vaccines lasted but a few days to a few weeks - at best.  

The study for the recently approved “five in one” vaccine, for example, had lasted only thirty days – according to FDA transcripts.   Dr. Wakefield – the man who had started the MMR controversy in England had expressed concern over three viruses in one vaccine and their possible interaction, yet, now, in spite of the public outcry over the MMR, the FDA had approved this new “five in one” vaccine based on a study that had lasted only thirty days!

Thus, the first thing all readers needed to understand was this “half truth” a deception, that had been echoed time and time again by the CDC and pharmaceutical industry. 

“If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it.”

Adolf Hitler

With no study – how could a “link” be established?

Well, I, personally, did not expect to see the CDC or pharmaceutical industry to fund any research into the issue of mercury and vaccination safety.   Luckily, however, someone had already investigated the effects of mercury exposure on neurons – and those scientists had provided irrefutable evidence that mercury – even low-level exposure to mercury – had absolutely devastating consequences on neurons.

There was another saying:   “Seeing is believing!”

Well, there certainly did now exist something to make “believers” out of many when it came to the dangers of mercury in vaccines – or in anything!

A short video, lasting between five and ten minutes, of an experiment done by the University of Calgary School of Medicine showed what happened to neurons when they were exposed to low levels of mercury.    Mercury was a preservative found in many, many childhood vaccines – and hence, one of the pivotal factors in the debate over childhood vaccinations and autism.  A link to this video was provided on my website at under the link entitled Online Video of Neural Degeneration Due To Mercury Exposure.   

In their research, Dr. Fritz Lorscheider and Dr. Naweed Syed  of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary as well as medical student Christopher Leong – clearly – without a doubt - showed that mercury caused neural degeneration.    They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” – this experiment – in my opinion – should leave all scientists and doctors who argued that there could be “no link” in the “speechless” mode as there could simply be “no denying the facts” when this neural degeneration due to low level mercury exposure was captured – on video!

Those interested in reading more on this subject could do so by going to:

Could autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s be due to something other than “genetics”?  Given the University of Calgary video showing an experiment where mercury exposure causes neural degeneration, it certainly would appear to be the case... and that, was concrete evidence of something causing "a brain abnormality" - not a huge leap of "faith" or "assumption" of what "may be causing" the abnormality – as was seen in too many of these "research studies" forever in search of the missing “genetic link”.

For those who did not have video capability, let me quickly summarize the information in this video.    Basically, this experiment involved applying low levels of mercury to neurons.  Within a half hour of exposure, the neurons shrank to approximately half their original size, completely devastated and stripped of their outer coating by the mercury and then, according to the scientists, going on to form neurofibrillary tangles (a “hallmark” of Alzheimer’s).    

Furthermore, the scientists explained that future growth from affected neurons was also significantly impaired.  I strongly encouraged all parents of children with autism to find a way to view this video.   It was truly an eye opener!

Mercury had a “half life” of twenty years - once it entered the brain/body, it was pretty well there to stay!  “Half life” was the time it would take for one half of the mercury molecules to decay.   Obviously, as more mercury was added to the system via vaccines, dental fillings, etc., the impact of mercury on the brain/body surely had to be enhanced!   Mercury was known to accumulate in the brain as well as in critical organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc.

The video showing neural degeneration as a result of mercury exposure could also be viewed online by going directly to the following site:

Researchers and parents wanting more information on this subject could contact: Dr. Fritz Lorscheider, (403) 220-6892, email, Dr. Naweed Syed, (403) 220-5479, email .  More information was also available by going to:

These results of this controversial experiment were indeed published:  Leong CCW, Naweed IS, Lorscheiderae FL, Retrograde degeneration of neurite membrane structural integrity of nerve growth cones following in vitro exposure to mercury, published in NeuroReport Volume 12, Number 4, 26th of March 2001, pages: 0733-0737.  

Although thimerosal (mercury) had been used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s, it was only in 1999 that the FDA was forced by a Congressional mandate to disclose how much mercury there really was in vaccines.   Upon mercury content information being disclosed, needless to say, many parents, professionals and government personnel alike became, justifiably, gravely concerned over the fact that for years infants had been routinely given twenty five to fifty times more mercury than considered safe by US Environment Protection Agency standards.  Government officials, scientists and parents were now realizing that by age two, children, via vaccinations, could have been exposed to up to one hundred times what had been considered safe levels of mercury by the EPA.

Up to twelve of eighteen childhood vaccinations contained thimerosal.  Although the government to this day denied any link between vaccinations and autism, perhaps this helped explain why by 2001 all vaccines were to be free of thimerosal – although that goal had yet to be reached!   Indeed, with the Republican efforts to shield the pharmaceuticals of any vaccine injury liability via special provisions, the pharmaceuticals were quick to produce new, more potent vaccines (i.e., “five in one”) – again, based on studies lasting only approximately thirty days – thinking that liability would now be a non-issue.   The special interest provision for the protection of the pharmaceutical industry from any vaccine injury would later be repealed although vaccine injury cases would be sent to a special court with damage amounts now limited to 250,000.00 – truly a drop in the bucket when one considered the damage done to these children and their families and the fact that private behavior therapy alone could cost anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 per year for these children.  Most behavior therapy programs were not covered by insurance.   Special diets and supplements could add, literally, several hundred per month in expenses also.

Also relevant background information was the work of a scientist by the name of Hans Moises. Hans Moises and his team had looked at the role of genetics and viruses in schizophrenia.    Hans Moises’ work involved a review of research as it related to the “genetics” of schizophrenia. 

He argued that the genes implicated in schizophrenia appeared to be those somehow involved in matters relating to the development of glia cell.   According to Hans Moises and his team, epidemiological data appeared to show that glial cells harbored viruses.    He hypothesized that viral infections could weaken glial cells – the cells that provided the scaffolding necessary for neurons to grow and connect.    This certainly could explain why the controversial MMR – a vaccine without mercury – was said by many parents to have caused autism in their previously healthy children.

This now seemed to indicate two possibilities in terms of “weakened connection” in the brain – both of which could be found in vaccines – mercury and viruses!  For each of these – mercury or viruses – either as separate entities or “in combination” - science seemed to be indicating the outcome of “exposure” to be the same – lack of proper neural connectivity.  Thus, either the mercury was “burning” the neurons – as showed by the University of Calgary experiment - or the viruses could be lodging in glial cells and weakening the scaffolding so necessary for neurons to grow and connect properly. 

As I completed my second book, Breaking The Code To Remove The Shackles Of Autism:  When The Parts Are Not Understood And The Whole Is Lost!, I came to the conclusion that a great deal of what I had seen in my son with autism could actually be explained if I assumed little or no connectivity among the various parts of the brain.   In other words, it was as if the various parts of the brain acted almost independently of one another.  

I had done a great deal of reading in the hopes of understanding my son… and the more I read, the more I came to see that autism had implications for a great deal more than “just autism”.   As I neared the completion of my second book, I realized that “autism”, potentially, had implications so much more “mental illness” and possibly so many other disorder known to man, including such things as diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer, etc.

As I thought about this very critical piece of the puzzle – the University of Calgary experiment capturing the devastating effects of mercury on neurons – I wondered why this was not “common knowledge”.

There was no denying that the Neuroreport was among the best journals in neurology.   However, the cost of this journal made it such that it was really a “professionals only” type of journal and as such, although an excellent journal, it was unlikely that even critical information published in this journal would make it to the “mainstream America”.     An individual subscription to Neuroreport cost at least $769.00 – kind of “cost prohibitive” for the average person.   So, yes, the controversial results of the University of Calgary team were published – but were they “common knowledge” – unlikely!    

Yet, how was it that after so many years of parents pointing the finger to mercury as the cause of their child’s autism, that “the investigative press” had failed to find and show this videotape on its “newscasts”?    Was the intent or purpose of “the press” in a nation such as America not to “investigate” and bring to light critical issues?   And where had been “the press” in questioning the “scientifically impossible genetic epidemic”?

Truth or deception?   I now found myself asking that question over and over again!  

Although not “common knowledge” in the general population, this video existed on several key autism websites.  Surely, any “competent” reporter could have easily found this video and helped put this information in front of the general public – yet – all it seemed – had failed to do so!   Why?  

This study had been published over two years ago, so certainly, the issue was not one of having had enough time to find the information.   It appeared to me that parents of children with autism were becoming not only “the researchers” into these matters for the public, but the “investigative reporters” as well because, clearly – “the press” – was not “digging into” these issues.   If they were, facts such as this videotape showing neural degeneration due to low-level mercury exposure would have become “common knowledge” a long time ago!

I now knew there had to be a great deal more that had been “conveniently omitted” in all this…

As such, I embarked on the next leg of my family’s journey with autism – looking at exactly what could be explained by “autism” in “other disorders” and also my the theory that the various parts of the brain appeared to be acting almost independently from one another.   Nothing could have possibly prepared me for what I would find…

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