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The Scientifically Impossible - "Genetic Epidemic"...

As I researched autism, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia, it soon became evident that disorders that were once considered “rare” were now all at epidemic levels.  

Research indicated that at least one in two hundred and fifty children had autism – and that was a conservative estimate.   There were actually estimates as low as one in one hundred and fifty children worldwide now developing autism.   It seemed only twenty years ago, the estimates were one in ten thousand.  Autism was generally diagnosed prior to the age of six.

As far as schizophrenia, the statistics there were darker still.   It was now believed that one in one hundred, worldwide, developed schizophrenia and up to twenty five percent of hospital beds in the US today could be filled by persons diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Again, a disorder once considered “so rare” was now at epidemic levels.  Schizophrenia was generally diagnosed between the ages of twenty and forty, but could occur as young as age seven.   A diagnosis of schizophrenia after age forty was still considered “rare” – even today.  Of course, I know suspected that this was simply because over forty, it was simply called something else – like Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s had the most “grim” statistics of all.   Currently, over eighteen million persons, worldwide, had Alzheimer’s.   Numbers were expected to double every five years.   That would put the world at over seventy million afflicted with Alzheimer’s in only ten years!  Already, fifty percent of those over the age of eighty-five in the US had Alzheimer’s.   For persons between the ages of seventy-five and eighty-five, twenty percent were now afflicted.   For persons between the ages of sixty-five and seventy-five, ten percent were now afflicted.   More and more persons in their forties and fifties were now being diagnosed with this disorder.   The youngest documented case of Alzheimer’s – twenty-eight years old!   Again, a disorder basically considered “rare” twenty years ago, had become - epidemic.

Although science wanted the general public to believe that these disorders all had a “genetic” basis, the simple fact was that it was scientifically impossible to have a “genetic epidemic”.

Epidemics were defined as diseases or disorders affecting many persons at one time... such as during an "outbreak".   By definition, epidemics did not appear to be tied to genetics because "genetics" would result in a gradual impact to society... not overnight explosions within a single generation! 

What epidemics had we ever had that were "genetic"?   I could think of none and as such Alzheimer's, autism, schizophrenia and so many other disorders, in general, could not be caused - primarily - by "genetic factors".    If a "gene mutation" caused this type of devastating damage, call me crazy, but I think we would have found that "genetic link or mutation" by now!  All we were finding were "bits and pieces"... a mutation here... a mutation there... and that, in my opinion, was a lot more indicative of aluminum poisoning than anything.

Aluminum was a known gene mutant and a substance found in vaccines/shots! When you grew genetically engineered foods, you grew them in aluminum rich soil!   If plant cells could be mutated by aluminum, surely human cells could, too!  Could aluminum be the reason behind the many unstable allele doubling seen over generations in so many disorders?  I was beginning to suspect that this, indeed, was the case and that so many of our “genetic mutations” were the result of aluminum poisoning.   Aluminum was now being linked by research to Alzheimer’s and learning disabilities and had been identified as a human neurotoxin in 1886.  Again, call me “crazy”, but if you put a known gene mutant in vaccines you should very much expect to see mutations!

Autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's impacted all systems.  Reports were now circulating in the autism community that appeared to point the finger to much more likely culprits than “genetics”.   Two behind closed doors meetings held in 2000, one on mercury, referred to in the autism community as “The Simpsonwood meeting”, and one in Puerto Rico on the subject of aluminum, indicated that both these substances were now believed to have serious effects on the human body.   The reports generated from these meetings, attended by persons in the NIH, CDC, WHO, pharmaceutical industry, and medical community indicated that there were serious concerns over the use of mercury and aluminum in vaccines.  The press had focused on issues of mercury in vaccines, but the aluminum meeting of 2000 in Puerto Rico, indicated that aluminum was, it appeared, believed to be just as big a cause for concern as was mercury!  

These “not for the public”, behind closed doors meeting summaries had been made available to the autism community, and now, to several key legislators, such as Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana, by US Autism Ambassador, LD Wedewer.   They had also been submitted as part of official testimony submitted on behalf of the public for the government reform meeting investigating matters of autism on December 10th, 2002.

The “scientifically impossible genetic epidemics” we were seeing in autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s were also not geographically confined and as such, one’s environment – in and of itself – did not appear to be at issue either.  

So, what had caused these worldwide epidemics in autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s?   Science had been looking for the “genetic” answer to schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s for over one hundred years, and for the “genetic” answer to autism for well over sixty years now – yet, the “genetic link” had yet to be found in terms of “genetic factors” that could cause such overwhelming, all system impacting devastation!  These disorders resulted in behavioral, social, mental, physical, and emotional devastation.  In all cases, there were problems with the immune system and digestion also.   One hundred years of research, and still no answers!  Perhaps it was time for “science” to start looking elsewhere – to mercury and aluminum and the possible role of viruses in the brain!

"Science", funded in large part by the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in vaccination programs had long fought the possible link to vaccines, yet, with each passing day, more and more parents of children with autism were pointing the finger in this very direction.   I had no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in vaccination programs would continue to deny this possible link, would continue to deny that there were enough “funds” to investigate a possible vaccine (mercury, aluminum or virus) connection.  After all, it would be a very difficult pill to swallow to admit that the very agencies and organizations that were supposed to prevent disease may have contributed to what were social catastrophes!

I now understood more clearly, perhaps, why the government and the pharmaceutical industry had fought so hard to keep vaccine injury lawsuits out of courts, why the current administration had tried to seal vaccine injury lawsuit records from the public and why the US government had tried to pass, at the eleventh hour, a provision in the Homeland Security Bill that would shield pharmaceuticals of any vaccine injury liability!       Indeed, if a link between autism and vaccines could be confirmed, either via court proceedings or independent scientific study, and autism had so many parallels to “other genetic disorders” such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, etc., then, the whole “house of cards” could come crashing down and that had huge implications for society in terms of not only liability but worldwide disease control matters as well.     There was no denying that society could now be facing some very, very difficult issues.   We needed to stop the autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s epidemics, and yet, continue to ensure the control of deadly diseases worldwide.   The question was, did we have what it would take as a society to do so! 

With up to fifty percent of us heading for Alzheimer’s, and devastation clearly evident in all generations, with statistics growing bleaker and bleaker every day we had no choice but to address these difficult issues – as a society – now!  We could no longer allow the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in vaccination programs to simply continue denying that all this may not be genetic – that perhaps parents of children with autism were right and that the issue really could be tied to mercury and aluminum poisoning and possibly to the role of viruses lodging in glial cells and weakening connections in the brain.   Society needed answers – and truly – it needed them now!   We did not have another one hundred years to waste.   Probable causes had been identified – it was time to thoroughly investigate them – without regard to “political correctness”!    Politicians, worldwide, who refused to take the proper stand in this issue had to be sent the very clear message that they would be voted out of office at the first opportunity if they failed to take the proper stand in these matters.   This was no longer an issue for the US government or population only – it was one for the world – an issue that impacted every man, woman and child on the face of this planet!

We were now all in this together.   What to me had started out as a battle against autism, I now saw as a battle involving much, much more.  We could continue to fight each other on these matters, or, we could admit that mistakes had been made, and work together at correcting them. 

Undoubtedly, many families would feel the anger I also felt as I came to understand more and more about autism and so many issues that now seemed to surround this disorder.   And now, I suspected many families afflicted by Alzheimer's, and schizophrenia would also feel that anger.

We did have reason to be angry - in my opinion there was no denying that.  Anger, however, had a tendency to consume you and that, would only further take time away from your child or loved one and again, make your child or loved one, yet again, the true victim in all this. 

To begin to address these issues, we needed to finally admit that “genetic epidemics” were scientifically impossible and we had to seek the truth – no matter how difficult it could be to accept.   To find the truth would require society mandated independent research!   There was a huge difference between “peer reviewed” and “independent” research – and it was time society clearly understood that.

Although "peer reviewed" study tended to make one think that "this must be good research because others in that field had reviewed it and thus, “experts” had to agree that this had merit", actually, today, the very opposite was true – in that this was perhaps the most biased research of all.

"Peer reviewed" research was truly a double-edged sword.   Yes, it could ensure that “quackery” was kept out of major scientific publications.   However, the other side to the coin was that if your "peers" did not “agree with your findings” – say for political reasons or due to personal “conflicts of interest”, your research would either not get published or be "edited" to provide a more “socially acceptable” message.  In other words, with “peer reviewed” research, your peers needed to "agree" with what you were saying!   Most "science" we saw today in journals went through "peer review" prior to publication.

Given that research grants were so closely tied to government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, if you were a scientist and you wanted to be published, if you made a discovery that was "against currently accepted thought" in that area (i.e., that mercury caused autism), you would in all likelihood have a much more difficult time getting published than if your results were more “socially acceptable”.  Of course, I knew that this was not always the case.   There was indeed controversial science in print.   But, more controversial, however, was perhaps not something that had appeared in print – but something that had been captured by science – on video!

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