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The Missing Link… Challenging The Fossil Record… The Genetic Record And…          

The Developmental And Metabolic Record! 

There was no denying that I now had many “theories” in matters relating the brain structure and function.   Certainly, science had its own theories on many things too.   Amazingly, the one theory upon which all of science appeared to be based – the “theory of evolution” – was but just that – a theory – only this theory was taught as fact and from what I could see, this “theory taught as fact” in our schools had yet to produce one shred of evidence that would help it move into the realm of “fact”. 

When it came to autism – there were certainly a few definite facts we all had to keep in mind.

As science had forever searched for “the missing link”, my search into this disorder that had so consumed my family continued also.

There were no winners in this tragedy.  Certainly, many – though not all - of those in the pharmaceutical and government agencies involved in this tragedy could also be viewed as victims caught in the whirlwind of a situation spinning out of control.   Surely many scientists – and bureaucrats - were hired long after this nightmare began.   People were human and had families to support - and that included people in all walks of life - and persons who may be on the other side of this issue - trying to defend their actions, perhaps still, knowing in their hearts that families were correct in pointing the finger to vaccines.   Man had an inherent need to "defend himself" when confronted and pride often kept him from admitting a mistake.

If there was one area of study where there was serious disagreement in terms of what was known as “scientific fact” and what amounted to perhaps no more than “scientific fiction”, surely, that area had to be the debate between evolution and creation.  Yet, amazingly, even with the tremendously differences among these two points of view, yet, again, within these, there were lessons that could be applied to the study of autism, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia, and in my opinion, to pretty well all disorders of man. 

Indeed, in looking at the facts, there could be no denying that the theory of evolution was but that – a theory and yet, it was being taught as scientific fact in our schools.   In challenging the fossil record, however, it clearly became evident that one critical thing was missing in the evolution theory: transitional or intermediary forms - and hence – the missing link!   Disorders with “genetic mutations” were also based very much in the theory of “evolution” and the fact that “genetics” changed over time.    Well, certainly that could be true to an extent – after all, there was no denying that there were “variations within a species” for example, yet, somehow, I suspected that “evolution” or “genetics” as it related to all these disorders had simply not changed – that much – and that this was why science had such a difficult time “explaining” the “evolution”, and indeed, the scientifically impossible – “genetic epidemic”!

Evolution stated that changes in “genetics” occurred over millions of years.   Yet, epidemics occurred pretty well “overnight”.   Also, epidemics were associated with “microbes” - viruses, etc. - as “the cause”.  

There simply could not be - a “genetic epidemic” – it was scientifically impossible!

The theory of evolution, in simple terms, stated that organisms had evolved or changed over time and that over millions of years, microscopic organisms had become invertebrates, invertebrates had become vertebrates, reptiles had become mammals and monkeys had become men.   Well, if evolution was indeed true and these changes happened over millions of years, certainly, science should be able to produce at least one transitional or intermediary form – at least one fossil that showed an organism in transition!   Certainly, if invertebrates (organism with no spinal column such as a jellyfish) had become vertebrates (organisms with a spinal column such as a fish), you would expect that given this was supposed to have happened over millions of years, that somewhere, man would have found at least one example of an organism that appeared to be “in the middle” between the jellyfish and the fish – an invertebrate and a vertebrate. 

Yet, clearly, science had yet to produce this intermediary life form – not only between the jellyfish and the fish, but, between any other major species classification as well in the supposed “chart of evolution”.   Not a single intermediary – not one!   Yet, you would expect that given this evolution had supposedly happened over millions of years, that you certainly should be able to find several hundreds of thousands of such “intermediaries”.

Also, there certainly existed a lot of “circular reasoning” in evolution.   For example, the geologic column of evolution dated rocks and layers of the earth based on the type of fossils in the rock layers.   Yet, the fossils themselves were dated based on where they were found in the rock layer.   We dated rocks by fossils… but dated fossils by rocks!  That made no sense at all!  

Worldwide, the geologic record simply did not appear to support evolution and it appeared the only place to find the “evolution column” – was in a textbook – because – clearly it was not supported “in the real world”!

Indeed, when it came to the basis for all scientific research – evolution – not only was the geologic record not in support of evolution, and not only were “transitional forms” missing, but one modern creature added even more mystery to the theory of evolution given that changes were supposed to occur “over millions of years”.  That modern mystery was the duck-billed platypus!  The following was a quote from the Institute for Creation Research website as it related specifically to the platypus:

“But what about the most perplexing Australian animal of all, the Ornithorhynchus anatinus, or platypus? This is a real evolutionary enigma. This mammal has a duck-like bill, a beaver-like tail; webbed feet like an otter, hair like a bear, and claws like a reptile. It lays eggs like a turtle and feeds its young on milk like a mammal. It is able to detect electrical impulses, and builds a burrow, like a rabbit, for a lair. What a mixed-up animal! Evolutionists have a real problem with this little animal. It did not evolve from anything, and it is not evolving into anything, but it is a mixture of all sorts of things.”[end of quote – Institute for Creation Research, Watches and Wombats, BTG No. 15a March 1990,  by Ken Ham, posted at].

Indeed, the platypus it appeared, had perhaps been created specifically to provide that “extra challenge” for those scientists who believed in evolution because not only were “intermediary” or “transitional forms” missing from the entire fossil record, but now, man now had a living animal that showed no sign of evolution, with again, no fossils to prove how this animal had “evolved” over millions of years but, rather the evolutionist found himself with an immediate “overnight combo”!   

The platypus did not appear to have descended from other creatures that had somehow mated to produce this new species – over millions of years!   Indeed, how could a bird, a reptile, and a mammal mate?   It seemed there were “a few too many variables” here!  Clearly, if evolution were correct, there could never exist a duck-billed platypus, but, this Australian creature certainly did exist – of that – there was absolutely no doubt!

Never had man been able to mate a duck and a dog to form a “duck-dog”.  A duck always remained a duck and a dog always remained a dog – and hence, the missing “genetic link” or “intermediate/transitional life form”!

Although there were certainly variations within a species, producing various breeds of dogs, for example, the fact remained that a dog was a dog and produced only a dog and perhaps variations could best be expressed as a result of alterations to the genetic code within a species due to, say – perhaps – something like – aluminum – maybe in combination with more exposure to the sun.  

I had no doubt that aluminum – one of the most common substances known to man – played a great role in providing for man the richness we saw in terms of plant and animal life and now, neither did I doubt that aluminum could also very much play a role in alterations to the human genetic code also – mutations!

For any persons wanting to know more about this subject, I strongly encouraged you to obtain a video that went over the facts as they related to the fossil record.   This video was entitled “Evolution: Challenge Of The Fossil Record” with Duane T. Gish, Ph.D., was part of the Basic Creation Series produced by the Institute for Creation Research.    The Institute for Creation Research was located at Box 2667, El Cajon, CA   92021 and could be reached at 619-448-0900,

Another excellent series “debunking evolution” was that produced by Dr. Kent Hovind.   In his video series, Dr. Kent Hovind showed how although science would like us to believe that the Grand Canyon had been formed over millions of years – as the Colorado river eroded the soil - that simply could not be the case – because of the canyon’s altitude and the location of the river.   The Grand Canyon was about seven thousand feet at one end and almost three thousand at the other end.  Indeed, for the Grand Canyon to have been formed via “erosion over millions of years”, the river would have had to flow – not only backwards, but “up hill” – rather unlikely!    I, personally, did not think anyone could watch this video series and still believe in evolution, yet, evolution was the basis for pretty well all of modern science.   Was this one of the reasons why science – in searching for so many answers – moved forward so slowly?   Were our underlying assumptions so wrong that they truly hindered progress that much.   I now believed that indeed, this could very much be the case.  

As Kent Hovind’s series on Creation Seminar Series on “creation vs evolution” clearly indicated, there were many things that needed to “evolve” in order for evolution theory to hold true.   These points were taken from this seminar series, specifically, from Volume 4 – Lies In The Textbooks:

  1. There had to be cosmic evolution.   That would mean that indeed, there had to be a “big bang”.   Yet, the laws of physics clearly did not support that.   The impossibility of the “big bang” was also covered in this creation series.
  2. There had to be chemical evolution.  For example, there had to be a way for hydrogen to become uranium because uranium, according to the “big bang theory” did not exist at the time of the “big bang”.   So, how did the “elements” of the periodic table all come about if “in the beginning” there was only helium and hydrogen?
  3. There would have to be stellar or planetary evolution.   Yet, no one had ever “seen” a star actually form.   Astronomy clearly posed major problems for the “evolution theory” as clearly, the laws of physics as they related to astronomy, clearly did not support any possibility for the “big bang” that supposedly created the heavens.
  4. There had to be organic evolution.   In other words, life had to come from something with “no life”.   According to evolution theory, it had rained for millions of years on rocks, and that was where “it had all started”.   Well, that meant you and I had originated from – rocks – rather unlikely!
  5. Then, there would need to be macro-evolution whereby one kind of animal would have to “evolve” into another – the “duck-dog” theory (i.e., moving from offspring that came from eggs to live offspring).
  6. Finally, there would be micro-evolution or variation within a species.

Of all these, only the last was known to occur scientifically… and that did not contradict creation theory.   The first five were but a “belief” and hence nothing more than “a religion” and a very false religion, being taught in our schools, with not one shred of evidence to support that “religion”.   A belief system, with no evidence, taught in schools as – fact!  The lies of evolution theory were alive and well, and in my opinion, the reason for which progress in science was so horribly slow.     Those of you who believed in evolution theory were very much encouraged to view Dr. Hovind’s Creation Seminar Series because, as stated earlier, I simply did not see how anyone could believe in evolution when the facts were examined!    

The geological record was littered with evidence contradicting the theory of evolution.   If the earth was millions of years old, how was it that in these layers of earth that were dated as “millions of years old” we found human artifacts or dinosaur and human bones – together!   How could that be?  Humans, according to evolutionists had not lived “with dinosaurs” and had not been around “that long”.

Dr. Hovind’s materials, entitled the Creation Seminar Series consisted of seven videos – all debunking the “myths” of evolution theory.   These videos were purposely not copyrighted.   You could purchase a set and make copies for others.   As such, I strongly encouraged all persons to watch this series – truly eye opening in terms of “evolution theory” and – “science”!

The “missing link” had been missing throughout each generation – throughout each major species classification!   Yet, in challenging the fossil record, there was one thing that had been clearly evident.   There was no doubt that species could remain basically the same over thousands of years, or even hundreds of millions of years – depending on your view as to “how old” things really were. 

As I watched the above referenced videos, something else became very clear to me – the fact that genetics appeared to change very little over time – whether or not that was thousands of years or - millions of years - as believed by evolutionists.   Only the size of animals appeared to change.

Indeed, ant and dragonfly fossils from long ago were amazingly similar to the ants and dragonflies we found today – except for their actual size.   This, indeed, appeared to be the case for many things.   What that indicated to me was that even with the most primitive of creatures, those creatures that should perhaps be the easiest to “alter” in terms of “evolution”, that alteration simply had failed to materialize.   Thus, if even the most primitive of structures failed to show any significant evidence from an “evolution” perspective, how was it that modern science expected us to believe that there had been so much “evolution” in terms of the human genetic code and that these many “genetic mutations” were the underlying cause of all these diseases and disorders!

What was the point of all this?  Well, it appeared that based on comments made at the Simpsonwood meeting on mercury in 2000, that even those involved in issues of vaccination safety as they related to mercury tended to agree that explosions in disorders as we were seeing in autism spectrum disorders simply could not be explained by drastic variations to the genetic code.   Indeed, there were not “tremendous mutations” to be found in these disorders – not on any scale that could even come close to explaining what we were seeing.  And, the simple fact was that “genetics” simply did not change that much over time.  

The following were quotes taken directly from a report generated as a result of this behind closed doors meeting that had occurred over three years ago – The Simpsonwood Meeting: 

“Dr. Bill Weil, pg. 24 [retired pediatrician, representing American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP)]:  “One, up until this last discussion we have been talking about chronic exposure.  I think it’s clear to me anyway that we are talking about a problem that is probably more related to bolus acute exposures, and we also need to know that the migration problems and some of the other developmental problems in the central nervous system go on for quite a period after birth. But from all of the other studies of toxic substances, the earlier you work with the central nervous system, the more likely you are to run into a sensitive period for one of these effects, so that moving from one month or one day of birth to six months of birth changes enormously the potential for toxicity.  There are just a host of neurodevelopmental data that would suggest that we’ve got a serious problem.  The earlier we go, the more serious the problem”…

“The second point I could make is that in relationship to aluminum, being a nephrologist for a long time, the potential for aluminum and central nervous system toxicity was established by dialysis data.  To think there isn’t some possible problem here is unreal.”

Dr. Verstraeten, pg. 40 [CDC’s National Immunization Program presently employeed by Glaxo-Welcome, vaccine company]:  “…we have found statistically significant relationships between the exposure and outcomes for these different exposures and outcomes.  First, for two months of age, an unspecified developmental delay, which has its own specific ICD9 code.  Exposure at three months of age, Tics.  Exposure at six months of age, an attention deficit disorder.  Exposure at one, three and six months of age, language and speech delays which are two separate ICD9 codes.  Exposures at one, three and six months of age, the entire category of neurodevelopmental delays, which includes all of these plus a number of other disorders." 

Dr. Weil, pg. 207:  "The number of dose related relationships are linear and statistically significant.  You can play with this all you want.  They are linear.  They are statistically significant.  The positive relationships are those that one might expect from the Faroe Islands studies.  They are also related to those data we do have on experimental animal data and similar to the neurodevelopmental tox data on other substances, so that I think you can't accept that this is out of the ordinary.  It isn't out of the ordinary.”

Dr. Weil, pg. 208:  "The rise in the frequency of neurobehavioral disorders whether it is ascertainment or real, is not too bad.  It is much too graphic.  We don't see that kind of genetic change in 30 years."

[end of quotes, emphasis added,  CDC’s National Immunization Program (NIP) Report entitled Scientific Review Of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, produced based on information from a June 7-8, 2000 meeting convened by CDC’s NIP Director, Dr. Walter Orenstein].

Not only did Dr. Weil clearly indicate that such changes to the genetic code were simply not seen in 30 years, he also clearly indicated concerns with aluminum – a known gene mutant – a substance that, in this same meeting, was also said to mirror the effects of mercury!  

I did not doubt that “genetic mutations” were being seen by science.   However, the original cause of those mutations - for many disorders - I now very much suspected had not been “genetic” but rather had resulted from some kind of assault to the system and that as persons impacted by these assaults to their genetic code went on to reproduce, the alteration to the genetic code was passed on to the offspring – giving the appearance of a “genetic link” – when in actuality, the initial cause to the change in the genetic code may not have been “genetic” at all!   Indeed, evolution theory stated that changes to the genetic code occurred over millions of years – and yet, science - now - wanted us to believe that all these supposedly “genetic disorders” had occurred almost overnight – within one generation.   Just as Dr. Weil did not believe “genetics” to be a valid explanation for this, I simply did not “buy it” either!

Could Downs Syndrome be that “unexplained occurrence” in genetics that was the medical equivalent of the duck-billed platapus – something that, again, the theory of evolution and modern medicine simply could not explain?   How was it that an entire chromosome could duplicate itself with only a few changes to the actual genes on the chromosome?   Note that Downs Syndrome was generally not considered hereditary – a problem in “genetics” – yes – but, generally not believed to be “hereditary”.  How interesting indeed – and what a “medical and genetic mystery” given “genetics” did not change “that much” -  in one generation – and yet, here we had an entire chromosome duplicating itself – out of the blue!   Another “overnight mystery” that could not even begin to be explained by science! 

The parallels between Alzheimer’s and Downs Syndrome were already well known.   Given all the parallels between Alzheimer’s and autism, it was no surprise that Downs Syndrome also had many, many parallels to autism: gastrointestinal issues, earache problems, enzymes not working properly, learning difficulties, vision and hearing problems, issues with social skills, and on and on and on [].   Again, as with all these disorders, how was it that “genetics” had so been altered to cause such devastating disorders within one generation?   Could it be that the answer was really not “genetics”?   In my opinion, that certainly was a very, very strong possibility!

It seemed to me that “evolution” would be much easier to achieve in a primitive organism than in one as complicated as man.   If ants and dragonflies and so many other creatures had failed to change over time, how was it that man’s genetic code was supposed to have so significantly changed over time – indeed – over one generation?  Surely, achieving “evolution” or “genetic mutations” would be much more difficult the more advanced the organism. 

The fact did remain that science – something that was supposed to be based on confirmed observations - had yet to find even one transitional life form.  How could evolution possibly be called “science” – when, clearly, no science existed to confirm it?  If the “transitional life form” existed, would it still not be harder to have a duck change into a dog than have an ant become a dragonfly?  If indeed the genetic code seemed to be rather stable over thousands – potentially millions [according to evolution] – of years, how was it, that the genetic code had changed so much in humans, so that in basically one generation we had outbreaks or explosions in almost every disorder – be that disorder related to metabolism or mental functioning?  Again, this simply did not “add up”!  And yet, evolution theory was the basis for all modern science.  Hum…

When it came to “science” as we knew it today, unfortunately, it very much appeared that “theory” was being taught as fact and that so much of this “fact” was simply not supported by the fossil or geologic record or what we saw in, say, astronomy.  Theory taught as fact… hum… that certainly made me wonder about the implications of all this in terms of “science” as it related to the “genetic link” for autism and so many other disorders in man.  

Indeed, if you looked at the “scientific record” when it came to matters of evolution, astronomy (the creation of the universe, etc.), and the geologic record, clearly, much of “science” simply did not hold water and yet, in schools, these views of evolution and the big bang and matters clearly found to be inconsistent in the determination of the age of the Earth were being taught “as fact”.   Could this also be true for “genetic research”?   I was beginning to think that indeed, it could very well be!

Indeed, as stated earlier in this text, there could be no such thing as a “genetic epidemic” – and hence, something else had to be the underlying cause to so many of these disorders that had now reached epidemic levels – so many disorders that were believed to be the result of “genetics” but that were still looking for the elusive missing link and as such remained with - “cause unknown”!  And how was it that we could have “genetic disorders” that were “not inherited” – like Downs Syndrome?  Hum… Very interesting indeed!

There was no denying that genetic mutations were being found.   However, what had caused those mutations.   I was no rocket scientist, but neither did I have to be a genetic engineer to know that if you put a known gene mutant – aluminum - in vaccines, you should expect to see alterations in the genetic code – mutations! 

Indeed, given that genetically engineered foods were grown in aluminum-rich soil, it stood to reason that those “mutations” occurred over a fairly short period of time and that, was very much in line with the “genetic mutations” we now appeared to be seeing in disorders such as autism, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia – small alterations to the genetic code, but yet, no one “genetic link” for the disorder itself!    A mutation here - a mutation there – mutations that, in my opinion, were much more indicative of aluminum poisoning than a cause for these disorders.   No single gene mutation or even small group of mutations that had been found, as of yet, could even begin to explain these disorders!

Could it be that, like the missing transitional form or  “duck-dog” of evolution - that in reality could only be found in a Dr. Seuss book - that the “missing genetic link” to so many of our mental and physical disorders was but a figment of our imagination also?    Had we, like evolutionists, taken but a single piece of tooth or bone and created an entire dinosaur – an entire body - from a very small fragment?  

Had we taken a few genetic mutations – here and there - and called them the “genetic link” – a link, that for pretty well all disorders still appeared to be very much missing given that so many disorders still had a “cause unknown”!  In “genetic mutations” were we seeing the effects of aluminum – a known gene mutant – in the many disorders - from allergies to autism, to cancer, to Alzheimer’s - that now plagued mankind?

As evolutionists had forever been in search of their “missing link”, it appeared that likewise, when it came to so many of these disorders, scientists, in my opinion, were pursuing a “genetic link” to many disorders that simply - did not appear to exist.   

Genetic mutations were one thing – and very much the possible result of aluminum poisoning – but finding a true “genetic link” to these disorders, like finding the “missing link of evolution” had proven to be, for modern science, a seemingly impossible task. 

I suspected that in matters relating to the issues discussed in this text, perhaps – as in the case of the extinction of dinosaurs – cell death in these human disorders had less to do with “genetics” than an environmental catastrophe – an environmental catastrophe in my opinion, involving at minimum, iron, mercury/aluminum poisoning and virus contamination – individually – or in combination – creating a devastating assault on the immature liver and infant, and ultimately, on the brain and other critical organs of so many persons suffering from these disorders.

Perhaps instead of looking to a bone or mutation here and there, it was time to truly look for the body to the monster – the body of evidence that very much pointed to environmental factors as the cause of autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and so many other disorders.   In my opinion, it was time we all started looking elsewhere – not to genetics in the form of a mutation here and there, but rather, to what was perhaps the true underlying cause of these disorders - to developmental and metabolic functions and dysfunctions as they related to the issues discussed in this text!

Insanity is when we keep doing the same thing and keep expecting different results.         Albert Einstein

It had become quite clear to me that to study disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s – or any other disorder for that matter - without taking into consideration changes in development as they related to metabolic functions or dysfunctions, was in my opinion, simply - “bad science”.  

Einstein’s theory had been one of “relativity” – and clearly, “relativity” of many, many factors had to be considered here also.  In science, both dependent and independent variables had to be considered!  Pertinent or relevant facts could not be dismissed - or ignored  - in the equation – due to matters of “political correctness”! 

In other words, you had to look at – everything – and that included environmental factors.   Also, taking a “snapshot” of the elderly person only was in my opinion, not enough to study Alzheimer’s.   Only in looking at changes in development and metabolism over a life span could we then get an accurate picture of what could be going wrong.  

The manner in which the body processed iron, for example, obviously changed drastically over time and very much so also in terms of how iron was metabolized in men verses women.   For example, after menopause, women lost the ability to rid themselves of excess iron as the menstrual flow was no longer available.  As such, it certainly stood to reason that elderly women, like elderly men probably had about the same “susceptibility” to iron overload, and as such, one should not expect to see the great gender difference in those impacted by Alzheimer’s as opposed to say those impacted by autism (boys had more immature systems), or schizophrenia (fewer females could be due to fact that women had menstrual flow and men seemed to eat more meat).   How metabolism changed over time, and gender differences, clearly had to be taken into consideration in studying these disorders.

Likewise, changes in development also had to be considered.   The fact that a fetus had 2 alpha + 2 gamma hemoglobin and then changed to 2 alpha + 2 beta hemoglobin, surely had implications from both a metabolic and developmental aspect.  The fact that the brain was known to undergo tremendous change in young children and then again was known to reorganize at puberty and develop a thickening in gray matter also had to be taken into consideration as did the fact that certain cells found in the brain, like those found in the olfactory system and memory systems continued to generate new cells over a person’s life span.

Also, the fact that white matter developed first and then gray matter certainly had to be relevant, as no doubt was the fact that white matter developed in a wave-like manner from front to back and gray matter developed in a wave-like manner from back to front.   Also relevant in the study of these disorders had to be the fact that in a child with autism, the cerebellum was perhaps the most immature part of the brain – taking close to twenty years to mature.   In schizophrenia, this part of the brain was undergoing maturation processes whereas in Alzheimer’s this part of the brain had long ago reached maturity.  Functions as they related to metabolism involving the liver surely also played a role as these also changed over time.   In the newborn, the liver did not produce bile until at least six months of age and yet, the liver was the very organ assaulted with the hepatitis b vaccine at least three times in the first year of life – two of those times occurring before the liver could even produce bile – something so critical to the proper metabolism of iron! 

Also relevant was “the generation and flow” of blood.  In the unborn child, the blood formed in the liver first… and then, the bone marrow assumed those functions as bones developed.

To study any disorder based primarily on “age of onset” and to classify any disorder based primarily on “age of onset” factors – as such, providing a different classification for autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s – in my opinion, made absolutely no sense.

Not only was this “bad classification” in my opinion, it was simply – “bad science” – and, bad science that - without a doubt, in my opinion - tainted “scientific” results as to what was really causing these disorders!  

“No science” was better than “bad science” because with “bad science” then came the need to expend energies “disproving” that bad science – and that was wasted time - time that could be much better spent elsewhere.     The simple fact was that all families of persons impacted by these disorders very much felt – the ticking of the clock – and the continued wasting of time was simply not something we could afford – as families – as scientists – as a society!

These issues would not “go away” and those who thought they could hide issues via executive orders, special legislation, hidden reports, etc., were making a grave error in judgment.   These issues now impacted too many persons – in my opinion – absolutely every person on the face of this planet – persons who now held “the swing vote” - for every -  future election

“We cannot order men to see the truth or prohibit them from indulging in error.”              

Max Planck, Philosophy of Physics, 1936


But… we could vote them out of office…


and - vote only for persons who took the proper stand in these issues… and that meant persons who would seek the truth by issuing subpoenas, sponsoring independent research and then, based on the results of those findings,  work at fixing these problems instead of hiding from them – because clearly, they were not going to - “just disappear”!

I knew there were many in science looking for answers too.   In spite of it all, I felt no anger.   I was simply too exhausted to spend any of my energy molecules on anger.   But, I had been very angry at times as I came to learn more and more and knew that now, many families – also – would very much feel that anger and sense the betrayal I had felt.   These issues certainly had within them the power to divide – but, they also had within them the power to unite more than ever – because now, this was not a matter of “just autism” – in my opinion, many families were now in the same boat – and, like the Titanic, this “healthcare Titanic” - was sinking fast!

I also knew that when boats sink, lives were saved not by panic – but by cooperation!  The simple fact was that I cared not to see scientists go to jail.   That would do nothing to help my son.   As a mother facing potentially losing her son again – I needed as many scientists as possible working these issues.   Scientists in jail were of no value to me.  Whether or not society chose to indict and send to jail politicians and corporate executives involved in all this was up to society.   I wanted to see political leaders and executives working to get to the truth to find the answers.   If they failed to do so, certainly, parents would not fail in seeking to understand these issues more and more in order to save their children.   As difficult as it had been for me to come to terms with all this, I knew that the great majority of scientists were looking for answers and honestly trying to do so.   Had there been deception – of that, I had no doubt there had been.   Had there been mistakes – absolutely.   Could I “pin the blame” on one person – one human being - absolutely not!   Many had played a role in this fiasco – many who were now dead – and many who were still very much living!

Mercury had been put in vaccines and dental amalgams long before persons working these issues, today, were even alive.  Furthermore, the technology of today had not been available in the past.   So much of what I had come to understand had been, it seemed, scientific findings within the last year or two.   Could I have done better than scientists in addressing and finding the pieces?   Perhaps I could have in some respects, - but certainly - not in the overwhelming majority of these issues.   The human body was simply too complicated for any one person to be an expert in all systems.  

In looking for answers, there was now, first and foremost, a very important question society needed to ask itself… and this question, perhaps, could be the first domino… to tumble the puzzle and make the many pieces fall into place!

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