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On Senator Bill Frist… And The Issue Of Malpractice…

Suicide… depression… autism… schizophrenia… Alzheimer’s… hemochromatosis… diabetes…epilepsy… cancer… liver failure… kidney failure… reproductive failure… ALD… MS… Parkinson’s… stroke… heart attacks…

Heart attacks… Senator Bill Frist… a heart and lung surgeon… a Presidential advisor in matters relating to healthcare…

When it came to matters relating to “standard of care” there were so many issues there also.   I knew that our President depended a great deal on Senator Bill Frist – a heart and lung surgeon – when it came to matters of healthcare.   

Senator Bill Frist was indeed a doctor – but he was a heart and lung doctor.  

If I went to a hospital – say one of the many in the Frist family – for profit - hospital conglomerate – the chances were that “standard of care” would make it such that I would not be sent to a heart and lung surgeon for anything other than “heart and lung” issues.   Yet, our President appeared to depend heavily on this man – in many matters relating to healthcare – at least that was what had been indicated in the press and media. 

If Senator Bill Frist  - a heart and lung surgeon – advised the President in anything but “heart and lung” issues – especially in a role that influenced the entire nation – a role that spanned far beyond the representation of the people of his state – was Senator Bill Frist – and indeed – any government body taking advise from Senator Bill Frist in other than “heart and lung” matters in determining healthcare policies - in effect, not engaging in “malpractice”?  

It seemed that based on rules currently found in hospitals in terms of “standards of care” that persons providing input into that “standard of care” should certainly be qualified to do so and in my opinion, if indeed Senator Bill Frist played any role in advising the President in any matters relating to healthcare issues beyond “heart and lung” matters, that was, in my opinion, malpractice on his part because, clearly, his expertise was only in matters relating to the “heart and lungs”.  

Given that national healthcare policies trickled down to the standards of care provided in local hospitals, certainly, persons in advisory roles at the very top of our government institutions had to understand “what” they were “advising on”.   For a “heart and lung surgeon” to advise a President in anything but matters relating to “heart and lung” health  was rather questionable and as such, I certainly hoped Senator Bill Frist had the common sense to stay away from advising the President in any matters relating to healthcare that were beyond the realm of his expertise and could perhaps take him into the realm of “malpractice”. 

When it came to matters of immunology and disease control, the only persons  who could even begin to advise the President – were immunologists!   Society expected a certain “standard of care” in healthcare issues – and at the very minimum, I expected a “standard of healthcare” as I would get at my local hospital when it came to matters of immunology – and that meant getting input, not from a heart and lung surgeon, but from an immunologist!

I also very much questioned Senator Bill Frist’s impartiality in so many issues relating to healthcare given that his family owned one of the largest for profit hospital chains in the world.  As such, I could not help but wonder if many of the policies endorsed by Senator Bill Frist when it came to healthcare were “Frist FIRST Aid”?

As a taxpayer, I certainly expected that healthcare policies established by those in the highest of government agencies would at least ensure that a minimum standard of care needed to be observed in protecting the public – and in my opinion – that meant having immunologists – not heart and lung surgeons – advising the President in matters relating to immunizations and the safety of mercury, aluminum, iron and viruses in the human body!

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