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The False Hope Of Stem Cell Research…

When it came to issues of neurodegeneration in persons with Alzheimer’s or any other “neurodegenerative disorder”, a great deal of what I had read indicated that the approach of science appeared to be one of using stem cell research to attempt to develop new cells for various parts of the brain that had been damaged.   Indeed, stem cell research was being looked at in matters relating not only to Alzheimer’s but several other disorders as well.   In my opinion, in addition to the very real ethical issue of using the cells of aborted children, there was another huge problem with this type of research from a purely scientific perspective.

Given that mercury was known to target developing or immature cells and given that so many persons had mercury within their systems – either from dental amalgams or mercury-laced vaccinations (i.e., flu shot, pneumonia, tetanus, and so many others)  - and given mercury had been shown to cause neural degeneration – and given mercury had a half-life of twenty years, did it really make sense to even engage in stem cell research?   In my opinion, given all this – and especially the fact that mercury appeared to target developing cells – stem cells research – truly made absolutely no sense in my opinion… and provided little more than “employment opportunities”.  

Furthermore, if I were correct in my theory, that would mean that the cerebellum was "the brains of the brain" - acting as a regulator that controlled pretty well everything in the body – perhaps working in combination with the basal ganglia – now known to be the body’s “timekeeper”.   As such, if indeed the cerebellum was involved in the generation of new cells, for example, in the pruning and reorganization of the brain that was seen at the onset of puberty and lasted until approximately age twenty, and in the thickening of gray matter, and if the cerebellum also played a role everything from immune system functions (i.e., via the blood and nitric oxide) to the organization of higher thought processes, emotions, language and motor activity – of what value were stem cells of unborn children if cerebellum cells appeared to be the “critical ones” and those cells took close to twenty years to reach maturity.  

Stem cell research attempted to take immature cells  - cells that now appeared to be the very target of mercury – and have those cells eventually become cells to replace damaged cells in the body via biogenetic engineering.   Certainly, I could develop stem cells to become cerebellum cells, but, would the afflicted person then have another fifteen to twenty years for those cells to reach maturity?    It appeared that the reorganization of the brain and the move to “higher functioning” from child to adult – did not occur until the onset of puberty.   Thus, at the very minimum, if one had to wait for those cells to even begin to mature – potentially – that could take at least twelve years – if not more.   That seemed like a very long time to have cells trying to develop and reach maturity in either a Petri dish or a “new host” – and in all likelihood during that very long time mercury, having a twenty year half-life certainly had more than enough opportunity to destroy those cells.  And let us not also forget the possible role of iron overload in the unborn child.   How would stem cells be impacted by toxic amounts of iron?   How did researchers even know the cells they were starting with were even good to begin with?   

Was I the only person who saw a little insanity in all this?

Perhaps this also explained why stem cell research using the stem cells of aborted children had proven so unsuccessful and why, recently, adult stem cells had been shown to perhaps provide much more promise in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

We had spent billions on things like stem cell research… things that… now… quite frankly… made absolutely no sense given that mercury appeared to have a propensity for developing cells… and as such, that meant those “stem cells”, at least in my opinion, would be the very cells targeted by mercury.   Stem cell research had been “marketed” as the great hope for those with illnesses like Alzheimer’s… but, clearly, given mercury and its known impacts on developing cells… this truly was clearly a very false hope – with little chance of success given that most of the population, via vaccines and/or amalgams – had mercury in their bodies.

Let me remind everyone of a few critical points raised during the “behind closed doors” Simpsonwood meeting of 2000 as it related to the effects of mercury:

“Dr. Keller, pgs. 116 & 118: "we KNOW the DEVELOPING neurologic system is more sensitive than one that is fully developed" [end of quote, emphasis added, CDC’s National Immunization Program (NIP) Report entitled Scientific Review Of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, produced based on information from a June 7-8, 2000 meeting convened by CDC’s NIP Director, Dr. Walter Orenstein].  

Dr. Verstraeten, pg. 162: "… that tells me mercury at one month of age is not the same as mercury at three months, at 12 months, prenatal mercury, later mercury..." [end of quote, emphasis added,  CDC’s National Immunization Program (NIP) Report entitled Scientific Review Of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, produced based on information from a June 7-8, 2000 meeting convened by CDC’s NIP Director, Dr. Walter Orenstein].            

There was a lot of money tied to research and unfortunately, too often, whether or not that research made any sense at all – was like so many other issues – often overlooked or simply ignored!   The simple fact was that the Simpsonwood meeting had been attended by persons form the CDC, NIH, and the pharmaceutical industry and as such – they very much knew, that stem cells would more than likely be targeted by mercury!

In my opinion, stem cell research was nothing but a very immoral but financially lucrative “business”… and quite frankly - also in my opinion – a deception and misappropriation of taxpayer funds!

It certainly appeared to me that those cells most needed would be not from an aborted child, but someone who had already reached maturity – at least somewhat.  Mercury certainly seemed to target immature, developing cells, and by definition, that meant mercury certainly would be going especially after things like stem cells”!

Again, was I the only person who saw a little “insanity” in all this?  

Also, let us not forget that the cerebellum was also that part of the brain that had been found to be the highest in nitric oxide synthase (NOS) concentration and that nitric oxide was known to be associated with cell death. Perhaps it was just me, but all this research with stem cells certainly appeared to me to have hit a major snag given these issues – especially given that mercury truly appeared to target immature cells.  

And then, there was also that whole issue with aluminum being in so many vaccines too – and the fact that aluminum was a known gene mutant!  Thus, scientifically, it appeared very much to be a possibility that mercury could outright destroy those stem cells, or the aluminum could mutate them.    So, what was the point of doing stem cell research?   I may not be a scientist, but even I could understand what appeared to be some pretty major and basic problems in this type of research. 

Personally, as a Christian, stem cell research using aborted children was simply not something I could ever support.   Adult stem cells – perhaps - but not those of an unborn child.    In the past my reasons for not supporting stem cell research had been purely religious reasons, but now, I saw some very “practical side” issues with this whole area of "research" as well.

The issues of “practicality” and/or “common sense” were subjects that had come into play over and over in my mind as I came to understand more about these disorders and the available “treatment options” being provided.  

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