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I had learned so much from reading the Simpsonwood (mercury) and Puerto Rico (aluminum) meeting transcripts… they had indeed provided for me many additional insights into how so many of the pieces seemed to fit into this puzzle I had once only known as “autism”.  I often found myself “going back” and re-reading some of the sections to these reports. 

Particularly interesting, for example, was the very brief discussion as it related to the excretion of mercury from the body - again, I quote: 

Dr. Clarkson, p. 124:   

"As you know, methylmercury and ethylmercury are slowly metabolized to inorganic mercury.   The common mercury bond is broken.   It's achieved in two ways.   The microflora in the intestinal tract break down methyl to inorganic and that is how we get rid of it.  Methylmercury goes through an entroypathic recirculation from liver to bile, to intestine and back reabsorbed again and but for these obliging micro organisms in the GI tract, we wouldn't really get rid of it….   The other way it is metabolized is by phagocytic cells in almost every tissue in the body, probably including microglia in the brain.   These phagocytic cells will also break down methylmercury.   We don't know for ethyl, but, it's probably the same mechanism." [end of quote, emphasis added, Simpsonwood Meeting On Mercury/Thimerosal, Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, June 7-8, 2000, Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, GA,  Meeting convened by Dr. Walt Orenstein, CDC Director Of National Immunization Program, p. 124, note: the 262 page Simpsonwood transcript was posted in full under Reports at:]. 

There were several key things to note here… 

Dr. Clarkson stated that the digestive system was involved in riding the body of these toxins... and that part of that process involved - bile!   Well... given that an infant did not produce significant amounts of bile until several months after birth, obviously, there could be a problem there!   Dr. Boyd Haley, metals expert, had testified to this fact during vaccine hearings.   

Boyd Haley - Metals Expert – On Mercury & Aluminum in Vaccines – I quote: 

"A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day. Include in this the toxic effects of high levels of aluminum and formaldehyde contained in some vaccines, and the synergist toxicity could be increased to unknown levels.   Further, it is very well known that infants do not produce significant levels of bile or have adult renal capacity for several months after birth.   Bilary transport is the major biochemical route by which mercury is removed from the body, and infants cannot do this very well. They also do not possess the renal (kidney) capacity to remove aluminum. Additionally, mercury is a well-known inhibitor of kidney function."--Boyd Haley Ph.D.” [end of quote, emphasis added: Boyd Haley, refer to: Boyd Haley testimony and May 23, 2001 letter to Dan Burton, Committee on Government Reform, posted at: or or or].   

Also, phagocytic cells, referred to by Dr. Clarkson above, were white blood cells and as such, it certainly appeared their functioning could be impacted by any problems with b cells in the unborn child or young infant or issues with iron metabolism imbalances and blood production that may arise due to metal toxicity from mercury, aluminum and/or iron.   Let us remember that the “fetal blood switch” was known to be delayed in mothers with gestational diabetes and that this “switch” very much had to do with the “globin” part of the blood – and that involved – white blood cells! 

But there were still more issues I saw in terms of Dr. Clarkson’s comment. 

According to the Kirkman Labs Guide To Intestinal Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder, p. 11, 70% of the immune system resided in the GI tract and digestive organs.    

Dr. Clarkson mentioned "microflora" in the intestinal tract.   It was a well-known fact that the microflora in the intestinal tract of children with autism was "out of whack"!   Gastrointestinal abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders, according to the Kirkman Labs Guide To Intestinal Health In Autism Spectrum Disorder: A comprehensive review of intestinal health issues in ASD and the options available for treating them, included – as provided in information on p. 33 of this reference:    

“a.  Intestinal dysbiosis ... imbalance in the microflora... bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasites and other organisms... dysbiosis occurs when there is an alteration in the normal balance of beneficial microflora and harmful organisms begin to overpopulate the digestive tract. 

b.  Intestinal yeast/candida overgrowth

 c.  Intestinal overgrowth with bacterial and other organisms... common to find pathogenic bacterial, viruses, and  parasites in the intestinal tracts of individuals with autism

 d.  Intestinal hyperpermeability/"leaky gut syndrome"... phenomenon where there is increased intestinal permeability resulting from chronic irritation to the gut wall... can lead to a variety of systemic problems, including gluten and casein sensitivity and food allergies.

e.  Gluten and casein sensitivity... resulting in morphine-like reactions due to abnormal stimulation of opiate receptors in the brain

f.  Food allergies and intolerances

g.  Maldigestion and malabsorption

h.  Constipation and Diarrhea

i.  Inflammatory Bowel Disease

j.  Sulfation Deficits

k.  Compromised Intestinal Immunity”

[end of information taken from Kirkman Labs Guide To Intestinal Health in ASD, A comprehensive review of intestinal health issues in ASD and the options available for treating them, Kirkman Labs Technical Staff, Brudnak, M., Buchholz, I., Hoener, S., Newman, L., Pangborn, J., Oct 2001, p. 33, contact Kirkman Labs at]. 

Thus, again, there was a problem with "mechanisms" to rid the body of toxins such as ethylmercury given that the digestive track/system was so impacted in these children.  But, how did the intestinal tract come to be so “out of balance” in children with autism? 

Note also that according to the Simpsonwood transcripts (p. 85), 38% of the time, serious and chronic otitis media (ear infections) were noted.    This, in my opinion, also absolutely fits into the puzzle given antibiotics were very much known to destroy not only what caused the "earache" but to destroy the intestinal flora as well!  Indeed, again per Boyd Haley, metals expert – I quote:

Studies on the toxicity of mercury to mammalian neurons in culture demonstrate that low nanomolar levels can have lethal effects. Experiments using this system have also demonstrated, in agreement with published literature, that many antibiotics, other heavy metals and chemicals increase the toxicity of mercury and thimerosal (ethyl mercury). Additionally, in this same system the female hormone estrogen decreases thimerosal's toxic effects. In contrast, the male hormone testosterone greatly increases the toxicity. This may explain the 4 to 1 ratio of boys to girls that become autistic and the observation that boys represent the vast majority of the severe cases of autism. [end of quote, emphasis added, Boyd Haley, testimony, Government Reform Hearings, November 14, 2002, posted at: or , ,]. 

 Note also that not only did estrogen and testosterone appear to impact the toxicity of mercury, but these hormones also impacted serum iron measurements (refer to: Casanueva, et al., and Vasquez reference/work of Rebecca Elstrom, and “special considerations” in determining serum iron levels).

According to the article by NARSAD, referenced earlier in this text, the majority of children with autism went on to assume the characteristics of adult schizophrenia.   Truly, I now believed autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s were all one and the same over disorder – over the life spectrum and that the differences we were seeing in these disorders were based on the age at which the brain was assaulted.   Given I knew of the tremendous neurodegeneration that had been found with the onset of puberty in schizophrenia (refer to Teens With Schizophrenia Lose Gray Matter in Back-to-Front Wave, National Institute of Mental Health, Posted Nov 8, 2001, , NIH press release regarding massive gray matter loss in teen with schizophrenia, video at, Thompson, P., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, September 25, 2001),  I could not help but wonder about the role of testosterone in puberty as it related to increasing metal toxicity.   Boyd Haley had already testified that testosterone was known to enhance the toxicity of mercury.   I now had so many questions.   If iron played a role in all this, as I truly believed it did, how could I best control iron levels in my son without negatively impacting blood production?   Did testosterone also enhance the toxicity of other metals – metals such as aluminum and iron!  And when did testosterone levels increase in the unborn child and did that somehow also impact brain development?   

In the unborn child, the pituitary gland started to produce hormones around week 12 of gestation (see Curtis, p. 122).   Human growth hormone (HGH) was produced by the pituitary gland and stimulated the liver in a manner that influenced bone and muscle development (i.e., via production of somatomedins).   Human growth hormone was often used in various therapy procedures also and as such, again, I could not help but wonder about how this impacted the production of other hormones, like testosterone given testosterone was known to enhance the toxicity of mercury.   The fact that both HGH and testosterone were tied to “muscle development” truly made me wonder!   

Although testosterone was usually thought of as “the male hormone”, the fact was the women produced testosterone through the ovaries and adrenal glands.   Testosterone was also marketed to women as a means of enhancing sexual drive or maintaining muscle mass.     

Testosterone levels in women decreased over time such that by age 40, levels were down to about half of what they were 20 years earlier.    

In our infinite knowledge, we always thought we knew better how to handle hormone changes than did the body – on its own – based on its design and as such, I could not help but wonder how hormone therapies of all kinds fit into this also.   If the toxicity of mercury was known to increase based on testosterone levels, I for one knew I would not be asking for “hormone therapy” to help me through menopause – especially not in light of the fact that the endocrine system was so sensitive that hormones were measured in parts per trillion!    Once again, I had no comfort whatsoever that those in the pharmaceutical industry, or FDA had a good understanding of these issues!  I very much suspected that, as in the case of vaccines, there were no long-term studies on this issue, and indeed, that appeared to be the case (refer to: Painter, A.)!    

Estrogen, what we usually thought of as the “female hormone” was now known to play a role not only in bone development but also in a male’s ability to reproduce.   When estrogen levels in males were reduced, males became infertile due negative effects on the production of sperm (refer to Hess, R.). 

Hormones… insulin… iron… viruses… mercury… aluminum… testosterone… increased metal toxicity… 

Hormones were certainly impacted during pregnancy… there were so, so many issues to consider… 

Did iron impact testosterone levels in a pregnant woman?   Interestingly, as stated above, iron serum measurements were influenced by testosterone and were said to be “decreased” by this hormone… and not surprisingly, estrogen had the opposite effect… it seemed to increase iron serum measurements.   Thus, clearly, iron and these hormones somehow impacted each other… but how… and what was the effect of all that? 

There were so many questions that now raced through my head…  Looking back, I knew Zachary had been “born with issues”… but I also suspected that they had been made much worse by things like earaches, and vaccines! 

Personally, I had chosen to stop all vaccinations.   Zachary had not been on antibiotics for over three years now – he was now over 6 years old, but he certainly had suffered his share of earaches as a young child and had been on many antibiotics.  

There could be no denying that "chronic earaches" or antibiotic use could certainly make one more susceptible to vaccine injury given the "upsetting" of the GI tract and the mechanisms for the body to rid itself of toxins such as ethylmercury!   If 70% of the immune system was in the digestive tract and antibiotics upset that natural environment, there was also no denying that the immune system had to be very compromised by repeated antibiotic use. 

But, there was an even bigger problem -  relating to  vaccines - the fact that the way by which we give most vaccines - via "injections" bypassed the body's primary defense mechanisms - in the digestive tract - to start with! (refer to Hancock, B., Major Problems With The Vaccine Procedure, posted at:                     

There certainly were ways to help rebuild the digestive tract’s natural environment (see Kirkman Labs Guide To Intestinal Health).  However, when vaccines bypassed 70% of the immune system, that, in my opinion, was a rather huge problem. 

There was yet another comment from this transcript that also very much indicated a problem to me.   This was a comment that dealt with the fact that glial cells in the brain may be involved in riding the brain of this toxin - mercury.  Glial cells in the brain performed "scaffolding functions" - allowing neurons to grow and connect to one another.   Glial cells also provided "garbage removal functions" (refer to Chudler). 

Another article also had within it a very interesting comment – I quote: 

The blood brain barrier does not let APO-E though.  Instead, the brain relies exclusively on its own biosynthesis.  As a marker of APO-E, the brain is second only to liver.  With rodent brain tissue, in situ hybridization studies have identified apoE mRNA exclusively in astrocytes and microglia.  By contrast, recent immunohistochemical studies in humans and other primates have found it not only in glia but also in neurons” [end of quote, emphasis added, Roses, A.D., Molecular Genetics in Clinical Practice - Alzheimer’s Disease:  The Genetics of Risk, Hospital Practice,

Interestingly, research by Dr. Hans Moises indicated that glial cells appeared to be the very cells possibly weakened/influenced by viruses themselves.   Dr. Moises looked at issues of schizophrenia and hypothesized that viruses themselves may be either lodging in the brain and weakening glial cells or that they may be affecting the dna responsible for the coding of glial cells.  I quote: 

"The authors noted that many of the genes implicated in the development of schizophrenia coded for factors involved in glial cell development... Furthermore, Moises and colleagues indicate that some viruses... may weaken the glial cells, disrupting brain cell connections..." [end of quote, emphasis added, BMC Psychiatry, 2002, 2:8, July 2002,]. 

Note that “myelination” was a process whereby neural fibers were coated by insulating fatty sheath by – glial cells.   If glial cells were impacted by neurotoxins such as mercury, aluminum and/or iron or by viruses themselves, then it certainly stood to reason that neural transmissions within the brain and body overall would suffer tremendously if myelination processes were somehow interfered with (i.e., ALD, MS, GBS, etc. were all myelin disorders).   Note that oligodendroglia and Schwann cells were two types of glial cells responsible for myelination funcitons.   Oligodendroglia was responsible for myelination of the central nervous system (brain + brain stem), while Schwann cells were responsible for the myelination of the peripheral nervous system (nerves outside of the brain and brain stem) (refer to Chudler). 

Hans Moises certainly was not the only scientist to think that viruses may play a role in mental illness.   In a recent article, the following had been stated:  

They’ve linked cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia to a variety of infectious agents, and they’re investigating autism, Tourette’s and anorexia as well… much of this may be the work of viruses, bacteria and parasites [end of quote, emphasis added, Ginsburg, J. Newsweek, Diseases of the Mind: Bacteria, viruses and parasites may cause mental illnesses like depression and perhaps even autism and anorexia, Newsweek, Dec. 1, 2003]. 

Well, one certainly did not need to be a genius or immunogeneticist to realize that vaccines also very much had “viruses” in them! 

Interestingly, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, autism were all disorders that seemed to involve an imbalance in iron.   Interestingly, one of the parasites that had been found in the brain of persons with schizophrenia upon autopsy were hookworms – the very same parasite that was also associated with iron deficiency anemia.   That was all very interesting given parasites had a tremendous ability to absorb iron and this ability was indeed now being investigated in order to learn more about its potential role in the development of new antibiotics (refer to: Bacteria’s Iron-Absorbing Mechanisms May Open Gates For New Types of Antibiotics, Science Daily, March 7, 2002,, Brody, T., Iron Deficiency Anemia,, for more on hookworms and schizophrenia].  

But, were parasites part of the cause, or simply a byproduct of these disorders?   If iron overload existed for example, and the gut was where we processed or attempted to process all the iron we ingested, and the brain was rich in iron receptors, did it not make sense that as iron metabolism imbalances occurred and more and more iron could be found in the body that more parasites would be found also given bacteria, viruses and parasites were known to thrive on bacteria.   As such, again, were these things “a cause” or simply “a byproduct”?   That was the question!   There certainly had been tremendous historical cases of viral infections in the past… but never did we have as much mental illness as we had today.   Granted, however, never did we give children as many immunizations by the age of 2 and so many viruses “at once” (i.e. MMR, and the new 5 in 1 vaccine) as we did today either.   And with no regulation of aluminum, something known to increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier and a substance also found in vaccines, well, it certainly appeared that we had all the makings of a healthcare catastrophe! 

Bile… not produced for several months in young infants…  microflora… destroyed by antibiotics… glial cells… possibly destroyed by viruses themselves… all those things mentioned in the Simpsonwood meeting… all appeared to very much be part of the puzzle too… and as such, I could not help that think children were more and more susceptible to mental illness with every earache, and – with every vaccine! 

It certainly seemed to me that the medical establishment should have known better than to continue to give vaccines to children who suffered from chronic earaches.   Doctors had to know that the Eustachian tube did not take on its "curvature" until approximately age 2 and as such, children under age two were much more susceptible to ear infections than children over age 2 given that "curvature", once formed, allowed for better drainage of the ear canals. 

Doctors also had to know that intestinal flora was very much upset by antibiotics... that had been one alarm bell that had been sounding for years now... although perhaps another alarm bell... like so many others...  that seemed to go "unheard".    

Certainly pediatricians, the NIH and the CDC also had to know that the blood brain barrier was also not fully formed until approximately six months of age - and as such, children under six months were perhaps more susceptible to viruses entering the brain than older children.    Likewise, would the CDC not also know that bile production was very limited in infants until several months after birth?   And, did the CDC not realize that "injections" – certainly initially – bypassed most of the immune system!     

And, you would think the CDC had to have "some idea" as to how mercury was excreted from the body... via intestinal flora, and other gastrointestinal processes involving bile, and microglial cells as it continued to increase and compress its vaccination schedules for children.    

As such, it certainly appeared to me that either the CDC failed to take all these things into consideration as it continued to increase its ever compressed and aggressive vaccination schedule (so that by age 2, children now received 40 immunizations - again, according to Simpsonwood transcripts) or the CDC knew of the issues and simply chose to "ignore them".   

I found it very hard to believe that the CDC was not aware of even "the basics" when it came to all this!  Granted, the CDC’s role was not to be an expert in metal toxicology… and as such, errors in this area were perhaps a little “more understood”.   But, there was no denying that the CDC, as its own name implied – The Center for Disease Control – a center that dealt on a daily basis with viruses, bacteria, etc., had to understand the effects of such things as antibiotics on the human immune system, etc. 

If indeed the CDC did not understand even “the basics”… well… what could I say… to the CDC… to an organization that appeared to find even Common Disorders Confusing, and Customarily Disregarded Critics as it chose to Conceal Data Controversies and Casually Discard the Critical!  

If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it.      Adolf Hitler

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