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A message for the many politicians who refuse to allow the pursuit of justice and worse, who refuse to do what is necessary to truly protect our children and our values.   For you - a wish - and a lesson in history!

If I Had A Wish...


If I had a wish, oh, yes – it would be,

That God grant me this miracle for – just a few – to see,

 For those who sit in their office, standing for nothing…

To defend our values – they are not willing.


The Bible, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights –

For none of these things, they are willing to fight!

And, so, here’s my wish, my wish just for you –

A daily reminder – I wish, God would do!


For those destroying our values, oh, let - them only - see,

How of our foundations - they’ve made a mockery!


 So, send them “a message”, dear Lord – let it be told,

On the scrolls – in their restrooms – let it unfold!

The words of our Constitution – on a new type of paper,

So worthless, so porous – once destroyed – gone forever!


 So, grant me this wish, God – that these persons may think,

Before they take to their pens – to modify the ink!

That perpetrators to this blasphemy, not further create,

Words destroying our Constitution - what made this nation - so great!


Religion and morality, yes – these are our pillars!

Those who wave the flag, yet destroy these are liars -

Not patriots!  So, to our leaders, as you lay down to rest…

Consider reading George Washington’s Farewell Address!


 A state imposed religion, our founders, they wanted not,

The basis of the First Amendment, let it not be forgot!

But, in a few matters of religion the state could come in,

To protect life, children and all, from ungodly sin!


But when, in Danbury, Connecticut, a church heard a false rumor,

To President Jefferson, it quickly wrote up a letter,

Expressing concerns over rumors of a state religion,

Jefferson replied, - impossible - for between “church” and state, a wall had been risen!


“Separation of Church and State” – in no founding documents can this be found!

And if you want to know, why we’ve lost so much ground –

Look not in the First Amendment, nor in the Bill of Rights,

Look in Everson vs. Board of Education (1947) – for it was in that fight!


Thomas Jefferson, yes, he coined the phrase – “separation of church and state”

For his letter to Danbury, see Reynolds vs. United States, back in 1878,

But his words were then twisted, made to mean something new,

For that, see Engel vs. Vitale, so recently - 1962!


Yes, in Engel vs. Vitale “church” was redefined,

From a “state imposed denomination” to “any religious act” – the new line!

For close to two hundred years, to our foundations, we had been true,

But with this redefinition - America - was redefined, too!


So, on important matters – to politicians unable to decide,

Feel free to say so – and then - to step aside,

And look to the founding fathers and to their first note:

To “We The People” – and put it to a national vote!


Powers have shifted – oh, yes - it’s true!

From “We The People” – to a powerful few!

To special interests with financial might -

          But “The People”- for their children - will continue to fight!



 Determination - fueled by anger - fueled by love,

To fight the fight… to stand above!

To love thy brother – to do what is right,

To follow HIS laws – to follow HIS light!


 Yes, the founding fathers - they surely knew,

God blessed America – when to Him we were true!

By: Jeanne A. Brohart



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