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I'll Love You Always...

Though it may be hard at times to understand,

Why I am no longer there to hold your hand,

There is something I wanted you to know,

As you - yourself - continue to grow.


In the still of the night - or quiet of the day,

Know - it was not my choice - to go away.

Though separation is painful - life is so brief,

So enjoy every day - do away with sorrow and grief!


Though the body is gone - the person never dies,

Truly, I tell you - the soul lives - and to heaven flies.

And so - from heaven - I'll be watching you,

As you grow each day - and do what you do.


Keep me in your heart - as I keep you in mine,

And soon you'll see - everything will be fine.

Know that I am with you - and continue as ever,

For when we meet again - it will be forever.


Put your faith in God - and follow His plan,

Learn to trust in His wisdom - and not that of man!

Yes, we'll be together again - one of these days,

Until then - remember - I'll love you always!


By: Jeanne A. Brohart





I took this picture in a house where we lived for a very short while...

As I awoke one morning to complain of the "poorly insulated windows" and how I missed "my old house with its oh so well insulated Andersen windows", my complaining turned to utter amazement as I noticed how even in my smallest trials, God provided for me something in which I could find joy.   Instead of looking at "the problem", I came to see "the beauty"... frost in my windows... windows that now seemed to have been hand-painted by God himself each and every morning.   The detail in this frost was truly amazing.   Instead of complaining of the lack of insulation, I came to look forward to a new picture with each waking morning.

It then occurred to me that life is also very much like frost, hand-painted by God.   A life can be so beautiful and even the simplest of things can often make one stand back in total awe of the beauty that is the creation of God - life itself.  As a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, I came to very much appreciate even the smallest of things in my son.  Zachary has truly given me a new way of looking at so much in life... and an appreciation for the smallest of things... that one sadly, too often, only comes to appreciate when there is a realization that so much was taken away.

Like the precious life of a loved one - and indeed - the very wonder that is - a child - too often we forget that - like frost - it is here but for a very short time and before we know it - it is gone... and all that remains are often droplets on a window (as shown in the bottom of this picture)... or tears that flow as we remember those who were so dear to us.  Yet, even in the midst of tears, there is joy in knowing that tomorrow will come... that our life can be as a canvass painted for others...  and that one day... we will be reunited with loved ones... and that then, there will be no more goodbyes and no more tears.

I wrote this poem for my husband, my daughter and my son... so that if I should ever die unexpectedly... they would remember these words... that there is tremendous hope in knowing we would be reunited one day and that - for now - they were to paint their own canvass of life as they continued on... 

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