DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, CHELATION, and More: New Things In The Treatment of Autism

Exciting New Treatment Options For Parents!!!

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In this section, I'll post useful information I've come across as I continue looking into things that can help in Zachary's treatment.   It is not that these things are "new" to everyone...just to me.   So, in case they are new to some of you also, and may be of help for your children, I wanted to post them here.  These are things I did not know of at the time I wrote my first book...things that are making a real difference in the lives of so many many children!!!

CARNOSINE Taken  from Autism Awakening Newsletter - October 9, 2002  http://autismawakeninginia.bizland.com/autismworldnewspaper/id16.html

Part of the article is reproduced below:

Natural protein called l-carnosine.  Dr. Michael Chez of Lake Bluff, Ill., has recently completed the first study of the substance.

"It affected language, receptive language, eye contact, communication, all of which are things which children with autism have big gaps with," Chez said.

Over an eight-week period, Chez's study showed that carnosine improved behavior and communication by 16 percent. Social interaction improved by 27 percent and, in just four weeks, parents reported an overall improvement that more than doubled
through the length of the study.

More and more research shows that the frontal lobes and the temporal lobes in the brain control emotion, epileptic activity, cognitive, expressive speech, and abstract thinking.

Chez said I-carnozine apparently works in the front part of the brain. So far, he said he's used it on about 1,000 children, with a 90 percent success rate.

On some children, the change has been dramatic.

More studies will be needed to confirm the results of Chez's

For more information on the treatment, contact Dr. Michael Chez
at (847) 735-0901.

To get more information on I-carnosine, go to:


DIGESTIVE ENZYMES Note:   You DO NOT need a prescription for digestive enzymes...they've been around for decades and are classified as a "food" by the FDA.   Many children are improving greatly according to parents, with many returning to diets that include casein and gluten.   This is definitely one to look into.     In addition to products specifically for the breakdown of casein and gluten, these enzymes also help in the breakdown of phenols, carbohydrates, triglycerides, soy and vegetables. They also seem to help somewhat with yeast issues.   Parents will want to review all four enzyme products on this site:  These include:  1) Peptizyde for breakdown of proteins found in dairy, wheat, soy, meats and vegetables, 2) AFP Peptizyde (same as Peptizyde only better if child can't tolerate phenols), 3) HN Zyme Prime for breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and triglycerides, and 4)No Fenol for breakdown of foods high in phenols.  Here's the link to Houston Neutraceuticals, Inc., the company I use, for those of you who want to check this out further: http://www.houstonni.com/  

Most parents know their children's digestive systems are not working properly, these enzymes help the digestive system break down things it can't break down on its own.   

Yahoo Groups (yahoogroups.com) has a group called http://groups.yahoo.com/group/enzymesandautism/.   I recommend to all parents of autistic children that they join this discussion group and see what other parents are saying about these life changing products...you'll also learn a ton of stuff about other autism related issues as well on this discussion board!  Very very informative! 

Foods high in phenols include tomatoes, apples, bananas, red grapes/raisins, chocolate.  

I will be doing a lot of reading on this subject before I reintroduce casein and gluten and other "normal foods".   But, I did go ahead and order the enzymes and have started to give some to Zachary.  His eye contact is noticeably better as is his overall disposition.   

CHELATION This, again, for many families, is considered a life changing option in their child's recovery.   It is a process whereby heavy metals (mercury from thimerosal vaccines, etc. ) are removed from a child.    I have not tried chelation, yet.  I'm still researching options.    Make sure you research this one closely should you want to try it.  It is definitely one on my "radar" screen and most likely something I will do once I learn more.    I suggest anyone interested in this option read the posts as well as the many files related to this subject that are  found in the Autism-Mercury Files  and join the Yahoo parent discussion group called Autism-Mercury.   There is a LOT of information for anyone interested in this process/therapy for their child on these TWO links!  You'll see what parents are saying, discuss options and results of chelation...pros and cons of various alternatives.  The web site of the US Autism Ambassador also has information on this subject - here is a link to that part of her site for those of you who are interested (look on the left hand column and you'll see the info on chelation): Click here for more info on chelation.   When heavy metals are removed, they are processed through major organs (i.e., liver) and so, for many parents, the jury is still out on whether or not to do this...but, again, many believe this absolutely helped their child, as shown in these "Love Letters" from parents who are going through this.  Chelation can be stressful, but, so is mercury poisoning!  There is risk in both alternatives...doing chelation...and not doing chelation.   That's why each parent has to decide what is best for his or her child.   These letters truly show what this process can do for some children...definitely another one worth "looking into".

An added benefit I am particularly interested in is the fact that many parents believe the body is better able to control yeast on its own after chelation...and for us, yeast always seems to flare up again.

Also, mercury is in dental fillings.   There is a bill before congress to ban all mercury fillings by 2006...immediately ban them in pregnant women.   Read more under "Important Vaccination Info"... lots on mercury there that all parents need to know about!

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) As I read more and more on the  yahoo group board called http://groups.yahoo.com/group/enzymesandautism/  , I quickly came to see that many, many parents give their children GSE to control yeast.   I had never heard of this until I read messages on this board.   If you have a heart condition, you should not take GSE without first checking with your doctor.   GSE has a strong taste so it must be masked in juice.   I started giving some to Zachary.   Parents need to be careful though.  Children who react very badly to phenols can react to this too since it is quite high in phenol content.   I just give Zachary 2-3 drops in diluted juice...he gets a touch red on the cheeks, but, not much, so, I'm going to try this for a while and see how he does.   You can pick this up at a health food store.   I also give the No-Fenol enzyme from http://www.houstonni.com/ to help break down the phenols in this product.

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