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Mercury is the second-most toxic substance known to man.  Autism and Alzheimer's, in my opinion, are "mercury poisoning"... the parallels between these disorders are undeniable.

But, there is another heavy metal also found in vaccinations/shots - aluminum - believed to be the 4th most toxic metal.

Aluminum is a KNOWN GENE MUTANT.     Foods that are genetically engineered are grown in aluminum-rich soil.   Why this substance is allowed to remain in vaccination is beyond the scope of my understanding!!!  We are pretty well all aware that mercury levels in childhood vaccinations far exceeded what was considered safe according to EPA standards - that indeed, many children were receiving up to 100 times safe levels of mercury via their childhood vaccinations.  

But, how much aluminum have children received via vaccinations?  According to research done by the US Autism Ambassador, 10 micromolars of aluminum is enough to do damage.   Yet, via vaccines, children may have been exposed to up to 17,500 micromolars of aluminum.   See The Aluminum Connection on this website for more on that.  

What I found rather amazing as I did all my research in looking for answers to autism in my son, was that the same issues kept resurfacing over and over again... research articles relating to Alzheimer's for example, also often included references to "other dementias", Parkinson's, Huntington, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, etc..... all these things appeared so often in research relating to Alzheimer's. 

In researching all this, it truly appears that many others are coming to the same realization... that many of these "disorders" could indeed be but "Shades Of The Same Thing"... mercury and aluminum poisoning.

For so many other disorders, there seemed to be parallels to Alzheimer's.  For example, there are association showing that the "Alzheimer's gene"  makes one more susceptible to Multiple Sclerosis.   This is but ONE example:   Certainly, there are genetics involved in all this, but I suspect those "genetics" are the result of "genetic mutations" due to aluminum exposure as opposed to "normal genetics".

The parallels between Alzheimer's  and Parkinson's have long been known.   This link provides but one example:   Amazingly, 1/3 of Alzheimer's patients also develop Parkinson's!  There are also similarities between Alzheimer's and Downs Sydrome:  Note that person's with Downs Syndrome also develop "plaques" and "tangles" by age 30!

A link between Alzheimer's and stroke showing up in much of the literature.  "Vascular dementia" results from poor blood flow to the brain.   I suspect that many with Alzheimer's are suffering from "vascular dementia" because of neural degeneration due to mercury exposure... after all, if the neurons are destroyed by mercury (as shown by the University of Calcary experiment), I can only suspect that the vascular systems within the brain are also being destroyed.   After all, if you look at the Alzheimer's brain, there appear to be some pretty major "holes" there or "missing space"... and with holes and/or enlarged "cavities", must come interruptions in the flow of blood to various areas of the brain that were previously there.  

Without the mass, there can be "no flow" and as such, yes, there is an interruption in vascular flow to the various areas of the brain!    In all likelihood,  the "holes"  or "missing mass" in the Alzheimer's brain did not occur overnight... after all, science continues to tell us that Alzheimer's is a "degenerative" disease... and that means... "gradual deterioration".   Surely, even a very small "hole" in the brain could, theoretically, cause an interruption in vascular flow - a STROKE!    As such, I can not help but ask - again - how many strokes are related to vaccination injury in patients with Alzheimer's and in all other stroke victims as well?  Also high levels of homocysteine, a substance normally found in the blood, is also newly
associated with stroke.    Both those with autism and Alzheimer's have elevated levels of homocysteine.

A stroke, by definition is an interruption in vascular systems involved in blood flow in the brain... what about interruptions in other blood flows - heart attacks!!!   Well, it should come as no surprise that once again, there does appear to be a correlation between Alzheimer's and heart attacks as clearly indicated in this one example:.  Also, we must remember that there are abnormalities in the cerebellum (high in nitric oxide - nitric oxide is known to affect blood flow) and the brain stem of some Alzheimer's patients... and the brain stem controls all life functions, including heartbeat and blood pressure.

Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia also show numerous parallels... as do Alzheimer's and Bipolar and Alzheimer's and  Huntington's... and Alzheimer's and Diabetes.   

Is it not interesting also that what is now considered the "hallmark" of Alzheimer's... amyloid plaques... are also found in diabetics?   Note also the second paragraph in the link below about "areas impacted":  the heart, brain, kidneys, and digestive track... again, all areas seriously impacted in the autistic also.

Those with Alzheimer's and autism are known to also have iron overload.   This is a very dangerous condition.   It can be fatal... and lead to a host of problems including liver damage, diabetes, heart damage, etc.

You can do the same type of search for many of these "genetic"/"genetic mutation" (in my opinion) illnesses and get the same type of thing.  

Indeed, I can not help but wonder how many other illnesses may be related to this that have in the past simply been attributed to the "aging body" or "genetics".   Yet, the elderly never seemed to be as "badly off" as they are today... and the prevalence of  "other illnesses" just keeps going up in spite of the hundreds of billions spent on research.   

Arthritis, for example, afflicts 90% of those in their 80s.   Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder of the joints (see  Kidney failure is associated with aluminum toxicity (another agent found in shots).     Iron overload (associated with mercury exposure) results in the accumulation of heavy metals in the kidneys and pancreas.   "Coincidently" - again - more and more dialysis patients (kidney failure) are suffering from diabetes (pancreas problems) also.

It is also a well-known fact that the most common types of cancer in children are cancer tumors in the brain (where mercury and aluminum accumulate) and cancer of the blood, or leukemia  (where mercury and aluminum are injected into our children).  Note that in the US, brain cancer among children is up 30%, leukemia, up 10%.  The trend figures provided in this article are sobering indeed!  :o(  

Figures for the UK show the same type of thing... brain tumors and leukemia lead the list! .

Coincidence - again?   Perhaps we should start testing all those diagnosed with cancer for signs of mercury and/or aluminum (a known gene mutant) poisoning!      I just see a few too many "coincidences" for my comfort in all this!  

Of course, everyone has his/her own "comfort level" with all of this.   I know that my "coincidence comfort level" has gone out the window a long time ago.   :o)

Certainly, there are other "contributing factors", such as diet,  in many of these disorders, however, in my opinion, there is just a little "too much coincidence" between Alzheimer's, autism and all these "other illnesses".   

Truly, any "gradual onset",  "degenerative" type disorder - I suspect - may be to a large extent but "shades of the same thing" - mercury poisoning or gene mutation due to aluminum exposure - both substances found in vaccinations/shots!  

Of course, that is only my opinion - whether or not you agree with me, is entirely up to you!  :o)

Also, I suspect these issues are not limited to the human population since we give vaccinations to animals.  Indeed, veterinarians are now also finding issue with current vaccination practices:

It is interesting to note that aluminum was removed from animal vaccines.  Also note the "risk" level associated for "feline leukemia" - a CANCER - ... 1 in 10,000 ... 1 in 10,000 such a familiar figure to parents of the autistic... that was what so many of us had been told was the risk of developing "autism" too!... but, this is again, just "coincidence".   Yet, in spite of having been removed from animal vaccines, aluminum - a KNOWN GENE MUTANT remains in HUMAN vaccines... Again, I can not help but ask...WHY?  CANCER, after all, results from cell MUTATIONS - does it not?

Surely, genetic mutations in animals would be much more obvious much more quickly given animals are bred for so many purposes in life and have much more compressed gestation schedules.    If aluminum had  impacts in the animal kingdom, would it not stand to reason that it also would have impacts in the human species, too?

Note that the articles in the veterinary associations seem to indeed indicate that we may be "vaccinating animals too much".   It was requested this article be removed from the Internet, but, the reference is provided for any scientist who may have an interest in it ( "Are We Vaccinating Too Much?" by Carin A. Smith DVM, Journal of the AVMA at: JAVMA, Vol. 207, No. 4, August 15, 1995, pp 421-425).

If these problems extend into the "animal kingdom" as well, as it appears to be the case,  one can not help but wonder about the impacts of all this on the "food chain". 

As "learned intermediaries" administering USDA or FDA approved biologicals (i.e., vaccines), are doctors, dentists, and veterinarians now victims of this also?  

Is the government making doctors, dentists (mercury fillings) and veterinarians liable for vaccine injury by taking all liability away from the pharmaceutical industry and making it so that, under the new Homeland Security bill, no one will be able to sue the pharmaceutical industry for any damage relating to vaccine injury?   

Dentists - you may want to read this docket... I found it in an FDA website...note the very last paragraph... the comment on the ADA's position... and the very last sentence... if the ADA and FDA are not liable for mercury poisoning - are you?   You are - after all - a "learned/informed intermediary"!

Docket On Mercury In Dental Amalgams And Public's "Need To Know"

The Frist Bill (the legislation), sponsored by Bill Frist (the person - get to know the "doctor-businessman" representing you in Washington), attempted to remove all liability from the pharmaceutical industry in terms of vaccination injury.   It appears that because of the pressures placed by parents of the autistic, the government felt this provision should now be part of "Homeland Security".   But, truly, how does preventing a parent from suing for MMR vaccine injury, for example, play into Homeland Security?   Clearly,  it does not! - at least in my opinion and that of several politicians that stand above the rest on this issue!

It would indeed appear to be the case that we may have more "victims" in all this than originally thought... those injured and now, also, our doctors, dentists and veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to helping people, their pets and those animals in the human food chain.    

In my opinion, it is time to put the liability where it belongs... on the makers of these products and the government agencies that have made these products "mandatory" for school children or any person in a nursing care facility.

As a Christian, there is another issue I feel I need to address - the issue of stem cell research and the use of aborted fetuses in vaccinations.   I am not in favor of any vaccination containing human dna from aborted fetuses.   The fact that there is a definite impact based on one's sex in terms of who gets autism (4x more boys than girls have autism) I can not help but wonder if the male/female link to autism is somehow linked to the male/female dna being injected into the bodies of our children via vaccinations.   Note that the "rubella" part of the MMR is made with human dna - something I was unaware of until I started to research autism-related issues.   Other vaccines are also made from aborted fetuses.  What are the effects of injecting say, female dna into a male, or male dna into a female... or simply dna of another person into your body?   I honestly do not believe that "science" as we know it truly has the answer to that, and although this is most "unscientific", my heart makes me suspect that this may very much also be at play!   Indeed, with aluminum, a known gene mutant, being pumped into our bodies via vaccinations, how do gene mutations for genes that are not even ours in the first place play into this?  :o( 

As a Christian, I could never be in support of any genetic research involving aborted children!    I just do not believe that God would allow this to be "to our benefit".  :o( 

The immaturity of the cerebellum and especially of the male brain at birth, in my opinion, greatly explains why males are more susceptible to autism.   For more on that, please read the information under my Updates section.

I am NOT a scientist.  I am NOT a person trained in medicine...    that is true!   I'm just a mom who has done a great deal of research.

I am also not a chemical engineer or a fireman... and neither do I need to be one to know...

 "Where there's smoke... There's fire! "

Common sense can go a long way!  :o)

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