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This list is to help people around the world access this information.   In the US, we are fortunate in that when we conduct a search on the worldwide web, we can often simply assume that information returned applies to the US.   That is not necessarily true of other countries.  Thus, if a person looking for help is in another country, they may have to type in the name of their country to help narrow their search.  

As such, a person typing:  "autism help Canada would not "hit" my website unless the word "Canada" also appeared on my site.   As such, in order to disseminate this information to all peoples around the world, I included the names I thought could be typed by people around the world.   :o)

The same is true for searches that specify a specific state or province, etc.   By including these names on my website, I now help ensure more people see this information.

Unfortunately, mental and physical illness know no boundaries...and impact all peoples - all nations around the world!   :o(

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Things have a tendency to disappear on the Internet, but I can often find where the information has been moved or find replacement links addressing the same issue.  There is a lot of information provided on this site and any assistance with broken links is most appreciated.   My site has now been hacked twice.   If you get bounced to sites for online drugs, etc., report this to me at once using the above email as this is a result of hacking on my site.  This had nothing to do with me and/or my site.  Read more on hacking issue.

DISCLAIMER - The statements here mentioned and/or found in my materials have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other government agency or person in the medical field or in behavior therapy and are not meant to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any illness/disorder and/or behavior.  This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace the care of a qualified healthcare physician or behavior therapist.  Always consult your medical doctor or behavior therapist.  All information provided by Jeanne A. Brohart on her website is for INFORMATION PURPOSES and to GENERATE DISCUSSION ONLY and should not be taken as medical advice or any other type of "advice".  Information put forth represents the EXTENSIVE RESEARCH and OPINIONS of a mother based on her experiences and research and provides information as it relates to one family's journey with autism in hopes that other families may benefit from this experience and/or research.  The creator of this site is not responsible for content on other sites.

DISCLAIMER - PART II - Now... for those of you who think "mother at home researching" means "uneducated person with unfounded information"... I have 10 years of university... 3 degrees... and over 30,000 hours of research into these areas.   For anyone who thinks my research is "unfounded"...  read the RESEARCH FILE posted on my home page... with its over 1,000 references ... for your reading pleasure... because... quite clearly... you haven't read it yet!   Breaking The Code - Putting Pieces In Place!