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Although they are called "silver fillings", these fillings are approximately 50% mercury.  There is enough mercury in one filling to pollute a 20 acre lake for 10 years!  The dangers of mercury in dental amalgams have been raised since they were first introduced - in the 1830s.   Yet, to this day, they continue to be used and constitute the greatest source of mercury contamination in the industrialized population.   

The University of Calgary video of an experiment on neural degeneration due to low level mercury exposure clearly shows the devastation of neurons due to mercury - even in very small amounts.   Mercury has a 20 year half life - meaning it takes 20 years for just half of the original mercury molecules to decay - that means once you have it, it is very difficult to get rid of.  

There are ways to get rid of mercury in the body.   Although one could remove "silver fillings", there is an inherent danger in that also in that as a dentist works on your teeth, even old fillings, mercury fumes get released into the air and as such, you are further exposed to potentially very toxic fumes.    It is also difficult to find dentists trained specifically in the proper removal of mercury.   There are dentists who say they do "mercury-free" dental care simply because they offer alternatives to mercury.   Providing alternatives to mercury do not make one a "mercury-free" dentist.   Dentists providing "mercury free" care use special procedures in the removal of dental amalgams, etc.   They are not "your average dentist" by any means!

Finding Mercury Free Dentists and Medical Practitioners!

To be mercury-free, there has to be NO mercury used in that dental office at all since even the fumes can be very toxic and indeed, have been shown to be in very high concentration in dental offices that continue to make use of dental amalgams.   This link provides a good overview of what has been found in many matters relating to mercury exposure and provides recommendations in terms of what you should or should not be doing when it comes to mercury.

There are literally thousands of links confirming these concerns over mercury.   So, why has the American Dental Association (ADA) refused to proactively inform the public of the dangers of mercury?   I suppose the answer to that would be very similar to the reasons for which the pharmaceuticals have also failed to do so when it comes to mercury in vaccines - to admit the dangers of mercury could certainly constitute an admission of guilt when it comes to so many health problems that now seem to be pointing the finger back to mercury poisoning!

Yet, the dangers of mercury are very well known at the ADA and the FDA.   Indeed, the following docket illustrates quite well the double-standard at the FDA when it comes to informing the public as to the dangers of mercury.   It appears the FDA leaves that "up to the dentist"... yet, in some states, dentists have lost their licenses when they informed the public about mercury.   As such, I suspect few dentists would openly discuss this issue - or many would continue to deny it - because after all, as "informed intermediaries" of the ADA and FDA when it comes to matters of the danger of mercury, would that not potentially, make dentists liable also?   In the above link, a common practice was also exposed  - the fact that state dental boards  were preventing dentists from discussing the dangers of mercury with their patients.   Indeed, if you research this topic on the Internet, you will also find that in some cases, it appeared dentists were being told they would lose their license to practice if they raised these issues!

Chelation is a process whereby heavy metals are extracted/pulled from the body.   Note that prior to doing chelation, ALL dental amalgams should first be removed by a dentist - preferably one trained specifically in mercury free dentistry.   To undergo chelation prior to removing ALL amalgams can "pull" the mercury from the dental fillings and that may make matters much worse at that mercury could then, potentially,  lodge in the brain.   Persons considering chelation and who have dental amalgams need to be very informed in these issues.   A good place to get information is on the mercury and autism discussion board:

Although this group discusses issues relating specifically to autism, it is a great place to get information as to chelation since so many parents of children with autism are now chelating their children.  

A book by Andrew  Cutler, PhD, provides information on the effects of mercury and the total havoc that could be done to the human body by this substance found in childhood and many adult vaccinations and in mercury fillings.   This book is written in an easy to understand manner and provides a great deal of information in terms of the "what to do" if you have been mercury poisoned.

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment (ISBN:  0-9676168-0-8).  This book could be purchased via Andrew Cutlerís website:

In over 80 years - the government failed to do even one study on the safety of mercury in vaccines!

Thimerosal And A Government Asleep At The Switch - FOR DECADES!

Report Comparing Autism and Mercury Poisoning

The following provide further discussions on the dangers of mercury - but again, there are literally thousands of links on the Internet that address the issue and dangers of mercury exposure!

Mercury Related Information

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