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Glossary of Immunization Terms:

For the layman... to check symptoms, etc., this is a good site:  WebMD at

For the layman (non scientific person), Gray's Anatomy Online at will allow you to search various topics on the human body.   Scroll down on this site to see the subjects available, or do a search and click onto the various links returned for your topic.

This site provided good "basic terms":

Common medical abbreviations:

Immune System terms were provided in the following link: cells

Immune System Overview

The Endocrine System:

For the scientific person or one who really needs to do extensive research, the CancerWEBProject Medical Dictionary at is one of the best online sources.

Since many parents have questions about prescription drugs, online information is now available as a Physician Desk Reference (PDR) at that laypersons (i.e., moms) can use.    Type in the drug name in the search box and click go.   I am by no means an advocate of giving "drugs" to kids who have autism...but, unfortunately, for many parents, there are doctors out there who look to drugs as the end all, cure all.   I am very much of the opinion that parents can do many many things to recover their children primarily through dietary intervention (i.e., casein free, gluten free and low phenol diets, enzymes, etc.) and some behavior therapy (i.e., floortime).     Since most parents have very limited knowledge of prescription drugs, I provide this information for reference purposes only... for parents who may already have their children on some of these drugs or who may have doctors who want to put their children on drugs.  In providing this link, I am only looking to help you "understand" the drug a little more, not as an endorsement of drug therapy.   IMPORTANT NOTE:   This is NOT THE PDR that doctors use... seems to be a scaled down version.  Please keep in mind that you may not see what "doctors see" in their PDR.   When I tried to access a "real" PDR used by doctors on the Internet, I found you needed to register as a doctor to do so... obviously, there is a reason for that... could be that they see a great deal more about specific drugs than the "general public" is allowed to see...otherwise, why would you have one reference for laypersons and one for doctors.    I've seen a PDR before and know that it is easy enough to read even for a person who is not a doctor and as such, I really question "why the 2 versions"... but, nonetheless, this does give parents a little information on drugs they may want to know a little more about.

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