The KEY To What May Very Well Explain The Differences We See In These Disorders...  

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As you review the information looking at the parallels and the history of these disorders, I ask that you keep the following in mind:  

1.    THE HUMAN BRAIN IS NOT A CONSTANT.  It changes tremendously over time and as such, what is considered “developing” also changes over time.

2.    According to the Simpsonwood meeting transcript on mercury in vaccines, the following was stated: 

Dr. Keller, pgs. 116 & 118:  “…we know the developing neurologic system is more sensitive than one that is fully developed…”  [3] 

This, in my opinion, is a critical piece to the puzzle of mental illness – the implications of which appear to not have been fully recognized.    I suspect that this may also be key in many, many other disorders as well.    Note that according to the history of these disorders and how they are classified, it very much appears that AGE OF ONSET was critical in "classification" of these disorders (i.e., whether or not one is said to have schizophrenia or autism, schizophrenia or Alzheimer's, etc.).   AGE OF ONSET would certainly have implications in terms of the "developing neurologic system" being more sensitive to things like mercury because the brain is NOT a constant over time and what is considered  to be "developing" in a young child is very different from what is "developing" in a young adult or elderly person - and this, I believe - is absolutely KEY!

What is considered "developing" changes over the life spectrum... and as such, we should thus expect to see differences in these disorders based on what is "most developing" at the time of affliction/metal toxicity/diagnosis!  

In an infant, the cerebellum takes 20+ years to mature [4] - This is the part of the brain considered "most hit" in autism - impacts speech production, sense of self, higher functioning, motor coordination, etc..    Note that the cerebellum is located at the back of the brain but acts as a major coordination center for frontal lobe functions such as speech production, motor coordination, coordination of emotions and higher thought processes - all areas absolutely impacted in autism!

In a young child, we normally see a front to back wave of gray matter development from age 3-6.   Thus, if metals target immature cells and those cells are impacted, we would expect to see more frontal lobe and temporal lobe damage in this age group (frontal lobe functions:   speech production, higher functioning, motor coordination, etc., temporal lobe functions:  olfactory and auditory processing, understanding of speech, memory, emotions, etc.).

With puberty onset, there should normally be a back to front wave of gray matter thickening from puberty onset to early 20s), adult (some neurons take up to 40 years to myelinate).  Thus, in this age group, we would expect to see changes impacting functions at the back of the brain first.   This certainly appears to be what we see in schizophrenia... "seeing things" (visual cortex is at the back of the brain), hearing things (temporal lobe), alterations in reality perception (ability to distinguish between truth and a lie is in temporal lobe) and all forms of sensory input (sight - occipital lobe at the back of the brain, touch - parietal lobe, auditory and olfactory processing - temporal lobe,  olfactory bulbs/taste - frontal lobe).   In schizophrenia, what appears to be the "middle generation"... when there should normally be gray matter thickening in a back to front wave, instead... we are seeing tremendous gray matter loss in a back to front wave... and that would make sense if metals such as mercury most devastate immature cells as would be implied by the above quote from the Simpsonwood meeting:  

Dr. Keller, pgs. 116 & 118:  “…we know the developing neurologic system is more sensitive than one that is fully developed…”  [3] 

In the young adult, the brain undergoes a tremendous wave of development with puberty onset [4, 5].  Not surprisingly, in schizophrenia, instead of the normal gray matter thickening we should be seeing, there is a tremendous LOSS of gray matter with puberty onset [7, 191, 192] - most likely resulting in the "odd" things we see in schizophrenia such delusions, hallucinations, forced thinking, depersonalization, loss of sense of reality, altered sensory perception and on and on and on.  Note that all of these things are known to occur in persons who suffer from "aura continua" [190] or ongoing epilepsy and note that persons with schizophrenia are known to suffer from "aura continua" or "ongoing epilepsy"!   I think given the tremendous LOSS of gray matter with puberty onset [7, 191, 192] seen in persons with schizophrenia that there can be little doubt that seizure activity such as "aura continua" is most likely occurring in these persons.   Thus, if indeed the brain should normally undergo gray matter thickening with puberty onset, surely these would be "developing cells" and if metals are most targeting or devastating to   "developing cells" - as stated by Dr. Keller during the Simpsonwood meeting [3], then, once again, this would appear to explain a great deal and that is why, in my opinion, autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's may truly be representative of "epilepsy at its worse"[193]!  Note also the comment in the article on gray matter loss in schizophrenia - a comment stating that a "non-genetic trigger"[192] appears to be at play in the initial onset and progression of the disorder!   

By the time a person is elderly and is said to have Alzheimer’s, the cerebellum and the gray matter thickening that should normally occur at puberty onset have had the opportunity to run their course of development.   However, parts of the brain that continue to develop new cells throughout most of a person’s life are the hippocampus and olfactory bulb [8, 9].  Again, not surprisingly, the hippocampus is one of the areas most impacted in Alzheimer’s.   The olfactory system is tied to many, many functions - memory, imagination, concept of self, etc. - much more than just “smelling”.  Indeed, if metals target immature cells, potentially, via the olfactory system, many other systems could be devastated as well.   For my thoughts on the possible implications of the olfactory bulb development over time as it relates to mental illness, refer to my third book, posted in full on my website,

It is also believed that we get our stem cells from these parts of the brain - the parts that continue to develop new cells throughout life (i.e., the hippocampus and olfactory bulb)... and so... it stands to reason that via the olfactory system, potentially, metals could devastate a whole lot more than just the sense of smell!

If indeed metals target or most devastate developing cells, as would be implied by the above quote from the Simpsonwood Meeting on mercury in vaccines,  that would have major implications for all these disorders given the human brain - and indeed - the body - is not a constant over time... and indeed, research certainly shows tremendous change in the brain over the lifespan [4-9].

Thus, truly, given the brain is not a constant over time, it very much appears that if metals target or most devastate immature cells that this may explain a great deal in terms of any differences we do see in these disorders given what is considered to be “developing” in the human brain changes over the life spectrum.   That, however, does not take away the fact that the underlying cause to autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s - and I suspect many, many other disorders - may indeed be metal toxicity! 

World Leading Immunogeneticist, Fudenberg,  states that if you have 5 consecutive flu shots, you are 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's... note this man's impeccable credentials! I also encourage you to read what may be KEY in explaining differences among these disorders and the very critical paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin:  Could It Play A Critical Role in Metal Detoxification?  - A MUST READ for anyone with an interest in these issues! 

Note:  Reference numbers in this section are from sources listed in paper on Redefining The Role Of Insulin:  Could It Play A Critical Role In Metal Detoxification?

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