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This site was created first and foremost for parents of children with autism in order to help them understand autism issues by providing the story of one family's journey with autism and by providing information on critical issues as they relate to this disorder.  

This information certainly can be valuable to researchers, therapists, etc., but, my style of writing/references, etc. addresses my primary audience.    In reading my information, you will find links throughout the text.   It is best to read an entire section and to then go back and read the information provided on the links.   This will help ensure readers understand the full message in every section.   There is a tendency to go from link to link... and when that happens, much of the message can be lost.  

1.    Look at the online videos provided to get an understanding of what mercury does to neurons/brain cells - look at the neural degeneration video as a result of mercury exposure (left column).

2.    If you are the PARENT of a child with autism, how you go through this information will depend on your goals.  If you want to first and foremost understand as much about autism  as quickly as possible, you will want to "work backwards" - read book 3 first, then book 2, then book 1, then book 4 (that one is on language only).  If you want to understand my family's journey, and how my thoughts progressed over time, read book 1, then book 2, then book 3 and finally book 4 (on language).  The paper on REDEFINING THE ROLE OF INSULIN is also a MUST READ for ALL PARENTS of CHILDREN WITH AUTISM or ANYONE with an INTEREST IN THESE DISORDERS! (autism, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, diabetes, Down Syndrome, etc.).

3.  If you are a RESEARCHER or PARENT/RESEARCHER and want to understand how I came to see autism as a puzzle that spans far beyond autism to include schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes and much more, my RESEARCH FILE is the place to start!   This is also an excellent resource for parents who want to DIG DEEP INTO THE ISSUES!

I suggest you read as much of this information as possible as quickly as possible... there were things I used early on - such as CLO - that I later decided not to use, etc...   Zachary had a huge reaction to what I honestly believe could only have been the CLO.   As such, because ours is a "developing" journey, I encourage you to read as much of it as possible as quickly as possible to get "the whole picture".  This is also very true of the ROLE OF IRON (SEE INSULIN PAPER)... and why I now see IRON AS TOXIC AS MERCURY!

I've also provided for parents a link entitled Parent Teaching Tools where I post information on "how to teach" a child with autism... along with the tools I personally used for my son.   I will continue to add to this section over time.

PDF files are provided for those to whom I give permission to download my book ONLY as outlined in Terms of Use above.  

All others are required to purchase these materials or read them online.

4.   Then, look at the Updates I have posted since writing my last book - these are provided on the link in the top left hand of my site called:  Updates.   I also provide a link called:  If I Had To Do It All Again... that is where I provide information on "what I would have done differently" if only I had known what I know now.

5.    Surf the rest of the site for a great deal more valuable info...the vaccine info, other great websites, the politics, etc.,  there is a lot to learn, but, you certainly are not alone in this journey.    There are many parents who are more than willing to answer your questions on parent discussion boards, etc.   We are learning a great deal - fast!

If you are a person diagnosed with ALZHEIMER'S or have a family member with Alzheimer's, I suggest you go through the following:

1.    Look at the comparison between Autism and Alzheimer's and the online videos I have provided (middle section for comparison, left column for videos).

2.   Decide whether or not you think autism and Alzheimer's are one and the same - look at Fudenberg's comments and his credentials (provided just under the comparison link), look at Dr. Miller's article (also on that page), etc.  

3.  Read the paper on REDEFINING THE ROLE OF INSULIN (if you have diabetes, your chances of Alzheimer's skyrocket!).

4.  If you want to really DIG DEEP into the issues, go to the RESEARCH FILE.

5.  If you want to understand as much as possible as quickly as possible - for practical help - , work backwards, starting with the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin, then book 3, then 2, then 1... book 4 is on language specifically...

4.    Spend the time going through other valuable links I provide.   You will learn a great deal.  

The information on this site provides a very poignant look at autism... an honest and at times, very heart wrenching look at these issues.  Yet, only in understanding the issues can you begin to address them.  Do I think there is hope.   Absolutely.   The more I read, the more I find that to be true.   There are many dedicated researchers out there.   In my opinion, focusing on immune system issues and the regeneration of cells within the brain are key areas.   I believe the human brain is an absolutely fascinating creation... capable of much, much more than man could ever imagine or understand.   The human brain has shown time and time again that it can "adapt" itself when damaged...  and that has been shown in more than just children.  

If you came to this website with concerns over schizophrenia, I encourage you to do the following:

1. Read book 3 first, then determine if you think these are the same disorder.   Also make sure you read the link I have on "hearing voices" and "hyperacusis" (very, very, very sensitive hearing - can also be triggered by antipsychotic and antidepressants by the way).  Also make sure you look at the video on neurodegeneration due to mercury exposure, the autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's comparison, article on teens with schizophrenia losing gray matter with puberty onset (look for link having to do with autism and puberty onset) and history information, etc.   Again, there is a lot to look at, but only in being informed can we hope to help our loved ones afflicted by these disorders.

2.  If you think these are the same disorders, then consider treatment options with persons informed in matters of metal toxicity.   Consider documenting your journey with this disorder.   If I am correct in that autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's are the same disorder over the life spectrum, there are many who have loved ones with autism (50% of these children are non-verbal) or Alzheimer's who would love to have an insight into this disorder from persons who have it and are still young enough to take the time to document issues facing those with schizophrenia.   There is so much to be learned from these persons... I have no doubt that they hold within them a tremendous wealth of information.   Society needs to stop viewing these people as "crazy"... and needs to start recognizing that schizophrenia is a neurological and immune system disorder - not a psychiatric one! 

All information provided by me personally are but my OPINIONS/MY THOUGHTS.   I am not a doctor, nor a scientist... just a mother - looking for answers and looking for the truth!   Please keep this in mind and consult with your doctor before considering implementing anything based on my personal journey with autism.   The information I provide is for information purposes only - to help you understand autism through the eyes of my family's journey.   It has NOT been reviewed by the FDA or any other government body.   No one in medicine or science has provided input to this site.

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Copyright 2002-2008 All materials I provide on this site including several key words and phrases are copyrighted materials.  All rights reserved.  Please see Use of Materials for more on this issue.  For general comments/questions, contact me at 

Things have a tendency to disappear on the Internet, but I can often find where the information has been moved or find replacement links addressing the same issue.  There is a lot of information provided on this site and any assistance with broken links is most appreciated.   My site has now been hacked twice.   If you get bounced to sites for online drugs, etc., report this to me at once using the above email as this is a result of hacking on my site.  This had nothing to do with me and/or my site.  Read more on hacking issue.

DISCLAIMER - The statements here mentioned and/or found in my materials have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other government agency or person in the medical field or in behavior therapy and are not meant to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any illness/disorder and/or behavior.  This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace the care of a qualified healthcare physician or behavior therapist.  Always consult your medical doctor or behavior therapist.  All information provided by Jeanne A. Brohart on her website is for INFORMATION PURPOSES and to GENERATE DISCUSSION ONLY and should not be taken as medical advice or any other type of "advice".  Information put forth represents the EXTENSIVE RESEARCH and OPINIONS of a mother based on her experiences and research and provides information as it relates to one family's journey with autism in hopes that other families may benefit from this experience and/or research.  The creator of this site is not responsible for content on other sites.

DISCLAIMER - PART II - Now... for those of you who think "mother at home researching" means "uneducated person with unfounded information"... I have 10 years of university... 3 degrees... and over 30,000 hours of research into these areas.   For anyone who thinks my research is "unfounded"...  read the RESEARCH FILE posted on my home page... with its over 1,000 references ... for your reading pleasure... because... quite clearly... you haven't read it yet!   Breaking The Code - Putting Pieces In Place!