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In this section I will include information as it relates to the human brain.   I'll  try to keep it general so that all readers can understand this information.   I hope that this information will help all parents put together a little more of their own autism puzzle.    Please remember, I have no training whatsoever in medicine.  This information is provided as "interesting information" only.   As with all information on my website, this is not meant to be taken as medical advice or as a replacement for consultation with your physician or qualified healthcare provider.   Always talk to your doctor and seek medical advice from qualified, certified medical personnel only.    This information is intended to generate discussion only in these topics.   This is a new section to my website and I will continue to add to it over time as I find interesting topics.

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Online Dictionaries 
 (easy to understand neurology site - system overviews) (general terms defined) (medical abbreviations) (herbal medicine terms) (collation of dictionaries on many topics, medical and other)


Brain - easy to understand overview


Cranial nerves
Cerebellum and basal ganglia overview

This first link is a video showing that brain undergoes a major growth spurt just before puberty - especially in frontal lobe.  

Could this be why so many autistic children develop epilepsy at puberty?   If neural connections have been severed, would that not interfere with this process?

Interestingly, in the accompanying article on this topic (link 2), the cerebellum is said to continue to grow at least until age 20 and that it does not seem to be as impacted by genetics as is the corpus collosum, for example.   It is believed the cerebellum is thus perhaps more impacted by "environmental factors".   Interesting indeed.   Mercury and aluminum certainly would be "environmental factors".  

Note that the cerebellum is said to be involved in coordination of both motor functions and cognitive functions... that is, in the organization of our thoughts and motions!     Very interesting indeed given that those with autism and Alzheimer's have serious issues in these areas!

It is believed the brain also reorganizes at puberty (link 3).   Again, I can not help but wonder if this is associated with the fact that autistic children often develop epilepsy at puberty.

Limbic System - General Overview

Speech From A Neurology Perspective


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