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Epilepsy is abnormal cell firing in the brain which can involve a part of the brain - or the entire brain.   You don't need to have the motor cortex involved (i.e., on the ground and shaking) for a seizure to occur!   If you think about it, "abnormal cell firing" can occur anywhere in the brain!  An epileptic seizure can last from a 1 second to several minutes.   Some people have up to 250 seizures a day.

Take a look at what was captured - ON VIDEO - in terms of what mercury does to neurons!  Then ask yourself if this might cause epilepsy!

Epilepsy first occurs most often in the very young (50% of cases develop before age 10).   Interestingly, the very young, and the very old, are now the two age groups in which epilepsy is most often occurring!  "Just coincidence", again?  For much more on the "just coincidence" issue, see the Autism-Schizophrenia-Alzheimer's Comparison, book 3 and/or my research file!

Epilepsy is known to occur in autism.   Although much of the literature seems to state that it is known to occur in many with "puberty onset", I am very much of the opinion that parents and/or doctors may not be aware of seizure activity in even very young children because parents may not have recognized seizure activity for what it truly is.   As parents read through the signs of epilepsy below, surely, most will come to recognize these things do occur in very young children who are on the autism spectrum.   Know the signs - and learn to recognize them quickly.  

Interestingly, vitamin B6 is the only dietary factor that - when deficient - is known to cause or magnify seizures.   Autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes are all associated with low levels of  Vitamin B6.  

Vitamin B6 is also known to be lowered by oral contraceptives (i.e., "the pill).   Research shows that up to 80% of women in the US may have taken oral contraceptives at some time in their life!

Vitamin B6 is also tied to production of blood, production of neurotransmitters (including epinephrine or adrenalin which is used by the body to deal with stress, allergies, etc.), enzyme functions, production of insulin, metal excretion, and much more!   For a whole lot more on these issues, see my Research File.


Signs of Epilepsy Can Include:
tingling sensation (starting in one location and spreading - i.e., thumb to entire hand and/or arm)
loss of consciousness
perceptual disorders (alteration in sense of smell, taste, tough, sight, and/or hearing)
purposeless behavior
alteration in sense of smell
gastrointestinal distress
rising or sinking feeling in stomach
dreamy feeling
unusual taste
visual disturbance
blank stares
blinking or rolling of the eyes
picking at things (i.e., clothing, skin, etc.)
aimless wandering
lip-smacking or chewing motions (at inappropriate times)
slight mouth movements (at inappropriate times)
unintelligible speech
mental confusion or blackouts
appearance of being intoxicated
loud cry
falling to ground
muscle spasms and/or tremors
incontinence (loss of bladder/bowel control)
labored breathing or respiratory distress
difficulty talking
sore muscles
weakness in extremities
sudden anger for no apparent reason
sudden fear for no apparent reason
flush appearance
pupil dilation
convulsion with or without fever
no response to questions or instructions
fall for no apparent reason
panic attacks
perceptual hallucination (visual, auditory, olfactory or gustatory)
deja vu (feeling "I've already seen this")
jamais vu  (feeling "I've never seen this")
memory gap/amnesia
sexual emotion
emotional distress
change in reality perception
feeling of other presence or heautoscopy
forced thinking
distortion of body image
sense of movement
desire to move
feeling hot or cold
feeling of an "electric shock"
phantom sensation
sleep disorders
nightmares or night terrors
loss of muscle tone
twitches and/or tics
unusual behavior
changed hearing
smell sensations
mood changes
crying or laughter for no apparent reason
 There may be more - I'll add them as I find them!


Triggers Of Epilepsy
drugs (street, over-the-counter and prescription)
certain motor frequencies
flashing lights
certain colors
vitamin B deficiency
lack of sleep
irregular sleep patterns
flickering lights (including sunlight, television, computer  etc.)
hormone imbalance
certain anti-depressants
certain antihistamines
evening primrose oil
missing meals
low blood sugar
severe change in temperature
 There may be more - I'll add them as I find them!

In up to 95% of cases, EPILEPSY is NOT "genetic" or "inherited"!

I recommend all with an interest in epilepsy also read a most fascinating article by Heinz Gregor Wieser called "Aura Continua" - truly amazing and enlightening in what it reveals!     Note a most key comment in this article:  "Long-lasting autonomous, emotional, and psychic phenomena and personality, in which the mesial temporal lobe (in particular the amygdala) and the insular and frontal cortices are candidate areas for suspected discharges, pose a problem.  Discharges at such a localization are difficult to detect in routine EEG... Prolonged autonomical ictal features can mimic psychiatric, endocrine, cardiac, and gastrointestinal disorders (Devinsky et al 1986)." (source:  Wieser, H.G., Aura Continua, http://www.ilae-epilepsy.org/ctf/aura_continua.html, p. 12).   

This means a "normal EEG" would most likely NOT catch this epileptic activity! 

Also, given seizure activity occurs in a rather random fashion, that in itself would make it difficult to catch on an EEG since "timing is everything" (i.e., if not having a seizure or epileptic activity AT THE VERY TIME THE EEG IS DONE then obviously, there would be "lack of confirmation of epileptic activity").   But, would that mean that "lack of confirmation" on an EEG is equivalent to "lack of a problem" or of "epileptic activity" - in my opinion, certainly not!     

A simple brain structure and function overview and a little on the difference between the LEFT brain and the RIGHT brain are provided for those who want to dig a little deeper into the implications of this.  You will also find much more on these issues in Book 3 and my Research File - both posted in full - for free - on this website (can also be accessed from main web page).

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Again... much more on this issue in my RESEARCH FILE (found on Home Page)!

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