Clay Baths For Autism?   A New Form of Chelation?

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I have not personally tried this yet... although I may because the idea is certainly one that makes sense to me and appears to offer a safer alternative to chelation methods that involve the kidneys and liver.   I just wanted to post this for parents who may want to look into this option... again... just an fyi... not something I personally have tried yet, so I really can't comment on this other than saying I certainly find this interesting.

I did call this company to ask them if they had tests showing how many heavy metals were in the bath water before and after the child with autism took one of these clay baths.   It just seems to me that if the sellers of this product are implying in any way that clay baths are supposed to pull metals out via the skin, that we should be able to scientifically measure that given the website shows the analysis of the clay itself in terms of heavy metal content.   Thus, you should technically be able to take the heavy metal content of the clay, the metal content of the water BEFORE the child takes a bath (i.e., distilled water from which metals have pretty well all been removed), and then re-measure that water for metal content AFTER the bath in order to try to measure the effectiveness of this product.   I was told that there was no such scientific test available via the company, but rather, only parent testimonials.  

So... is this something that works or not?    I think it could certainly have the potential to work - just my totally "gut feeling" - nothing more.  

My issue with companies/products is that we aren't told "what else" the children were taking... things like B6, magnesium, probiotics, selenium (i.e., Brazil nuts),  etc.... which could play into the puzzle and lead to "favorable results" being perceived by parents.   If this product can indeed help many children, that would be wonderful... especially since it seems to be a less expensive, less intrusive method of chelation... I just think there should be some science behind it in terms of actual measurements for heavy metal content.    If that is what is implied that the product does, then you should be able to actually measure the metal content to make sure it is this product that is beneficial and not "something else" that the parents also happen to be doing.

Nevertheless, I did want to post this for those who may be interested in this alternative... certainly interesting... certainly something I think (just my opinion) could work... I just wish there was more scientific data behind it... and I don't say that as a negative for the company, but something they should view as a positive... because if you can actually PROVE rather than imply that your product is removing heavy metals, then I guess you would have a lot more parents looking into this because I suspect there are many parents out there who have stayed away from chelation because of the possible harm it can do to liver/kidneys (especially if not done properly).   This would be a very nice alternative if "pulling metals via the skin" were true... but is it?   I just don't see why there are no scientific tests that have been done by this company to actually show that.  

I'm just not into "blind trust" anymore... with anyone or anything... whether or not it is a "trust me" that comes from the pharmaceuticals... or one that comes from parents of children with autism trying to sell a product... I no longer trust blindly... 

If this product is helping children with autism... that is wonderful... and the reason for which I wanted to include this on my website...

I doubt that a clay bath could do much harm... again... just "my opinion"...

I just wish there was some science behind this to prove to parents that this has the potential to "pull metals from the body via the skin". 

Of course, the website below states the FDA hasn't evaluated these statements either (not that I need that as a "seal of approval" by any means)...

Indeed, I suspect that if the FDA knew about this product, they may very well want to shut it down if it did pull metals in a non-intrusive way (I no longer trust that the FDA is there to help anyone... just my personal opinion... I think they are there to push the pharmaceuticals... but again... just my personal opinion of the Failing In Duties Administration... the same administration that seems to just hate the thought of anyone having access to B17 in this nation ... a vitamin - a simple vitamin -  some think is nature's cure to cancer... etc.)... we could go a long time on what I personally think of the FDA or "Failing In Duties Administration".  What will the FDA do next... outlaw vitamin C?   Guess they'd really be on a role.... to think... a simple vitamin - B17... having status of "unapproved drug"... THINK ABOUT THAT FOLKS!   :o)

If the FDA does try to "shut this down" - the "clay bath thing"... then I guess this company could just market this product as a "wonderful, calming bath"... and I would gladly put it on my website because if the FDA does try to shut something down... more than likely... in my opinion... it is because it is working and the pharmaceuticals don't have it in their product offering... again...just my honest opinion after many hours into the subject of metal toxicity, vaccines, the lies, the myths, the truths, etc.

So... guess we'll just have to see how this one all plays out... but, again, I just wanted to provide this for parents who might want to look into this... in case it does truly help children with autism or others with metal toxicity!  :o)

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