Why a website with all these topics?


It's simple.  After tens of thousands of hours of research, it has become quite clear that all these disorders are absolutely interrelated.   Indeed, autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's very much appear to be the same disorder over the life spectrum...disorders that very much appear to have their roots in metal toxicity! 

These 3 disorders also have very strong historical ties that undeniably bind them also. 

Autism used to be called "childhood schizophrenia"...

Schizophrenia was discovered by Emil Kraepelin - a man who devoted his life to the study of schizophrenia - and a man's whose co-worker and protege was none other than - Alois Alzheimer!    

Perhaps the best place for most of you to start is to read the research paper posted on this website entitled Redefining The Role of Insulin.   After reading that paper, I think you'll also come to see that there simply is no denying that these disorders very much appear to be one and the same.  

Indeed, it very much appears that the primary reason for pulling apart "schizophrenia" and "Alzheimer's" was two-fold:  1) AGE OF ONSET and 2) THE DISCOVERY OF BETA AMYLOID PLAQUES in a subject examined by Alois Alzheimer.   

Keep in mind... leukemia is still leukemia at age 2 or age 80... and the same is true of metal toxicity... it is still metal toxicity at age 2 or age 80... it just impacts different parts of the brain and body based on one's age because it very much appears metals such as mercury target immature cells as disclosed in a secret meeting on mercury in vaccines known as the Simpsonwood meeting.  The full transcript of this meeting is posted on this website.

What is considered "immature" or "developing" is very different in a 2 year old, 14 year old, 30 year old, 60 year old or 85 year old.   This fact may go a very LONG way in explaining the differences we see in these disorders as explained in the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin.

Note that researchers are now finding BETA AMYLOID PLAQUES TO BE NATURAL METAL CHELATORS and brain sealants - in other words - that would make them a good thing... not a bad thing.   Chelators remove/pull metals from the brain/body!   So... it would make perfect sense that this was a "new discovery" when they were first identified by Alois Alzheimer over 100 years ago... metals in the brain were more "rare" back then.   But, today, science has shown "normal" brains show beta amyloid plaques... because today... unfortunately... the "normal brain" appears to be one afflicted by metal toxicity and it would certainly go a long way in explaining why vaccine trials aimed at removing beta amyloid plaques had to be suddenly stopped with no apparent reason given for the cessation of such trials!  So, yes, at the time Alois Alzheimer discovered the plaques they were a "new finding"... did this make the disorder a "new disorder" or was it just a "shade of something else"?   There should be more than "age of onset" as a primary reason for pulling disorders apart - and that very much appeared to be the primary reason for pulling apart not only schizophrenia and Alzheimer's but also schizophrenia and autism, as revealed in the history of these disorders - disorders that have over 140+ parallels across the board!



Note that all those "odd things" we see in schizophrenia such as alteration in reality perception, in sense of self, hallucinations, forced thought (thinking someone is controlling your thoughts), alterations in all sensory perception (smell, sight, touch, hearing, taste)... all of these things can be a sign of something known as the "aura continua" - in other words... ONGOING EPILEPSY - and mercury is absolutely known to "fry neurons" as captured ON VIDEO!

Science is now showing schizophrenia may have a  "non-genetic trigger" (MRI studies by Paul Thompson at UCLA).  

Indeed, as far back as the 1940s, insulin was used in the treatment of schizophrenia - and now - researchers are looking to patent insulin therapy for Alzheimer's!   

In AUTISM, there is also no denying that more and more "insulin issues" are surfacing in this disorder too!   For a  whole lot more on all of this... I STRONGLY encourage you to spend some time reading the research paper on Redefining The Role Of Insulin. 

There are many around the world who have loved ones who are now greatly afflicted by these disorders... autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's... and also diabetes.   For many of of us who have been impacted by autism, the lies of the CDC/FDA/Pharmaceuticals, etc., have become all too clear now as secret meeting documents and hearings have revealed (a whole lot more on these issues on this website also), but I think those who suffer from diabetes will find they too have been very much misled when it comes to "what the pharmaceuticals knew and when" as far as "what may cause diabetes"... as you will soon discover in the critical, must read paper:  Redefining The Role Of Insulin:  Could It Play A Major Role In Metal Detoxification?   The above are only a few of the issues discussed in this paper.  My goal here is just to show you that there is reason for concern and for believing that these disorders - autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's - may very much be one and the same - over the life spectrum - and that diabetes or "insulin issues" absolutely fit into this also!

Take some time on this website... I guarantee you will never look at autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's and diabetes (to name but a few disorders that fit into this very nasty puzzle) quite the same way again!  Then, perhaps you'll also understand why in the fall of 2003, the Bush Administration tried to seal vaccine injury lawsuits from the public... indeed... it very much appears "vaccine injury" and issues of metal toxicity span far, far, far beyond "just autism" - and hence - perhaps the "push" to also limit vaccine injury liability for the pharmaceuticals.    If indeed I am correct in all this,  you could add to the list of "vaccine injury" and "metal toxicity" disorders such as diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, Gulf War Syndrome, cancer, and yes... even Down Syndrome (by age 35 or so, 25% of those with Down Syndrome have a brain that resembles that of a person with Alzheimer's... and a person with Down Syndrome is much more likely to also have autism (up to 10 times more likely), diabetes... and leukemia)!    And, again, if I am correct in all this... should we really be allowing the government to "limit liability" of those who may have understood some of these issues - a long time ago!

Personally, I believe we have experienced a healthcare catastrophe - of unparalleled proportions - at the very hands of those who - we thought - were supposed to be there to help and protect us!

Hence... the reason for a website on so many issues... they belong together... and given a person seeking answers to diabetes may not be looking under autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's (or vice versa), I decided to create a website to cover all of these in one place... because, after tens of thousands of hours of research - there is just NO DENYING these disorders are absolutely interrelated - and more and more prominent scientists are now seeing that too - as are the families of those who have been so impacted by these disorders!   Understanding the issues is the first step in addressing them... and to understand them... you must first seek the truth - as painful as it can be!


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