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On The Issue Of Vaccinations

NOTE:   Although some articles state that childhood vaccines do not contain mercury - many absolutely do - make sure you always check the label prior to allowing your child to receive an immunization - don't just "trust blindly" - you will find that "blind trust" is mistake number 1!  

No amount of mercury is safe in the human body!

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Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative found in vaccinations.   Two drops of mercury on the tongue of an adult is a lethal dose.   Efforts are being made to slow the production of vaccines made with Thimerosal, however, stock still exists in clinics/hospitals throughout America.   Most offices will ask parents to sign a liability disclaimer prior to giving immunizations, or they will tell parents that vaccines are no longer made with Thimerosal.   That is only a half truth...true, production is migrating to Thimerosal free vaccines, but stock is still very much out there and parents need to know that!    The government has yet to recall all these vaccines containing Thimerosal.   Both the US Autism Ambassador and  The National Vaccine Information Center are working this issue. 

CDC Recommended Immunization Schedule - 2002

Thimerosal has many names....these are provided in the link below.

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As far as the MMR2 vaccine...there is a lot of information on the MMR2 already out there.  What a lot of parents do not realize, and that I want to make very clear, is the fact that the "Rubella" part of the "Measles, Mumps, Rubella" vaccine is made from the cells of an aborted fetus.   That means we are literally injecting our children with the chromosomal information of another child.

Dan Burton's Bill To Ban Mercury Fillings Immediately Upon Passage In Pregnant Women (go to:

Docket On Mercury In Dental Amalgams And Public's "Need To Know"

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