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In June 2002 hearings, it was revealed that in over 80 years NOT ONCE had there been a study done evaluating the safety of mercury in vaccines.  Thus, how can the FDA or CDC possibly say that "we don't know what is causing autism... but we know it isn't vaccines"?   The following link provided some of the discussions regarding this issue: (taken from November 2002 Idaho Observer).  I quote: 

[Congressman Burton]: “You mean to tell me since 1929 we've been using thimerosal and the only test that you know of is the one that was done in '29 and every one of those people had meningitis and they all died?”

[Valerie Williams, Channel 8 News]:  Well, obviously, the BIG concern is that thimerosal is linked to just a GROWING rate of autism among children in this country.  We know from our own research that by 1972 the FDA had begun asking questions about the dangers of thimerosal.  By 1992, it had been pulled out of dog vaccines and contact lens solution because of the risk, but it was not until last year that FINALLY it was removed from childhood vaccines.

[Valerie Williams, Channel 8 News]:  For nearly an hour, Burton repeatedly asked FDA and CDC officials what they knew, and when they knew it, and when memories seemed to be a bit fuzzy, the Congressman produced old memos as a refresher.  This one from 1999 states that the FDA had an interim plan already in place for many years to get rid of thimerosal.  The same e-mail also addresses the FDA's fear that it would (will?) be accused by the public of being asleep at the switch for decades by allowing a dangerous compound to remain in childhood vaccines." [end of quote]

There is a great deal of debate when it comes to "who" or "what" contributed to the autism and Alzheimer's epidemics.

Mercury poisoning is certainly one very likely cause according to many scientists.   Yet, "mercury poisoning" is a broad category with many arguing that there are many sources of mercury exposure that could have contributed to these epidemics.

Well, again, let us look at a few facts.

Dental amalgams have been in use in the US since 1830.   In the 1840s, concerns were already being raised about the toxicities of mercury in amalgams.   But, amalgam use continued and continues to this day.   Do I think amalgams are part of the problem?   In my opinion, amalgams certainly do contribute to mercury poisoning and as such, I am very much of the opinion that they should be outlawed.

But, even if dental amalgams "contribute" to mercury poisoning... does that mean they are the primary cause of the autism and Alzheimer's outbreak?   In my opinion, the answer to that question is "most likely not".  Amalgams have been used for generations - with no outbreak in autism and Alzheimer's like we have now.   There had to be more to the puzzle - although I do very much believe that dental amalgams play a very significant role in mercury poisoning!

During graduate school, my dentist was very much surprised to see how many fillings I had when I first opened my mouth.   She then discovered I was French Canadian and said:  "Oh well, that explains it... they have the worse tooth decay in the world".   That, undoubtedly can be attributed to growing up with maple syrup, maple sugar, maple taffies, and all those other "maple treats".  :o)

Also, it is worth noting that young children being diagnosed with autism have "baby teeth"... I know of very few 3 or 4 year olds with amalgams.   Thus, exposure to mercury from amalgams would have had to come from the mother - as I suspect may have been the case in my son's situation.  Yet, although my son has autism, my daughter does not, nor do I have Alzheimer's... at least not yet, but I do have that mouthful of fillings.     

It would stand to reason that if amalgams were the PRIMARY cause of mercury poisoning resulting in autism and/or Alzheimer's that this epidemic would, by far, be worse among the French Canadian population or other populations known to have a lot of tooth decay and thus a lot of amalgam use.  Yet, I have seen no reference in any research I have done that would indicate this to be the case... and a comment like that, I, personally, would have noticed!  :o) 

I suppose one could also study those populations where dental care is basically non-existent in order to assess the role of dental amalgams in autism and/or Alzheimer's outbreaks.    Surely, if no amalgams exist in a population, then, there should be virtually no mercury poisoning induced autism and/or Alzheimer's from dental amalgams.

I am not saying that dental amalgams play no role.   I very much believe that they have contributed to elevated mercury levels in many individuals, including myself.   I very much realize that mercury from amalgams can leak into the body and be transferred to the unborn child.    What I am saying, however, is that although they may have a "contributory role", in my opinion, amalgams are not the PRIMARY cause of the autism and/or Alzheimer's outbreak.     I do suspect, however, that dental amalgams may play a larger role in Schizophrenia.  My reason for saying this is the following.

Autism and Alzheimer's appear to be pretty well "mirror" images of one another.   Autism occurs in the very young, Alzheimer's in the very old... the only thing they really have in common is vaccinations laced with mercury.   Young children do not have dental amalgams... and those who are older are from a generation that seemed to have "dentures" as opposed to dental amalgams.   It is really only that "middle generation" disorder known as Schizophrenia  (age mid teens to 40 or so) that has really been exposed to mercury via both vaccinations and amalgams.   As such, I think mercury from both amalgams and vaccinations may have played a role in Schizophrenia and that in this case, perhaps the mercury poisoning we are seeing is "at a slower rate".   This generation had far fewer vaccinations than do children today and they are not the primary users of "flu shots".    Thus, the mercury poisoning from vaccines would, in my opinion, be lower for this generation.   Yet, it would be higher in terms of mercury poisoning due to amalgams - as mercury from the body slowly leaks into the body over time.

It is now a well known fact that mercury has a propensity for neural cells... especially cells in development it would appear since mercury seems to target the developing child in the mother's womb.   From the Simpsonwood meeting we know that the earlier the exposure to mercury, the worse.   We also know that the cerebellum develops until about the early 20s.  As such, it is one of the most "immature" parts of the brain for the longest period of time.   We also know that the brain of males matures less quickly than that of girls and as such, boys would be more susceptible, at least in my opinion, based on the Simpsonwood meeting discussions.  We also know for a fact from research done by Eric Courchesne that the cerebellum is much smaller in the autistic than in normal children.  From research by the National Institutes of Mental Health, we also know that the brain undergoes specific growth spurts.   When very young, the brain has white matter growth spurts (age 3 - 6).   In the pre-puberty stage, there is a gray matter growth spurt.   The gray matter is the "outer layer" of the brain - surrounding the white matter.   Interestingly, the white matter growth spurt is found to occur in a wave-like pattern from front to back while the gray matter growth wave that occurs right around puberty is from back to front.  

In my opinion, mercury may be lodging in the area of the cerebellum (known to be a mini super computer, a brain within the brain that controls/regulates motions, higher functioning thoughts, emotions and language).     In my opinion, when that second growth wave occurs (the one right around puberty), it would stand to reason that if the cerebellum controls functions in many, many areas of the brain, that when the "reorganization" and "pruning" of the brain occurs at puberty, the cerebellum must be involved in communicating to those various regions and sending messages out that trigger that reorganization in many, many parts of the brain.  

If I am correct in assuming that mercury may lodge in the cerebellum area, when puberty comes around, I suspect that messages sent to various parts of the brain may "take with them" mercury, displacing it throughout the brain and resulting in the massive loss of gray matter that we see in the Schizophrenic brain.   Mercury is known to cause neural degeneration as shown in the University of Calgary experiment.

In my opinion, another possibility is that the issue is not one of "mercury flow" but of cerebellum damage resulting in inappropriate levels of nitric oxide (NO), a gas-like neurotransmitter.   Excess levels of nitric oxide are believed to lead to cell death.  Note that nitric oxide binds to IRON and iron overload is known to exist in autism and in Alzheimer's.    Furthermore, mercury impacts hormones.  Hormones are measured in parts per trillion.   They are very, very sensitive.   Insulin is a hormone.   Iron is now known to modulate insulin and insulin is known to modulate iron.   In other words, the relationship is bi-directional.   If insulin levels get "out of whack" it looks like iron levels do too... and that, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons these kids suffer from iron overload... and iron, is also a toxic substance.

Either of these, mercury or excess nitric oxide/iron could lead to neural cell degeneration/death and explain why we see those with autism, Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's revert to "childlike" behavior - because once the "gray matter" is damaged, what is left but the "white matter"... and white matter is associated with earlier brain development.   For more on all these issues, please see my "Updates" section.   In that section, you will find research articles, etc. supporting "what we do know" about the human brain - its development stages, along with many other thoughts I have had on explaining many, many things we see in autism, since the writing of my second book.   I encourage all visitors to spend some time reading that section.   I think you will find it very eye opening!  

Of course, all of this is just "my theory"... you are free to agree or disagree with what I am saying.   I have no medical training or research training whatsoever.   All I am putting forward is a theory... something that may help us understand how disorders that are so similar can show some variation.

If I am correct, I think society has a great deal to be concerned about because vaccinations of the 15-40 generation were not nearly as frequent and did not contain as much mercury as they do today.   Children today have been exposed to much greater doses of mercury and every increasing and compressed vaccinations schedules... and as such, that second wave of brain development is of GREAT concern to me, personally.   If my theory is correct, I suspect we may see a great surge in Schizophrenia.   Note that 1 in 100 between ages 15-40 are said to have Schizophrenia - a rather alarming statistic already.   Add to that the devastation of autism and Alzheimer's statistics, and we have, in my opinion, a social catastrophe and perhaps a greater catastrophe down the road as more children who are currently autistic reach puberty and that "second wave" of brain development.  :o( 

The pharmaceutical industry and those in government will never want to acknowledge that something like this could be possible.   After all, they have been looking for a "genetic" link to all mental illness for well over 100 years now.   Perhaps the "genetic" link is difficult to find because they are looking in the wrong place!   In my humble opinion, society needs to demand much greater research in the area of mercury and aluminum poisoning... only then, in my opinion, will we truly find that "missing link"... but, in my opinion, that link may remain missing for a long time, because the pharmaceuticals and the government agencies involved in vaccination programs may not truly want it to be found!   Think about that... 100 years of research into Schizophrenia and many other illnesses (bipolar, etc.) and still... "no clue" as to what is causing these outbreaks.   I find that very hard to believe!   I think that if the cause truly was "genetic", we would have found it a long time ago!   As such, "other possible factors"... like exposure to "bad fish" are put forth... or things like the APO-E genotype.   I don't doubt that genetics play some role... but those "genetics" in my opinion, are due to genetic mutations from aluminum exposure via vaccinations.

When it comes to mercury in fish, again, that surely could be a source of mercury poisoning.   But, again, it would stand to reason that if mercury poisoning from fish were the main source of mercury poisoning for autism and Alzheimer's, then populations such as Japan or the Eskimo populations of Canada should be the populations experiencing the greatest outbreaks of autism and/or Alzheimer's.   But, again, I have seen no reference whatsoever to indicate that this is the case.  Interestingly, Japan delays many vaccinations.

When it comes to the "smoking gun" and the "who done it?" mystery, overwhelmingly, parents of the autistic are pointing the finger to "the shots"... shots prepared by the pharmaceutical industry and fired by the medical profession into the veins of our children.   In my opinion, when it comes to the case of the "who done it?" mystery, I must say that I, personally, tend to agree with other parents of the autistic on this one!

I have one child with autism and one child who is "normal".   My "normal child" missed her MMR shot and the doctor did not catch it until she was 5 (a blessing, in my opinion, because my daughter was plagued with earaches and was often on antibiotics).     I had 2 miscarriages.   I had shots as an adult.   I had mercury fillings added, replaced, etc., throughout my childhood and adult life.   Do I suspect that my fillings and/or shots contributed to my miscarriages and my son's autism - absolutely.   Do I suspect that vaccinations played the "greater" role in my son's autism - absolutely.    Can I, personally, prove it?  No.   Do I need to?   No.   My heart is truly with all those parents who are in this legal battle.   I, personally, just do not have the energy or desire to fight this in court for years.    Nothing will give me back my son and the anger that a lawsuit would ignite within me is not something I am willing to allow.  

I will continue to put my energies in working to help other families who have been devastated by autism and Alzheimer's and I'll leave the judgment of all this to God because He is just and all-knowing and with Him, there will be no excuses and no lies.   Every person will have to answer for every word and every action... and with God, there will be no "taking of the 5th amendment" and no "I can't answer that" and no "I don't know"... and no more lies, deceptions or half-truths.   He will know the truth and will know every heart.  

I have found it in my heart to forgive those who have played a role in my child's autism and what I now see as a tremendous social catastrophe.   I certainly hope that these persons will find it within their heart to repent and ask forgiveness for their role in this... and that they will work with society to help those so devastated by mental illness, etc.   I forgive them... whether or not God does will be up to them!

And behold... I come quickly... to give to every man according as his work shall be.   Revelation 22:12  

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