Signs of Autism:  Signs So Easily Missed Or Dismissed

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 Signs So Easily Missed or Dismissed... that is the title of Chapter 6 of my first book.   One of the dangers with autism is exactly that... the signs are all too easily missed or all too easily dismissed and with that dismissal, precious time is lost.   This page provides you with a list of things that, looking back, I know were clearly signs of autism in my son... I now recognize over 50 things that I can now say were signs of autism manifesting itself in my child.   If your own child has more than ten of these, you have reason to be concerned.  

Signs of Autism:  Signs So Easily Missed Or Dismissed

Talk to your pediatrician and talk to parents of autistic children on autism message boards (See New Options).  Most importantly, if you suspect something is wrong with your child, persevere until you figure out exactly what that something is... don't let someone dismiss your concerns and lull you back to thinking everything is ok as I so often did.   

Autism means big profits and costs.   There are big bucks to be made by those who would offer you all the latest scams (and these are not limited to "fly by night operations").   From a cost perspective, many clinics with PPOs/HMOs do not have an interest in diagnosing autism... these kids become "too costly" for clinics that are paid a fixed amount per year whether or not they see the child once or 100 times in a year.   It is to the advantage of these clinics NOT to see your child more than for regular/routine visits.   The fewer times they see your child, the more profitable their clinic.  It is not in their "financial" interest to diagnose autism in a child.  That is a fact of life and make no mistake about it!   Children with autism are but a major "expense" line item for many, many clinics on such HMO/PPO plans.  Again, only YOU, as a parent WILL do what is right for your child... do not expect anyone else to... do not learn that the hard way - as we did!   



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