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Note:   Many vaccines still contain thimerosal... and "old stock" containing thimerosal was never recalled- as such, be very informed about these issues and "educate before you vaccinate"!

Another Piece To The Puzzle...

Note:  In this chart provided below, many products show an * and would try to convince us that "this is a trace amount of mercury and it has no biological effect"... well... think twice... there are certainly experts in toxicology who would argue otherwise!   For more on the "expertise" of the CDC and FDA in such matters, I encourage you to read my section on "how minimal risk levels are set" in the first place - truly a "shot in the dark" and "nothing more than a guess" as to "what is safe"!  That discussion of "competence" at the FDA/CDC/Pharmaceuticals is provided in the link below!  

Click the link below for a list of vaccines that still contain thimerosal/mercury:

Even now, some shots can contain 25 micrograms of mercury.  So, let's calculate how much you would need to weigh for that to be a "safe exposure level" based on EPA guidelines of .1 microgram per kilogram per day.

.1 microgram = 1/10th of a microgram

1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

So, that means that for 1 microgram of mercury exposure, you would have to weigh 2.2 x 10 or 22 pounds.

For 25 micrograms of mercury, you would have to weigh 22 pounds x 25 micrograms or a whopping 550 pounds!  

So, are these shots safe?   Maybe... If you weigh 550 pounds... and if you believe the CDC knows what it is doing when it sets "minimal risk levels" for exposure to toxins such as mercury and/or aluminum.   For a very revealing look at that issue, go to a discussion provided in a transcript on aluminum in vaccines that discusses exactly how these "minimal risk levels" are set:   Incompetence At Its Best:   How Minimal Risk Levels Are Set At The CDC!  

According to metals experts such as Boyd Haley (metals experts who often testifies in vaccine hearings), there is NO SAFE AMOUNT of mercury in the human body!

According to this article, it would cost only about a penny more to provide single dose, mercury free vaccination vial... and yet, the pharmaceuticals continue to put this known toxin into childhood and adult vaccinations...

Over and over the pharmaceutical industry has, in my opinion, shown us that it wants to "save costs" at the expense of our children.  With all the controversy over vaccination safety today, a new "super charged" vaccine is being marketed as a vaccine that will require "fewer needles" and thus "fewer cries" for your children.   This vaccine will combine:  diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and polio. 

It also appears the new 5 in 1 vaccine contains mercury:

For transcripts from the FDA on "safety issues" relating to this vaccine, please scroll down a little on this following link:  These transcripts from FDA meetings on the 5 in 1 indicate that children were monitored for a period of 30 days only!!!  :o(   Not surprising.   Most vaccine research lasts from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.   There are NO LONG TERM STUDIES on vaccine safety!!!

Well, there may be "fewer cries in the doctor's office", but, as the parent of an autistic child, I can assure you that I, personally, feel as though my entire family has shed an ocean's worth of tears since we discovered my son was autistic.   :o(

Also note that this series of shots for this new "super punch vaccine" are to be given prior to 6 months of age.   A child's liver is not even fully functioning until it REACHES 6 months of age... 6 months of age is the time at which the liver STARTS to produce bile.   The liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body and for the pharmaceuticals to continue to inject children with "more and more shots - faster and faster", in my opinion, is absolutely appalling.   Save A Buck... Waste A Life... a "motto" becoming all too familiar in the autism community! 

Note that we are often told "studies have been performed" to evaluate the safety of vaccines... well, that's true... but apparently what the "original reports or studies show" appears to vary a great deal from what the public ends up seeing:

I certainly hope all parents will have the good sense to "educate before they vaccinate".  In my humble opinion, this is not the pharmaceutical industry's way of helping to "save you or your child from shedding tears"... this, in my opinion, is just another way maximize the bottom line in the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of our children.  :o(  

If the pharmaceutical industry really cared about the tears our children and parents of the autistic have shed, they would not be fighting the autism community as they have as parents seek the truth about vaccine safety.   They not have held secret "closed door meetings" to discuss "sensitive topics" as they relate to vaccination injury.    

For parents still not convinced as to the motives of those in the pharmaceutical industry, I encourage you to read the link on the Simpsonwood meeting of 2000  under my section on the Aluminum Connection.   This meeting was attended by 50 or so persons from the CDC, WHO,  pharmaceutical industry, medical community, and the FDA - the very agency responsible for approving vaccines.    In my opinion, what was said in this meeting behind closed doors, where participants were told to "keep this confidential", speaks volumes.   Make no mistake about it - all that is hidden will be revealed and every man, woman and child will be held accountable for every thought, every word and every action... and with God, there will be no excuses, no 5th amendment, and no Presidential Executive Order to hide the truth or protect one from liability for having injured and, in my opinion, devastated so many.   Of that, you can be 100% sure!  :o)   

With the Homeland Security Bill guaranteeing no recourse for the vaccine injured - making it impossible for anyone to sue the pharmaceuticals for ANY vaccine injury - I fully expected to see more "power punch" vaccines such as this coming out of the pharmaceutical industry... after all, if you can't be sued for ruining a life... why not go "all the way" and produce more low cost, mega dose vaccines?   What is there to fear when no one can touch you - on Earth that is!    

And, behold, I come quickly;... to give every man according as his work...    Revelation 22:12

Keep in mind that no long term studies exist for any vaccines as was disclosed in Congressional hearings in 2002.   That, in my opinion, pretty well guarantees there are no long term studies for this vaccine either!   Are you really willing to take a chance with your child by giving him this "no more or fewer tears" vaccine?  

And why exactly is it that the government had moved to seal all vaccine injury lawsuit records from the public?   That too, in my opinion, speaks volumes - especially since President Bush - the first - at one time, sat on the board of directors at Eli Lilly - the first company to put mercury in vaccines.

I, personally, remember when my own son went in for three needles on one day... he did not shed a single tear... little did I know that was one of the first signs of autism manifesting itself.  The doctor at the time had joked with my husband and I about "what a brave little man we had".   Knowing what I know now... what a fool I was!  :o(    In my opinion, tears are music to my ears because I now know that pain insensitivity is a classic sign of autism!   As such, in my opinion, there are times when "more tears are better".

In my opinion, before any parent gives his child a "power punch" vaccine for which there are no long-term studies,  consider the fact that Dr. Wakefield has on many occasions stated that when you put multiple viruses together... they interact... and that is why Dr. Wakefield sees problems with MMR (a vaccine that does not contain thimerosal).   Will this be a "power punch" vaccine that results in a "permanent knock-out" for many children?   Only time will tell.

Dr. Wakefield is advocating separate vaccines instead of one with multiple viruses for the MMR.... and now, the pharmaceuticals want to pump not 3 but 5 viruses into our children at once?  If 3 viruses interacting is a concern... what will 5 viruses interacting do to our children?   Think about that folks!

A  "No More Tears Or Fewer Tears" Vaccine?

Ask any parent of an autistic child how many tears they have shed...   

You could never - even begin to - count them!!!  :o( :o(  :o( 

In deciding whose side the government is on, perhaps all persons need to look at the following link:

Conflict of Interest!

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