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Vaccine Myths, Facts and Lies...

and a few other interesting things...

I'm just starting this section and will add more interesting info as I find it... you'll have to copy/paste some of these links... too many links on a website seems to cause problems...



(history... then and now) (myths/truths - historical charts, stats on effectiveness of vaccines - very eye opening!   Note the 7-16-04 "update" in this first link - RE: THE LIES -  I quote:

"*Recently (as of 16/7/2004), a woman with a PhD in immunology confessed that she was not in favour of vaccination. When asked why, she said "Well, looking at serum through the microscope I could see that the antibodies went right past the vaccine-injected antigens as if they weren't even there." (When she was then asked, "Would you be willing to put that in writing?" she replied, "No, I would lose my job.") [end of quote, emphasis added,]...

If that is indeed true, and this is indeed what you see "under the microscope"... that certainly has huge implications in terms of the "effectiveness" of vaccines... and indeed, would support the contention by many now that vaccines are indeed NOT effective and in fact, may be very counterproductive!

This first article, in my opinion, is in the top "must read" for all persons interested in these issues.   As I always say:  "When an organization becomes more important than its cause, it is time to shut the doors!" 

In my opinion, "losing your job" certainly is not as bad as potentially "losing your soul" and "losing all respect"  because you are CHOOSING to lie  to people and putting your self interest first - even above and beyond the safety of children worldwide!  

"Losing my job... or losing my soul... "   Eternity is a long time to be... in the wrong place!

Bronwyn Hancock's video production, Vaccination:  The Hidden Truth at also shows how there is  "playing with the statistics" by doing things such as "redefining" what we define as a specific disorder when collating charts, by playing with time periods, overlapping data that is comparing apples to oranges, etc.   Truly a very eye-opening video for anyone with an interest in these issues!  This is very much a "dissection" of "charts" by taking a closer look at the very misleading data... (Fraud at the CDC and FDA, article entitled CDC Study Raises Level of Suspicion, Posted Dec. 8, 2003 on Insightmag website, written by Kelly Patricia O Meara - a must read for all!)


Dr. Ken Stoller -   2 MUST READ articles showing deception of the public, problems with "autism studies" (i.e., data manipulation, use of flawed data to stop federal funding into vaccine-autism link, etc.) 1:  LETTER TO THE NEW MEXICO BOARD OF PHARMACY MEMBERS CONCERNING DANGEROUS FOOD AND VACCINE ADDITIVES, Thu, 27 Oct 2005, 

2:Autism as a Minamata disease variant:analysis of a pernicious legacy, Medical Veritas 3 (2006) 772-780, doi: 10.1588/medver.2006.03.00097,


Let's Look At The Facts!!!   "Dispelling Vaccination Myths"
Did A Polio Vaccine Cause AIDS?

(Dynamic Chiropractic, Feb 7, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 4)  (The Polio Hoax - a rather interesting read!)


A MUST READ ARTICLE ON MERCURY! (Note critical comment on synergies with aluminum!)

Mercury on the Mind

by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Note:  This is an excellent article, however, there is one critical error/untrue statement in it... the brain is not done growing by age 2... recent work at the NIH shows it takes the cerebellum (most hit in autism) almost 20+ years to mature, there are white matter growth spurts between ages 3-6 and also, the hippocampus and olfactory bulb are both known to continue to develop new cells throughout most of a person's life.    This is a critical issue because everything I'm seeing indicates that immature cells are most targeted by these toxins... and as such, that could very well explain the differences we see in these disorders in terms of areas "most hit".   For more on these issues, go to Book 3 posted in full on my website.


"DID YOU KNOW..." Interesting Facts To Be Aware of...


Vaccines (i.e., DTP) and SIDS

Find out what is really causing all those SIDS deaths...


"Drugs are so expensive to produce"... looks like there is some major lying going on here...


... and the push to drug children from preschool on...

Well.. this one certainly appears to be a HUGE lie... check out the REAL cost of active ingredients found in many drugs... and note the incredible "markup" consumers are being charged - in some cases a 550,000% markup!   There is simply no justifying this!

Washington is "in the drug business"... there is no doubt about it!   When Washington wants to "screen all americans for mental illness... starting in preschool... and our politicians are padding their pockets with pharmaceutical donations... need we ask who is really running Washington?   It certainly is not "we the people"!  Looks like the pharmaceuticals are simply looking for "another market" ... this time... in our preschools!

I encouraged all parents to read: 

Bush Plans To Screen All Americans For Mental Illness, President's Commission Recommends Drugging "Disruptive" Children Starting In Preschool by Jeanne Lenzer, British Medical Journal, 6-19-04, posted at:

Given we have so many "special needs children" and our schools are so under-funded, I have no doubt that "drugging kids" will become the schools' first choice or way of dealing with "disruptive children"... and of course, giving the teacher the right to decide "what is disruptive" is a whole other issue in and of itself.  The role of the teacher is not one of "diagnosis"... teachers need to stay out of that realm... it is NOT their area of expertise!

Perhaps we need "re-allocate" some of those mega-billions being spent in Washington!

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."         John F. Kennedy

There will be no security in America unless we have healthy children and a healthy population in general.    With 1 in 150 having autism, 1 in 100 having schizophrenia, 50% over 85 having Alzheimer's, 20% between 75-84 having Alzheimer's, 10% between 65-74 having Alzheimer's and more and more getting this disease in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and millions suffering from diabetes (absolutely a disorder that plays into all this... note that diabetics are also much more likely to have Alzheimer's), perhaps it is time those in Washington opened their eyes to the true "homeland security" issues!


Why so much "Good Press" for the pharmaceuticals when millions of parents say vaccines cause autism?  Perhaps it is because  the pharmaceutical industry has a major player in controlling another  industry and its giant - Reuters News!

Note that Mr. Christopher Hogg recently became acting Chairman of GlaxoSmithKline upon the retirement announcement of Richard Sykes.   Given Reuters provides one of the largest news information "feed services" worldwide to other news sources/agencies, is it any wonder the "press" for the pharmaceuticals is heavily weighted in favor of the pharmaceuticals when it comes to issues of autism!   Note that the thimerosal study done in 2000 was done by a man who now works for GlaxoSmithKline... and that this study has been "revised"/"manipulated" several times now in a bogus attempt to manipulate the initial results/outcomes that showed a link between autism and thimerosal!   For more on that issue, go to Reports link.

Let us also not forget that Senator Bill Frist, who now heads the Senate, also has extremely strong ties to the healthcare industry given his family founded perhaps the largest "for profit" hospital chain in the world.   Note that this same corporation was also found to have defrauded the government in filing healthcare claims.  For more on that, go to my link on "Frist First Aid".   Truly, this man, also plays a critical role in all this as he determines the Senate's agenda and needless to say, I am not surprised to see prescription bills that are strongly in favor of the pharmaceutical industry.   Likewise, I expect to see the same type of "medicaid" reform - reform in the form of more "Frist First Aid" and more pHARMaceutical industry aid! 

Now, put that together with the fact that Bush, Sr. sat on the Board of Directors at Eli Lilly, see,  that Bush, Jr. has surrounded himself with Eli Lilly executives, see  and others, such as Rumsfeld who served from 1977 to 1985 as CEO, President, and then Chairman of G.D. Searle & Co., another pharmaceutical , see , and, clearly, it becomes quite obvious that both the media and politics appear to be anything but "objective" when it comes to matters of vaccine injury.    For more on this, go to "conflicts of interest" link.

In my opinion, there can be no denying that media and politics are both controlled by the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to "what the public and indeed - our military families -  are told" about the safety of vaccines.

If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it.  Adolf Hitler

These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him:  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.   A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.      Proverbs 6:16-19

You should know that you yourselves are God's temple.  God's Spirit lives in you.  If any person destroys God's temple, then God will destroy that person.                   1 Corinthians 3:16-17

And behold, I come quickly... to give every man according as his work shall be.  Revelation 22:12


Heart Problems/Stroke And The Vaccine Link!


Diabetes-Vaccine Link!

Read my Insulin Paper for a whole lot more on this issue...

Diabetes absolutely plays into all this... and in my opinion, is a sign of metal toxicity!  We currently have 194 millions diabetics worldwide... expected to balloon to 330 million within 20 years...  There is no such thing as a "genetic epidemic"!


Influenza/Flu Vaccine - Things To Know! (flu myths/facts)

The Flu Shot... Know The Truth... Know The Risks...


AIDS... Is this just another case of "renaming" an old disease/disorder but one where the underlying issues appear to be "old issues" that may tie back to vaccines, too?

What experts have to say on this issue!!!  In his book, Inventing the AIDS Virus, Professor Peter Duesberg  states:

"This war has been fought in the name of the virus-AIDS
hypothesis, which holds that HIV, the AIDS virus, is a new cause of thirty old diseases, including Kaposi's sarcoma, tuberculosis, dementia, pneumonia, weight loss, diarrhea, leukemia, and twenty-three others (see chapter 6). If any of these previously known diseases now occurs in a patient who has antibodies against HIV (but rarely ever any HIV), then his or her disease is diagnosed as AIDS and blamed on HIV. If the same disease occurs in a patient without HIV-antibodies, his or her diseases is diagnosed by its old name and blamed on conventional chemical or microbial causes."



Anthrax  (find out what soldiers are saying, myths, truths, etc.!)

Polio (quote on polio)  (vaccine induced polio - a bigger problem than natural forms of polio, article from website of Dr. Boyd Haley - metals expert who testifies in vaccine hearings) (polio vaccine tainted with anti-fertility agent in Africa) (cancer connection to polio vaccine)


MMR (measles vaccine and multiple sclerosis)


Vaccine Issues - general

        (problems with vaccine procedures  - a MUST read article!) (mercury - know the facts)  (good article on the dangers of vaccines - even after the supposed removal of thimerosal... I provided 2 links for the same article because things tend to disappear from the internet... and this, in my opinion, is a MUST READ) (excellent article again showing the link between neurodegeneration and mercury). (Why the MMR needs to be suspended) (a comprehensive look at the MMR and autism)



Books By Bill Sardi The Collapse Of Conventional Medicine and The Iron Time Bomb at
Medicine Redefining Itself... When What We Once Thought To Be True Is Now Falling To The Wayside... (mast cells and the immune system - cells once thought to be part of the problem now appear to be part of the solution!  Article from Duke University Medical Center, Nov 21, 2003, entitled
Understanding How Lymph Nodes Respond To Infection May Redefine How Immune
System Functions by James B. McLachlan; Justin P. Hart, Ph.D.; Christopher P. Shelburne, Ph.D.; Herman F. Staats, Ph.D.; and Michael D. Gunn, M.D.).

Note:  the same was true of "bilirubin" and countless other things in medicine... what was once seen as "the problem" is now seen as "beneficial"... so... the lesson... always continue to question and don't accept everything "the experts" would attempt to have you believe... because "what we know to be true" is CONSTANTLY changing... often to the very opposite view!

Is Your Water Safe To Drink?

For those of you who have concerns over drinking water/toothpaste, etc... start looking into the toxicity of fluoride... what is added to our water and may be seriously damaging our brains/bodies...  way too much to go into here... but something I wanted to mention...


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