More Telling Pictures of An Autistic Child

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Note:  Right mouse click on the image below and select "View Image" to enlarge these pictures and see the "very real story they are telling"...make sure you read notes below pictures, too!                                   

Picture 1:    Picture of Zachary (on the right) and a child (left) born just 2 days after him.   Zachary weighed exactly 9 pounds when he was born.   The other child weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces at birth.   Note how much bigger Zachary is by the age of 3 months.   Zachary ate constantly.   He could never "get enough" milk... he was addicted to the "high" from the casein (dairy protein).  His pediatrician, on several occasions, discussed "slowing down" feedings...but he never discussed the "cause" of Zachary's overeating!  Newborns eat until full, then sleep...that was not the case with Zachary.   He was always waking up - and as he got older, he woke nearly every hour during the night - wanting more milk! 

Picture 2:    Picture of Zachary taken November 12, 1997 (he is exactly 3 months old).   Note the very red cheeks.   On November 30th, 1997 Zachary's cheeks became so bad, that he literally developed a staph infection.  His cheeks were "oozing" a yellowish liquid.   Upon being seen by 2 physicians in an immediate care facility, they agreed he was a "direct admin to emergency".   I was devastated!    He was immediately placed on antibiotics.   This could have killed him or caused severe brain injury had I not taken him in...When I called, I had to insist he be seen.   In total, five doctors (2 in immediate care, the admitting emergency room physician, the physician who released him the next day, and his own pediatrician two days later) examined his cheeks...not one of them ever suggested it could be a food intolerance.   I was told it was eczema, or "just the way he is" and that he would "grow out of it", and I was given prescription medication to mask the problem...enough ointment to last him a full year...all in one prescription!  Looking back, wasn't that in itself rather "odd"?

Picture 3:    Zachary at 7 months.  Note that the "red cheeks" are still very much there.   I didn't like to always put the cortisone ointment on Zachary.  I'd only put it on if his cheeks were "really bad".   This picture was "normal" for him...he always had red cheeks.   I had never known him not to have red cheeks, unless ointment had been applied.  Note also that Zachary looks as though he is "drugged"...again, a sign of a food intolerance!

Picture 4:    Zachary at 15 months- happy as a lark - getting his "gluten high" from wheat based noodles!

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