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This Is An Update To Redefining The Role Of Insulin Paper  

(You must read this paper first... or else this section won't make sense to you)

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To understand this information, you will first need to read the paper I wrote and entitled, Medical Hypothesis:  Redefining The Role Of Insulin In The Human Body.  INSULIN:  Could It Play A Critical Role In Metal Detoxification [And Possibly Act As A Critical Rejuvenation Organ For the Body?]  Implications For Diabetes, Iron Deficiency, Anemia, Iron Overload, Autism, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome and Cancer.  If you don't read the main paper first, this won't make nearly as much sense to you!

The following are more pieces to the puzzle that I wanted to share... just more info I've come across as my research continues...  

Date Posted


June 2005 "Aura Continua" or "Ongoing Epilepsy" (Huge issue!)
July 2005  Neuromelanin and possible implication for Beta Cells
May 2005 Insulin producing cells in unexpected places...  (Baylor College of Medicine in Houston shows insulin producing cells found in the spleen, thymus, bone, liver, fat, research team: Hideto Kojima, PhD, Lawrence Chan, MD found this to be true in both types of diabetes! )
May 2005 Insulin shown to induce renewed expression of some inactive genes / thoughts on Hypogammaglobulinanemia, etc.
May 2005

July 2005

June 2005

Insulin Resistance Comes First... THEN Obesity!

Obesity... Let's Dissect A News Article A Little More Closely!!!

Stem Cells Found To Grow... in FAT!!!... and the Role Of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells... How They Actually Changed A Person's Blood Type Completely!!!

May 2005 Obesity deaths seriously overestimated by CDC... extra weight shown as "protective", more on nutrition issues, demographics
Jan 2006 Blind For 25 years, woman regains sight after heart attack! (how amazing the human body is indeed... story of Joyce Urch, Walgrave Hospital in Coventry, UK)
May 2005 Autism and Lyme Disease (also Louis Pasteur and The Theory That "The Condition of The Host" Is More Important Than "The Bug"!)
June 2005 Cadmium and Autism...
June 2005 Helpful Viruses... That Can Even Kill Cancer?
May 2005 Water - Our Most Important Nutrient and -  Perhaps - Our Most Overlooked Yet  Important Chelator As Well!
May 2005 Interesting non-diabetic uses for insulin...
May 2005  

Our Sick Children... A Look At Very Troubling Things We Now See In Children...

Things I very much believe fit into the metal toxicity puzzle...

The Child Who Is Aging... But Not Growing (12 years old... 13 pounds, 27 inches)

Birthmarks... A Sign Of A Deeper - Potentially Life-Threatening - Issue...


The autistic child - once the forgotten child - now the key to so much!

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