Is The Flu Shot Safe?  Fish Vs. Flu Shots... Incredible Facts!

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World Leading Immunogeneticist, Fudenberg (look under "Avoid Flu Shots"),  states that if you have 5 consecutive flu shots, you are 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's than if you have 1, 2 or no shots... note this man's impeccable credentials ( !

An article entitled Flu Secrets You Should Know, by Kelly Patricia O Meara, published Jan 19, 2004 provided valuble insights regarding the "flu issue" in general and the many, many problems with the formulation of the vaccine and the recommendation by the CDC for pregnant women to get this shot... a shot containing much more mercury than allowed by the FDA!   According to the FDA, a pregnant woman should not ingest more than .4 mg of mercury per day (via tuna, etc.), yet the flu shot contained 25 mg of mercury!    Did anyone else see a very blatant "contradiction" here in terms of what was allowable for pregnant women when it came to mercury!  I quote from this insight article: 

"It turns out that, at the very time government health officials were warning of the influenza epidemic, they also were putting out unrelated warnings about the quantities of tuna and other fish that could be ingested safely in view of the high levels of mercury in their flesh. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends ingesting no more than 0.1 micrograms of mercury, while the FDA recommends no more than 0.4 micrograms per kilogram per day. What this amounts to is a recommendation by the EPA and the FDA that women and small children eat no more than 12 ounces of tuna or other fish or shellfish per week. This is because, according to the EPA, "mercury consumed by a pregnant or nursing woman or by a young child can harm the developing brain and nervous system."

Yet the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices has issued a warning, passed along by the CDC, that "all children aged 6 [months] to 23 months and pregnant women in their second and third trimester" receive the inactive influenza vaccine - which contains a full 25 micrograms of mercury - 250 times the limit the EPA recommends for tuna-lovers." [end of quote, emphasis added,  O Meara, K.P.,
Flu Secrets You Should Know, Insight, Jan 19, 2004].

A flu shot can contain up to 25 micrograms of mercury.  So, let's calculate how much you would need to weigh for that to be a "safe exposure level" based on EPA guidelines of .1 microgram per kilogram per day.

.1 microgram = 1/10th of a microgram

1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

So, that means that for 1 microgram of mercury exposure, you would have to weigh 2.2 x 10 or 22 pounds.

For 25 micrograms of mercury, you would have to weigh 22 pounds x 25 micrograms or a whopping 550 pounds!  

So, is the flu shot safe?   Maybe... If you weigh 550 pounds... and if you believe the CDC knows what it is doing when it sets "minimal risk levels" for exposure to toxins such as mercury and/or aluminum.   For a very revealing look at that issue, go to a discussion provided in a transcript on aluminum in vaccines that discusses exactly how these "minimal risk levels" are set: Incompetence At Its Best:  How Minimal Risk Levels Are Set At The CDC! 

... The CDC certainly has no problem telling pregnant women and mothers of small children that "the flu shot is safe"... funny, that would be in direct contradiction with the warnings from the EPA as they relate to mercury and pregnancy, etc.   YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!

Note:   Most other adult shots also contain mercury... pneumonia, tetanus, Hep B, etc.   Do your homework... EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE!

See what mercury does to neurons...

Also read the information on "Flumist"...  the new "nasal spray" vaccine... there are certainly many concerns with that one too!  To read the complete article entitled Flu Secrets You Should Know, by Kelly Patricia O Meara, go to: Insight article,

In my opinion, there could simply be no denying that there was a great deal of incompetence and/or lack of knowledge in very critical areas relating to vaccines at the CDC - as also clearly evident from the transcripts provided on this website for the Simpsonwood mercury meeting and the Puerto Rico aluminum meeting [see Reports link below]...

For example... take this rather revealing quote:

"Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and toxicological research."  [Dr. Martin Myers, Director of the National Vaccine Program Office, Department of Health and Human Services, National Vaccine Program Office Workshop on Aluminum In Vaccines, Caribe Hilton International Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 11th - 12th, 2000, p. 1, transcripts provided by Eberlin Reporting Service, 14208 Piccadilly Road, Silver Spring, MD,  20906, (301) 460-8369), full transcript is posted under my Reports link].

And hence, my quote:  "Blind trust is mistake number 1... and a costly one at that!" [Jeanne A. Brohart]

For more on the issue of the CDC, I encouraged everyone to read my sections on Reports Attorneys For Vaccine Injured Will Surely Want To See,  The Aluminum Connection,  Another Piece To The Puzzle and The Incredible White Washing Of The CDC Thimerosal Study (the last 3 are part of Book 3).

And hence, my new definition for the CDC... or Center For Disease Control...

"A government agency or organization where Common Disorders Confused, that Customarily Disregarded Critics as it chose to Conceal Data Controversies and Casually Discard the Critical!"

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