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In mid-October 2002, the FDA "raided" Kirkman Labs - one of the only makers of supplements for the autistic - because Kirkman Labs had used the word "treat" on the label for the product known as taurine, a naturally occurring, non-prescription amino acid found naturally in the body.

In my opinion, this was a rather shameful act on the part of the government and nothing more than an attempt to make parents think  the government was on top of issues as they related to autism.  That same week, California announced a 3-fold increase in autism rates.  The link below provides the story on Kirkman Labs.

The bigger story in terms of "false advertising" as alluded to in this article surely has to do with the FDA itself.   For decades the FDA has allowed the public to think that dental fillings were made with "silver".   The fact is, however, that these are MERCURY fillings and that to allow the dental industry to refer to them as "silver", in my opinion, much more deceptive than the word "treat" on Kirkman's taurine labels.   A mercury filling is 50% mercury and perhaps 25% silver... so, if going by "content" alone... the dental industry should have been forbidden to use the term "silver" fillings.   This is a totally deceptive practice!

Also deceptive is the fact that the FDA - for decades, again - has allowed the word "mercury" to be hidden from the public.   Instead, "mercury" in vaccinations is known under many names...instead of just the name "mercury".... yet, where is the warning label advising doctors that thimerosal  is mercury.   Who's really being deceptive here?  Who should really be the one the public goes after in this area of "deceptive advertising"?  Who has really allowed for the "greater harm"... a company providing non-prescription naturally occurring supplements for the autistic... or a government allowing the word "MERCURY" in the medical, dental and pharmaceutical industry to be hidden... MERCURY IS THE SECOND MOST TOXIC SUBSTANCE KNOWN TO MAN... There is enough mercury in a thermometer or in a dental filling to pollute a 20 ACRE lake for 10 years!!!

In 80 years, the government never did a study on the safety of mercury in vaccinations... as was clearly revealed in Congressional Hearings on vaccinations in June of 2002 (see video-clip on main page under section entitled The Government Asleep At The Switch - For Decades).   When it comes to practices of deception, in my opinion, the FDA certainly engages in its share of them!  The government keeps saying there is no long term study showing a link between autism and mercury... I guess that is "true" given there appear to be NO STUDIES!!!  "Truth"... or deception?   You decide!

Docket On Mercury In Dental Amalgams And Public's "Need To Know"

More on the apparent DECEPTION OF THE FDA when it comes to CONSUMER HEALTH!!!


As shown on this link, mercury has many names... especially when it comes to your child's vaccinations!!!

Thimerosal Synonyms (1,2)

(1,2) - (O-Carboxyphenyl)thio)ethyl mercury sodium salt; Elcide 75; Elicide;
Ethyl(2-mercaptobenzoato-S)mercury sodium salt; O-(Ethylmercurithio)benzoic acid sodium salt;
Ethylmercurithiosalicylic acid sodium salt; Ethylmerkurithiosalicilan Sodny (Czech); Ethyl (sodium O-
ercaptobenzoato) mercury; Mercurothiolate; Mercury, Ethyl(2-Mercaptobenzoate-S)-, sodium salt; Merfamin; Merthiolate; Merthiolate salt; Merthiolate sodium; Mertorgan; Merzonin; Merzonin sodium; Merzonin, sodium salt; SET; Sodium Ethylmercuric Thiosalicylate; Sodium O-(ethylmercurithio)benzoate; Sodium Ethylmercurithiosalicylate; Sodium Merthiolate; Thimerosalate; Thimerosol; Thimersalate; Thiomerosal; Thiomersal; Thiomersalate

This information as it relates specifically to the many names of thimerosal/mercury

was collated and provided by: 

J. Curt Pendergrass, Ph.D.;


Affinity Labeling Technologies, Inc.

If you see "mer" in anything, in my opinion, "be suspicious"!

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