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*G* Grin
*L* Laugh
*POOF* I Have Left Chat
*S* Smile
2L8 Too Late
2U To You
4U For You
A/S/L Age, Sex, Location
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFK Away From Keyboard
AKA Also Known As
AN About Nothin'
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ATTY A Thousand Thank Yous
B4 Before
B4N Before Now
BAC By Any Chance
BAK Back At Keyboard
BAS Big A** Smile
BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF Be Back In A Few
BBL or BBL8R Be Back Later
BBN Bye Bye Now
BBS Be Back Soon
BEG Big Evil Grin
BF Boyfriend
BF Basic Fact
BFN Bye For Now
BOF Birds Of A Feather (informal group with similar narrow interest/focus)
BRB Be Right Back
BSU Be Seein' You
BTSOOM Beats The Stuffing Out Of Me
BTW By The Way 
BWL Bursting With Laughter
C&G Chuckle and Grin
CICO Coffee In, Coffee Out
CID Crying In Disgrace
CID Consider It Done
CIO Check It Out
CMIIW Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CNP Continued (in my) Next Post
CP Chat Post
CRBT Crying Real Big Tears
CSG Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
CUA Commonly Used Acronym (Common User Access)
CUL See You Later
CUS See You Soon
CYA See Ya
CYAL8R See You All Later
DD Dear Daughter
DD Dear Daughter                  
DH Darling Husband, Dear Hubby, Darn Husband (depending on context)
DLTBBB Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DS Dear Son
DW Darling Wife (see DH)
DYS Describe Your Self
EME Email Me
EMSG Email Message
EMU Email You
EOF End Of File
EOM End of Messsage
F2F Face To Face
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FC Fingers Crossed
FITB Fill In The Blank
FTBOMH From The Bottom Of My Heart
FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (or Disinformation)
FWIW For What It's Worth       
FYA For Your Amusement
FYI For Your Information
GA Go Ahead
GAL Get A Life
GD&R Grinning, Ducking & Running
GF Girlfriend
GFN Gone For Now
GMBO Giggling My Butt Off
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
GN Good Night
GTG Got To Go
GTSY or G2CU Glad To See You
H&K Hugs and Kisses
HAG1 Have A Good One
HAGN Have A Good Night
HAHA Having A Heart Attack
HHIS Hanging Head In Shame
HTH Hope That Helps
HUB Head Up Butt
IAC In Any Case
IAE In Any Event
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (but…)
IC I See
IDK I Don't Know
IJWTS I Just Want To Say
IJWTK I Just Want To Know
IKWUM I Know What You Mean
IMCO In My Considered Opinion
IMHO In My Humble/Honest Opinion
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IMOH I'm Outta Here
IOW In Other Words
IRL In Real Life
ITA I Totally Agree
IWALU I Will Always Love You
IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
IYKWIMAITYD If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
J/K Just Kidding
JJ Just Joking
JM2C or .02 Just My Two Cents
JMO Just My Opinion
JTLYK Just To Let You Know
KIT Keep In Touch
KOC Kiss On Cheek
KOL Kiss On Lips
KWIM Know What I Mean
KYPO Keep Your Pants On
L8R Later
L8RG8R Later Gator
LHM Lord Help Me
LHU Lord Help Us
LMAO Laughing My A** Off
LMBO Laughing My Butt Off
LMHO Laughing My Head Off
LMSO Laughing My Socks Off
LOL Laughing Out Loud 
LOTI Laughing On The Inside
LSHIPIMP Laughing So Hard I Peed In My Pants
LSHMBB Laughing So Hard My Belly Is Bouncing
LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LTMS Laughing To My Self
LTNS Long Time No See
LTS Laughing To Self
LUWAMH Love You With All My Heart
LY Love Ya
MHOTY My Hat's Off To You
MorF Male Or Female
MOTD Message Of The Day
MTF More To Follow
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
NADT Not A Darn Thing
NETUA Nobody Ever Tells Us Anything
NN2R No Need To Reply
NP No Problem
NRN No Reply Necessary
OBTW Oh, By The Way
OIC Oh, I See
OIS Oh, I See
OL Old Lady (my significant other)
OM Old Man (my significant other)
OOTB Out Of The Box (brand new, new way of looking at it)
OOTB Out Of The Blue
OT Off Topic             
OTOH On The Other Hand 
OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head
PDS Please Don's Shoot
PEKUSH Press Every Key Until Something Happens
PIMP Peeing In My Pants
PITA Pain In The A**
PM Private Message
PMJI or PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMP Peed My Pants
POAHF Put On A Happy Face
POV Point of View
PPL People
QSL Reply
QSO Conversation
QT Cutie
ROFLAPMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Peeing My Pants
ROFLAU Rolling On The Floor Laughing At You
ROFLMAOAY Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off At You
ROFLMAOWTIME Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off With Tears In My Eyes
ROFLUTS Rolling On The Floor Laughing Unable To Speak
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROTFLWTIME Rolling On The Floor Laughing With Tears In My Eyes
ROTFSWL Rolling On The Floor Screaming With Laughter
RSN Real Soon Now
RTF Read The Facts
RTM Read The Manual
RUM Are You Married?
RUS Are You Single?
SETE Smiling Ear To Ear
SHID Slaps Head In Disgust
SICS Sitting In The Chair Snickering
SITD Still In The Dark
SNAFU Situation Normal, All [Fouled] Up
Snail Mail US Post Office
SNERT Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager
SO Significant Other
SOH Sense of Humor   
SOHF Sense Of Humor Failure
SOT Short On Time
SOTMG Short On Time Must Go
SPAM Stupid Person's AdvertiseMent (email junk mail known as "spam mail")
SWAG Scientific Wild A** Guess
SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
SWL Screaming With Laughter
SYS See You Soon
TA Thanks Again
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
TEOFWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
TGIF Thank God It's Friday
TIA Thanks In Advance
TIC Tongue In Cheek
TILII Tell It Like It Is
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TMI Too Much Information
TNT Till Next Time
TNX or TXS Thanks
TOY Thinking Of You
TPTB The Powers That Be
TTC Trying To Conceive
TTFN Ta Ta For Now
TTYL Talk To You Later
TX Thanks
TY Thank You
TYVM Thank You Very Much
unPC unPolitically Correct
WAG Wild A** Guess
WB Welcome Back
WRT With Respect To
WTG Way To Go
WTH What/Who The Heck
WTII What Time Is It
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
YBS You'll Be Sorry
YG Young Gentleman
YL Young Lady
YM Young Man
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (may not turn out the same for you as it did for me)
YSR Yeah, Sure, Right
YW You're Welcome
YWIA You're Welcome In Advance

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