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Dr. Fudenberg is undoubtedly a man to be very respected... he has contributed a great deal to science... and clearly, that has not been without cost... because when you take on the pharmaceutical industry and or dental industry and inform the public of the dangers of vaccines and/or dental amalgam... the pHARMaceuticals and those in the "dental industry" will come after you along with their "unaccomplished" accomplices in our government bodies who would try to make us believe they have a better understanding of the issues...

Before we begin... please take a look at what this man has achieved in the world of science... and specifically, immunology: His credentials/career highlights at are truly impressive!  This is a man whose work in the field of immunology must be taken seriously... and he is the same man who stated that 5 consecutive flu shots make you 10 times more likely to get Alzheimer's - something he very much attributes to toxins found in almost all adult vaccines!   He also very much believes that Gulf War Syndrome is for the most part - vaccine induced.  

Well...  taking a stand for the truth, again, has not been without personal cost...  for many a scientist... including Dr. Fudenberg - the 13th most quoted immunologist in the world!  

For those of you who want to see what is happening to our world leading immunologists and others who speak out against the dangers of vaccines, mercury and/or aluminum...take note... we'll try to say you are "crazy" and in need of a "neuropsychiatric examination" to get your license back... after all... don't you know that "there is no issue here... so, you must be crazy if you don't see that"...

Let us take a look at what was posted on this website a little more closely...

Note:   This "disciplinary order" stated Dr. Fudenberg violated the code of ethics...'s the issue... if the "code of ethics" were to make it a "violation" to speak against vaccines, or the dangers of mercury and/or aluminum... then, I could be in violation of the "code of ethics" [and I use that term lightly] and yet still be 100% correct when it comes to the dangers of these substances! 

So... according to this "order"... Dr. Fudenberg... a doctor... "self-medicated"...  I'm sure he's not the only one to do that!

He also prescribed something to someone who wasn't technically "a patient"... well... my dad is a doctor... now in his 70s... but, when younger, I used to get prescriptions from him too... even though I wasn't technically "his patient all the time"... When I needed medical attention... I went to my dad... as I'm sure do many children of doctors... (and yes, for the record... he did have a file on me)... I was in no "doctor-patient" relationship because even as a newlywed, I did not have health insurance... I couldn't afford it... and didn't give it that much thought given I was pretty healthy overall...    There are tons of people who do not have a "regular doctor" and only go to a doctor once in a while... does that mean that there is technically a "doctor-patient relationship" there... does one visit to a doctor constitute a "doctor-patient" relationship?   If not... then... I guess a lot of doctors are potentially prescribing drugs to people who are technically not in a "doctor-patient" relationship (if that is the only time someone sees a particular doctor)... So... are all these doctors in "violation of the code of ethics too"... I highly doubt it...   My father certainly knew my medical history... better than any other doctor out there who may just see me for a short "doctor-patient" visit.   So... am I not technically in a "doctor-patient" relationship with even just one visit?   If if that is indeed the case... would not someone who went to Dr. Fudenberg also be in that "doctor-patient" relationship also?   Does not the very fact that one goes to consult a doctor in effect constitute a "doctor-patient" relationship... be it written down in a file or not?    We are not told who these persons were in relation to Dr. Fudenberg... were these persons he too knew for a long time?   Family members?   We are told nothing as to the specifics of this situation.

He also is said to have admitted to taking "controlled substances" and used them for his own use... well... given he is a scientist... what exactly does that mean... did he ingest them because as a doctor he felt he needed these... and as a scientist and immunologist he knew they would be helpful... or did he "use these" in his experiments/studies... again... I don't think we are given enough facts in "the wording" here to truly judge what is going on here.   Of course, again, we are not given enough information as to whether or not there is anything having to do with addiction or maybe the taking of drugs during the 60s era, etc. - not that he would be the first to do that - and I'M NOT SAYING THAT IS EVEN THE ISSUE HERE... we have absolutely no indication that it is...

Again... in my opinion, too many facts are missing from this "action" in terms of "what is really going on".   But, let's take a look at the "controlled substances" that are mentioned in this "order".

Drugs he took: 

1. Prosom ( a sleeping pill - )

2. ambien (another... sleeping pill  - )

3.  lasix (this one is for treating high blood pressure - )

4.  potassium (well... this one is available over-the-counter at any health food store... ... what am I missing here... maybe he should have just eaten a banana every day!)

So, he "obtained" these from a member of his staff... unlawfully... and for his own use... gee... I wonder if he had a nurse go into the "free pharmaceutical samples closet" that all doctors seem to have and took some of this stuff without first writing himself a prescription (just my guess of course)!   Looks like what we have here is a case of a very tired man who knows the public is being lied to and who can't sleep...

He also admitted allowing a nurse to sign his name to a prescription...  bad, yes... but again... I bet there are others who are doing that too  or provide nurses with "signature stamps" and who are not being "raked over the coals"... or having their licenses suspended... I can understand that he is a very busy man... and yes, I would see this as an error in judgment... but I suspect his greatest error in judgment was in "trusting the system".  

Blind trust is mistake number one... and a costly one indeed.  Jeanne A. Brohart

And yes... in spite of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome... like so many others... he dragged himself to work anyway... note, however, being physically unfit to perform medicine does not make one necessarily mentally unfit... note that Fudenberg is an immunologist... not a surgeon!   I think his nurses could provide a great deal in terms of "physical assistance" in helping treat patients...

Let us just look at something else relating to "fatigue"... doctors in today's emergency rooms... my dad used to have to work 24-48-72 hour shifts in emergency... think he may not have been tired at times too?  And then, on his "days off"... my father was off to work in other states or other locations that were "short of doctors" in rural areas.   For my father to work/travel close to 100 hours a week... for years at a time... was not unusual... but, like so many others... he loved medicine and thrived on it.    Note:   His schedule was one made by those in the hospital "administration"... my father was not in charge of scheduling his hours at these facilities...   And, I certainly knew of interns who were forced to do the same... or work even longer hours than that... now why would that not be considered "unethical" or a "violation of the code of ethics"... answer... cheap labor for the hospitals... just my humble opinion of course! 

This "Casewatch" article also states that Dr. Fudenberg is still providing medical services in spite of this order or "lack of a license"... well... personally, I would trust Dr. Fudenberg over most others out there given he is so highly regarded in matters of immunology and disorders such as autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's, diabetes, etc. absolutely involve matters of the immune system... but also because, quite frankly, not only is he an expert in immunology... but the fact remains that what many parents are finding helps their children with autism are things FOR WHICH YOU DON'T NEED A PRESCRIPTION ANYWAY... things like vitamin B6, zinc, calcium, magnesium, glyconutrients, and on and on and on... and, let us not forget, chiropractors are doctors too... they just can't prescribe "prescription meds" and they tend to treat patients the natural way... using these same things... vitamins, minerals, etc.... and personally, I think because of their training, chiropractors are "more aware" of these issues anyway!  Let us not forget that Rimland (who is so well known for his "autism DAN! doctors protocol) is a psychologist... so... who do I prefer... personally...  an immunologist!

Note that it is only very recently that states started to allow psychologists to write prescriptions.  For example, in Louisiana, that law only took effect in February of 2005 ( law was passed April 2004, Dr. Bolter, CSPP-trained psychologist writes first prescription in Louisiana, Alumni of Pioneering Postdoctoral Program Are Driving Force In National Movement to Gain Prescription Authority for Psychologists, SAN FRANCISCO - FEB. 23, 2005, ].   So... how many are going to psychologists for autism, etc.?   Clearly many... although it looks like you still need some kind of special training for this... but, point made... you don't have to have the ability to write a prescription to help persons suffering from these disorders... and many, many things found to be among the most helpful to persons suffering from these disorders... you don't need a prescription for anyway!  :o)

So... do I care if a doctor can't write a prescription... absolutely not... because there is a reason for which you NEED a prescription in the first place...  many consider things for which you "need a prescription" toxins to start with... personally, I now see these as nothing more than "chemical equations for which the body was never intended anyway"... not natural products... perhaps explaining the long list of "side effects" you usually see with "prescription drugs". 

Maybe Dr. Fudenberg  made mistakes or errors in judgment (one of which was certainly putting his trust in a system that has now so betrayed him and so many others just like him)... we are all human... we have all done things we regret... however, let us also always remember to "look beyond the obvious" at what is really going on here...

Let's take a look at others who have faced  "reprimand"... or "discipline" or have been accused of "unethical behavior" or "unprofessional behavior"...

You see folks.. part of the issue when it comes to persecuting doctors for  "violations of the code of ethics"  has to do with the "code of ethics" and what is included in it ...

Here is the issue... in spite of knowing that amalgam is dangerous, the ADA's "code of ethics"... and I use that term lightly...  plays a lot into all of this...

I quote:   "The ADA is adamant that mercury in a patient’s mouth is safe. So adamant that in 1986 it changed its code of ethics. It became a violation of that code for any dentist to recommend the removal of amalgam because of mercury. Almost immediately Dr. Joel Berger, a visible and vocal anti-amalgam dentist, was charged with fraud by the New York State dental authorities. The ADA provided an expert witness to testify against him. His license was revoked."  [end of quote, ]

So, you see, it doesn't matter if dental amalgam and mercury are really dangerous... you can still be charged with a "violation of the code of ethics" [and again, I use that term lightly] because "it is part of the code of ethics at the ADA" that you can't recommend the removal of dental amalgam because of mercury!   So, "ethics" in dentistry allow us to turn the true heroes into villains and make the truly unethical "appear" ethical!  We certainly do live in a warped society when things like this are allowed to happen to those who truly care about the health of their fellow man...  

You know... anyone can file "paperwork" such as "a lawsuit" , an "action" or "disciplinary order"... it doesn't make it right... or in any way justified... it does keep them "distracted" and "away from their true work"... no doubt about that... and, in my opinion, I suspect that is the true motive behind this "action"...

... and suspending a license is nothing new when it comes to these issues... dentists have also faced such "reprimand" for trying to inform the public of the danger of "silver" amalgams ("silver fillings" that so many of us have in our teeth... that are actually 50% mercury)... again... take note... especially if you are a dentist or patient of a dentist who has "silver fillings"... (Revocation Ordered for "Biological Dentist", Douglas J. Phillips, DDS, Florida), (Administrative Law Judge's Conclusions about Hal A. Huggins, D.D.S., Colorado )

... I wonder if "Quackwatch" will end up removing these links from their site... that is why I provide "the states" for anyone who would want to confirm this information... (Dr. Joel Berger' case - license removed,  New York)

...and there are of course... many, many more... we could go a very long time of the issue of careers being destroyed when one is "politically incorrect but morally right"...  but, point made... if you "make wave" for "the administration"... we'll find a way to remove your license!

Now... let us take a much closer, most revealing look at the area of "competence"... and who is or is not truly "competent" and "credible" when it comes to discussing these issues,  informing the public and ensuring the safety of adults and children worldwide.   Medical boards and Dental boards may be charging our best in medicine and dentistry with "unethical behavior" for breaking an "unethical code of ethics"... but in my opinion, when you read the secret FDA/CDC/pHARMaceutical transcripts... it very much appears to me that those in these organizations are guilty not only of the TRULY unethical... but, many would argue that CRIMINAL charges should be laid!

Not once in 80 years did the pharmaceuticals test the safety of mercury in vaccines!   I quote Dan Burton during the June 2002 Government Reform Hearings on this issue, as reported by WFAA-TV’s Valerie Williams:


“You mean to tell me that since 1929, we’ve been using Thimerosal,” Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) said to the officials, “and the only test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had meningitis, and they all died?”   For nearly an hour, Burton repeatedly asked FDA and CDC officials what they knew and when they knew it. And when memories seemed to be a bit fuzzy, the congressman produced old memos as a refresher.   One memo, from 1999, states that the FDA had an “interim plan ... already in place for many years” to get rid of Thimerosal.   The same e-mail also addresses the FDA’s fear that it will be accused by the public of being “asleep at the switch for decades, by allowing a dangerous compound to remain in childhood vaccines” [end of quote, Williams, V., Congressman questions officials at Thimerosal hearings, June 20, 2002, WFAA Dallas/Fort Worth News Report, ]

So... the "administration" and the "pHARMaceuticals" continue to tell us there is "nothing to worry about"... but they have never tested the safety of mercury in vaccines... hum!

The FDA also considers aluminum - a known neurotoxicant and gene mutant" to be GRAS - Generally Regarded As Safe... but how can that be given the following:

I quote:  “Aluminum has been exempted from testing for safety by the FDA under a convoluted logic wherein it is classified as GRAS. (Generally Regarded As Safe.) It has never been tested by the FDA on its safety and there are NO restrictions whatever on the amount or use of aluminum[Hartman, F., Aluminum Toxicity, ]

So, if we have never tested mercury and we have never tested aluminum as to their safety in vaccines, it would stand to reason that we also have never tested the "synergistic toxicities" of both metals added together... something known to increase exponentially when the two are mixed together!  I quote:

"Another important factor with regard to mercury on the mind, which officials at the CDC, FDA and the professors in the IOM do not consider, is synergistic toxicity (see: – mercury’s enhanced effect when other poisons are present. A small dose of mercury that kills 1 in 100 rats and a dose of aluminum that will kill 1 in 100 rats, when combined have a striking effect: all the rats die. Doses of mercury that have a 1 percent mortality will have a 100 percent mortality rate if some aluminum is there. Vaccines contain aluminum. " [Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr., Mercury on the Mind, ].

So... "the administration" or "establishment" has never tested these toxins... but we are told "go back to sleep... there is no issue here"... we are really all just imagining these explosions in mental illness, diabetes, cancer and so many other things that all very much appear to play into this!

Well... on the issue of "competence",  or lack thereof,  I STRONGLY [I can't emphasize this enough] encourage you to also read what secret CDC/FDA/pHARMaceutical industry documents themselves reveal as to the competence and integrity of those who say they are "there to protect the public"... in other words, the FDA/CDC/pHARMaceutical industry... you will never, in my opinion, look at "healthcare" the same way again!

The Aluminum Connection (make sure you read "How Minimal Risk Levels Are Set" by those at the FDA/CDC and pHARMaceutical industry...)

What the Simpsonwood meeting on mercury in vaccines transcripts revealed and the CDC tried to hide... asking attendees to consider this "embargoed" information...  

Let us just take ONE revealing quote from just one of these transcripts - there are many others - just like it - provided for your "reading enjoyment" in the above links as you try to decipher the truth for yourself:

"Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and with toxicological research". [end of quote, emphasis added, Dr. Martin Myers - National Vaccine Program Office, Department of Health And Human Services, National Vaccine Program Office, Workshop on Aluminum in Vaccines, Caribe Hilton International Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 11, 2000, p. 1 of transcript provided by Eberlin Reporting Service, 14208 Piccadilly Road, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20906, (301-460-8369)]. "

Note this quote was from P.1 - thus "the setting of the stage for the meeting"... p. 1 of a 400+ page transcript that was indeed "most revealing"... for example, stating that aluminum is useless in boosters... a known neurotoxicant and gene mutant... known to be useless in boosters is left in them because to remove it would prove "too inconvenient"...

Or maybe you will find "expertise" in the CDC/FDA/pHARMaceutical industry in this other little piece I wrote: Another Piece To The Puzzle!

Or you can read this link:   Common Ground (a piece I wrote for my 4th book)... if you are still searching for "expertise" at the CDC/FDA/pHARMaceutical industry... or maybe you can look here:  Redefining The Role Of Insulin:  Could It Play A Major Role In Metal Detoxification?

Sorry folks... but, in my opinion, finding "expertise", "integrity" and/or "ethics"  at the FDA/CDC/pHARMaceutical industry is a rather difficult task...  

And yet, those at "Casewatch"  would have us believe people like Fudenberg are the "idiots" or "incompetents" and that those at the CDC and FDA are the geniuses... can you see me totally LOL... just how stupid do they think we are!!!

Let's see... "Casewatch"...  and "Quackwatch"... in my opinion, they should be "watching the quacks" in their own organization if they think those at the FDA and CDC know more than persons trained in immunology and metal toxicity such as Dr. Fudenberg, Dr. Boyd Haley and the many others who are now exposing the dangers of metals like mercury and aluminum in vaccines!

I  "encourage" those at "Casewatch" to read those transcripts... actually, I encourage all persons to read those very revealing transcripts and decide for themselves who the "idiots" and/or "incompetents" ... and yes, I would even go as far as saying... who the  "liars"...  truly are...

Personally, I see attacks such as these by "the administration" and its "supporters" (i.e., "Casewatch", "Quackwatch") as nothing more than attempts to silence honest scientists... and society had better decry such actions by those who pretend they are there to protect us... give me a freaken break! 

Actually, now, personally, whenever I see anything by "Quackwatch"... I tend to laugh... and consider it "junk"... just my personal opinion of course... and... last time I looked... we were still entitled to "an opinion" in the free world... I just love the fact that I don't have a "professional license" or "career" to protect... I'd love nothing more than for their organization to refer people to my site... and those very revealing transcripts, videos, comparisons, etc.... so very totally LOL!

Well... folks... who's right when it comes to the safety of "dental amalgams" or "silver fillings" which are actually 50% mercury... Is that "code of ethics" really right...

Perhaps this docket filed with the FDA will shed a little light on that... note the FDA's position in this docket... that the consumer need not be informed of the dangers of dental amalgams that contain mercury... that only the "dentist" need be informed... in other words... the FDA is doing OSHA's job not its own job... which is "informing the consumer of these dangers"... you'll find that comment in the last paragraph of page 3 of this docket, no. 01N-0067, filed with the FDA on April 22, 2002!  Here are a couple of links to it: (from FDA website) (provided in case first link "disappears")

Note that this docket was filed by a watchgroup for issues of safety  in dental health... The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)... funny... they think dental amalgam is very toxic and that the consumer should be informed of these dangers... What I would love to see is what the writers of that ADA "code of ethics" had as proof that mercury was not toxic... and I mean "independent studies" here folks !!!  You can't have it both ways... that mercury is the second most toxic substance known to man... but that it is "safe" in teeth, vaccines, nasal sprays, etc....

Note also that the United States Army Dental Investigation Service (DIS) has declared amalgam to be Toxic Waste and all US Army Dentists must dispose of it as such.  The following printscreen is taken from: .


This was from the US Army Center For Health Promotion And Preventive Medicine... also known as the US Army CHPPM, as indicated below.

The above screenprint is taken from:

To read a whole lot more about the issue of the danger of dental amalgam and lies in dentistry, an online book by Ernie Mezei, entitled "Tooth Traitors", posted at  explains many of the issues when it comes to the dangers of this dental material and mercury overall. 

The following screenprint is taken from the website of the IAOMT and provides a picture (left) of a tooth that was extracted over 25 years ago... note the mercury fumes still coming out of it after 25 years (mercury can potentially leak like this for up to 40-50 years according to some).  The picture on the right is for a study showing neurons shrink to about 1/2 their original size within about 40 minutes after exposure to mercury.   You can view/order these videos/presentations/pictures by going to the site of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) at: (guess this is just another one of those things those at "Quackwatch", the FDA, CDC, and pHARMaceutical industry "missed" in their "expert study" and/or disclosure of these issues... I strongly recommend everyone take the time to go to this website and view these short presentations... they speak volumes!  This site also provides information on safe removal of dental amalgams and a list of mercury free dentists!

It is also interesting to read some of the "other headings" on this screenprint... those speak volumes too (note bottom right in the colored area...)!  It states:  " Consumers For Dental Choice Sues ADA.  Dental safety group files an antitrust petition against the ADA for its threat to withdraw dental services from Maine if that state bans mercury fillings"... How very interesting indeed! 

Society had better start standing behind its doctors and dentists and start taking a stand against those who would propagate the lie that "mercury is safe"... clearly the FDA and government agencies such as the military knows it isn't per that docket and "hazardous materials info" referenced above!

Who will Quackwatch and "the administration" go after next?  IAOMT?  The US Army?  Dr. Boyd Haley, metals expert who testifies in vaccine hearings that no amount of mercury is safe in the human body?  Note that Boyd Haley has spent his life studying metals... I think he too knows a little something when he says mercury and aluminum are not safe substances to have in vaccines... just as I very much believe Dr. Andrew Wakefield - another person who has exposed the truth at great personal cost - knows what he is talking about when he raises his concerns about the MMR (read more on the MMR in the paper on Redefining The Role Of Insulin, and Book 3 , both posted in full on this website... this vaccine has no mercury in it... but it does have 3 live viruses.. viruses that grow, thrive and multiply... on iron... and both viruses and iron - which impacts insulin levels - are also very much being linked to mental illness... note that prenatal vitamins are LOADED with iron)!

So... let's see... who to believe... those at the Failing In Duties Administration [who see no need to inform consumers of the dangers of dental amalgam in spite of admitting to the toxicity of mercury] or those at the CDC, an organization that appeared to find even Common Disorders Confusing, and Customarily Disregarded Critics as it chose to Conceal Data Controversies and Casually Discard the Critical [you just have to take the time to read those transcripts folks... they are just simply too revealing when it comes to matters of "expertise" at the FDA/CDC/pHARMaceutical industry!]...

... I guess those at "Casewatch" and "Quackwatch" didn't read those transcripts either... in my opinion, it looks like they are "a little behind the times" in their research as to what really constitutes "quackery" and or "substandard practices" in health issues...


If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it.     

 Adolf Hitler

at least to a point... and there is a whole lot of lying going on folks... luckily... many of us are now seeing that!

So... to scientists who have the courage to stand for the truth... keep doing what you are doing... your efforts are not in vain... you are helping to save lives... and parents are listening and respect what you have to say... and they will vote out politicians who continue to lie about these issues... doing what is morally correct is more important than doing what is politically correct or "easiest for me"... justice is coming.

"FIRST DO NO HARM"... doctors and/or scientists raising these concerns are truly to be admired for their courage!

How "interesting" that this "order" on Dr. Fudenberg, dating back to 1995 was only posted on this website 10 YEARS LATER...  Do I see "an agenda" at play here as the battle over mercury heats up all over the world?   You bet I do! ... of course, maybe those who posted this are just "kinda slow" in "cluing in"... that would mean the folks who post this may have indeed taken 10 years to "find this"... I wonder how long it will then take them to "get a clue" as to all these issues... if this is indeed "indicative of their expertise" and "timeliness in informing the public".  Guess I'll have to check back with them in another 10 years or so...    So very totally LOL!  :o) 

Oh... there is definitely "quackery in medicine" alright... and in my opinion, it resides in the halls of those who would try to portray themselves as "the experts"... as they knowingly hide the truth... those at the FDA/CDC/pHARMaceutical industry, and their "affiliates", etc.

Personally... I have lost all respect and trust when it comes to the FDA, CDC, ADA,  pHARMaceutical industry and "its affiliates" and politicians who would defend "their views" as to "the safety" of mercury, aluminum... and yes... even iron (another metal that is very toxic and that also very much plays into all this) and quite frankly, when it comes to these groups, I now EXPECT lies!

When it comes to organizations such as "Quackwatch", "Casewatch", or whatever they may be... well... it looks like I'm not the only one questioning "their expertise" and "who funds them"... (for more on that, go to: )... and by the way... the person who operates/runs "Quackwatch" is a retired psychiatrist... not an immunologist!   So... how is it that a psychiatrist thinks he knows more about immunology than someone like Dr. Fudenberg... or more about what constitutes safe dentistry than dentists or the IAOMT? 

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly...   Psalm 1:1

Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  Galatians 6:7 

You should know that you yourselves are God's temple.  God's Spirit lives in you.  If any person destroys God's temple, then God will destroy that person.  1 Corinthians 3:16-17

And behold, I come quickly... to give every man according as his work shall be.    Revelation 22:12

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