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In 80 years (since 1929), the government has not conducted a single study on the effects of thimerosal in childhood vaccinations!     Now we are being told that rates of autism may be much higher than first thought.  For more on this issue of missing studies, go to website co-founded by Dr. Boyd Haley who testifies in these issues: or to:  You can also go to and do a search on "1929" to go to the statement by Dan Burton on the fact that there have been no studies done to evaluate the safety of mercury in vaccines in over 80 years!

Note:   The above site, "Test Foundation" was one of the most informative out there when it came to matters relating to thimerosal.  I encouraged all parents to spend some time there... truly a wealth of information!  This site was under revision the last time I checked it.

What are safe levels of mercury as set by the FDA?   Well, as this link shows, they are much, much lower than the amount of mercury we inject into our children via vaccinations... one shot alone can be over 50 times the safe level!!!  By age 2 many children have received well over 100 times safe levels of mercury as set by the government.

Per the link below:

Long term studies on vaccination safety are virtually non existent.   Vaccination studies last from a few days to a few weeks only - at best!

More on mercury issues -


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