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Undoubtedly, those visiting my site looking for Alzheimer's information were surely shocked to see my information as it related to the possible Alzheimer's-Autism link.  

For too long, family members of those with Alzheimer's have been told... "we don't know what causes it... we don't know how to cure it".   These were the same, in my opinion, "bogus answers" parents of the autistic had been given also.  

A person needed to first determine whether or not THEY believe autism and Alzheimer's were indeed "related" or one and the same (i.e., cases of heavy metal poisoning).    IN MY OPINION,  they were... you may not agree... nor may the scientific community... although, clearly, many were saying that this was indeed the case also.   To admit this link had a great deal of implications indeed - especially since we have government officials trying to absolve the pharmaceuticals of all vaccine injury liability!   

Getting informed and discussing your specific issues with your doctor was obviously the best place to start.   

Obviously, many doctors would be taken by surprise by this comparison between Alzheimer's and autism that I had provided on this website.  Unfortunately, for too many - doctors included - autism and Alzheimer's are huge "unknowns"... with no known "cause".

There were certainly some major issues that needed to be taken into consideration when the person afflicted was elderly.   It was a well-known fact that thousands of persons died from the flu each year.   The question that the elderly now needed to ask themselves was whether or not the flu vaccine was detrimental or helpful.   Were people dying from the flu or from complications resulting from vaccine injury?  

There was no denying that the elderly are much more impacted by the flu.   Their bodies were usually not as strong as those of younger generations.   Thus, the difficult question for the elderly was whether or not to take your chances with the flu... or with the vaccine.  

Obviously, in my opinion, a key step for the elderly population was to demand flu shots that were free of mercury and/or aluminum and/or formaldehyde (both aluminum and formaldehyde were known gene mutants).

Once you were informed about the issues, there were tests you could ask your doctor about...  these can include testing for heavy metals, etc.   Many of these tests, could be requested without a doctor, but obviously, whether or not your insurance would cover them was another issue.   Many insurance providers would not cover these tests unless they were requested by a doctor... and even then, they may refuse to cover them.   So, you truly needed to understand where you stood as far as what your insurance provider will or will not cover.  

For those interested in blood tests,  hair analysis, stool or urine tests, etc. done to evaluate heavy metal toxicity, Great Plains Lab was one of the most popular labs for this - at least in the autism community... although there were many others.  These include:

Great Plains Laboratory: 913-341-8949, Immunosciences Lab: 800-950-4686, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory: 800-522-4762, Meta Metrix Clinical Laboratory: 800-221-4640, US BioTek Laboratories: 877-318-8728, AAL Reference Laboratories: 800-522-2611, Immuno Laboratories: 800-231-9197.

Testing could become overwhelming and expensive very fast.   My best suggestion was to get informed first by reading what was available and what tests were the most valuable.   Ask others who had tests done what the best ones tests and costs before selecting a specific lab... tests can vary widely in terms of what they include and how much they cost.     More information on tests can also be obtained from parents of the autistic who were going through heavy metal detoxification with their children/doctors ... the mercury parent discussion group listed below was perhaps one of the best places to get help in understanding many issues relating to metal toxicity, tests, etc.

Kirkman Labs' Guide To Intestinal Health In Autism Spectrum Disorder was a good reference to start with.   It helped to understand many of the issues faced by children with autism and many of the tests available.  This guide could be obtained by calling Kirkman Labs at 800-245-8282.   For a long time, this was a free publication... also available online for downloading.   This company's site had changed a great deal and as such, you may want to phone and ask if the publication was still available free of charge.   I also encouraged you to request their product catalog because it was also loaded with valuable information... and that, was free of charge!  Having a basic understanding of some of these issues would help you address them with your doctor.

There were indeed many things to look into.  Many families of the autistic were having good results with casein free and gluten free diets, enzymes, and chelation.   Chelation was a process whereby heavy metals were extracted from the body.   I would caution everyone, however, that chelation was NOT without risk.   It MUST be done under the supervision of a doctor with not only "book" knowledgeable but one truly experienced in this procedure because chelation can result in liver and/or kidney damage if not done properly.  

Also, PRIOR TO ANY CHELATION, ALL SILVER (mercury) FILLINGS HAD TO BE REPLACED by non-mercury fillings or the CHELATION AGENTS COULD PULL THE MERCURY FROM THE DENTAL FILLINGS AND MOVE IT TO OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY  - INCLUDING THE BRAIN OR OTHER KEY ORGANS.   "Silver" fillings were actually 50% mercury.   It was absolutely CRITICAL that ALL "silver" or "mercury" fillings be removed PRIOR TO  CHELATION

There was no denying, however, that many, many families were experiencing great results via chelation.   For more on heavy metals and detoxification (i.e., chelation), I encouraged all persons interested in this option read the book written by Dr. Andrew Cutler, Ph.D.,  on mercury poisoning and what it does to the body ... and how to go about chelation.  Dr. Cutler's book was called Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment (ISBN:  0-9676168-0-8).  This book could be purchased via Andrew Cutlerís website:

I personally have NOT done chelation yet with my autistic son.  That was due in part to the fact that he already takes so many supplements that to add more was becoming almost impossible.   I knew it was something I would probably eventually do... perhaps closer to puberty.   I was still seeing changes and progress in Zachary right now and hoping that with no further contamination his body may rid itself of these contaminants... that may be wishful thinking... I don't know.   There were many who swore by chelation... others who had bad experiences with it.   I knew chelation was certainly an option on my radar and something I was likely to look into in the next year or so or if I considered Zachary's progress at a standstill.   Certainly, there were risks with chelation, but, there were also risks associated with leaving the mercury and other heavy metals there too!   Again, these were all issues each person had to carefully weigh for himself/herself and with their doctor. 

In addition, I encouraged all family members of those with Alzheimer's to consider joining a couple of parent discussion boards on autism.   Both the enzyme and the mercury boards were excellent places to learn a great deal in terms of what parents of children poisoned by heavy metals were doing.   I will warn you that all this gets to be very overwhelming.   But, there were a lot of files posted on these discussion boards as well as parents who were more than willing to help you understand the issues.   Just ask... others going through the trials of heavy metal poisoning will gladly share their insights and experiences... on many, many subjects.

These links will get you to the mercury and enzyme message boards should you wish to join in those discussions with others going through this.   Remember, parents include doctors, lawyers, teachers, chemists, biologists, and mothers that have a lot of "observations" to their credit.    As such, the autism family was a wealth of information... and a very much untapped wealth of information.

There were times that, as in everything, things get rather "political and/or heated" on message boards.   There were always heated debates when you put people together who have a lot of emotional, physical, financial and psychological issues to overcome.    I encourage all of you to stay away from discussions that were not productive and to stick to those that were more informative.  In my opinion, there were too many issues to address to be focusing on anything that was counter-productive.   I personally limit my participation on message boards.   They can be a great place to get info - there was no denying that -  but they can also become counter-productive, too.    As with everything, it was a matter of balancing the good and the bad.

There were many great places to get information on just about any vaccine/shot - one of the best was   If there were petitions to be acted on, you would surely find them there!   

We need to send Washington a very strong message that we wanted answers, change and help! 

Finally, I encouraged all of you to read a section I had written entitled:  Letting Go Of The Anger!!! 

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