Alzheimer's... Is It Autism... In The Elderly?


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  AUTISM - ALZHEIMER'S - SCHIZOPHRENIA - A Compelling Comparison!!!

NOTE:  World Leading Immunogeneticist, Fudenberg,  states that if you have 5 consecutive flu shots, you are 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's... note this man's impeccable credentials!

Another Critical Piece:   Synergies of Metals... I quote:

"Another important factor with regard to mercury on the mind, which officials at the CDC, FDA and the professors in the IOM do not consider, is synergistic toxicity (refer to: – mercury’s enhanced effect when other poisons are present. A small dose of mercury that kills 1 in 100 rats and a dose of aluminum that will kill 1 in 100 rats, when combined have a striking effect: all the rats die. Doses of mercury that have a 1 percent mortality will have a 100 percent mortality rate if some aluminum is there. Vaccines contain aluminum. " [Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr., Mercury on the Mind,, note picture of mercury vapor released from a 50 year old filling in this article, refer also to: J. Shubert, E. Riley & S. Tyler. Combined Effects in Toxicology--A Rapid Systemic Testing Procedure: Cadmium, Mercury and Lead. J.Toxicology and Environmental Health v4, p763, 1978

Note:  I think the original article stated the tooth had been extracted 25 years ago... 50 may be a typo... although mercury such as this is believed to release vapors 40-50 years - for more on that issue, read the online book "Tooth Traitors" by Ernie Mezei,  posted at or

Comparison made between mercury poisoning and autism

The Smoking Gun... And The "Who Done It?" Mystery...


Mercury, Aluminum & Iron...

Devastating All Generations...

From Autism... To Alzheimer's?©

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The answer to that question, in my opinion, seems rather obvious!!!

There is no one denying the need to control deadly diseases.   However, I fear we have taken a potentially good idea  - taking a virus and providing a small exposure to that virus to initiate an immune system response to prevent a reaction to a much more significant exposure/reaction in the future - and, in my opinion, turned a good idea into a social catastrophe by introducing toxic substances and known gene mutants into the process.

In my opinion, there can be no denying that Alzheimer's appears to be autism in the elderly.   What we see here are not "similarities" but EXACT mirror images in terms of behaviors, symptoms, pathologies, etc.   I, personally, am well beyond my "coincidence comfort level".  :o)  Of course, that is only my opinion, and each person is free to decide for himself/herself whether or not this indeed appears to be the case.

In the above comparison, I wanted to draw attention to the "iron overload" issue.   Excess iron is known to accumulate in the brain, liver, pancreas, etc.   As such, would a blood test indicate an "excess iron" problem or would much of that be missed if the iron had moved to organs?    Would that not impact lactoferrin levels in various parts of the body also?     If indeed iron is a problem, then, would that problem not be magnified by foods fortified with iron, prenatal vitamins and formula fortified with iron too?  I don't know.   I am not a doctor, nor a scientist... these are just questions I have in this particular area.

I encourage all visitors to also read the books I have written and posted in full on this website and the updates  I have written since those book.   In my opinion, these are a "must read" for all.   For parents of the autistic, especially, the second book will help you understand so much in autism that for so long has been considered "a mystery".     Indeed, if you assume almost no communication among the various parts of the brain, you can almost completely explain what you see in the autistic child.   Amazing indeed.   When you consider that in view of the University of Calgary's mercury experiment showing neural degeneration as a result of mercury exposure, provided in this online video, all of a sudden, a great deal in autism actually makes a great deal of sense.

Unfortunately, I think with the above comparison between autism and Alzheimer's, I may be saying what perhaps many in science have been trying to say for a long time, that Alzheimer's is nothing more than autism in the elderly. 

The parallels between autism and Alzheimer's are striking indeed!!!  Have we created mental illness in all generations and simply chosen to call it "mental retardation" or "senility" or a "complex" disorder?   These disorders devastate families to such great extent that had they really existed in the past, we would have known... this is simply not an issue of "better reporting".   Language and memory are two of the most impacted areas in the autistic... they are also the most impacted in Alzheimer's - as clearly indicated in this representation of the Alzheimer's brain (refer to: )  :o(

Both autism and Alzheimer's are at epidemic levels.   Epidemics are defined as diseases or disorders affecting many persons at one time... such as during an "outbreak".   It stands to reason, that, by definition,  epidemics do not appear to be tied to genetics because "genetics" would result in GRADUAL impacts to society... not overnight explosions!!!     What epidemics have we ever had in the past that were "genetic"???   I can think of none and as such, in my opinion, Alzheimer's, in general, can not be caused - primarily -  by "genetic factors".    If a "gene mutation" caused this type of devastating damage, call me crazy, but I think we would have found that "genetic link or mutation" by now!  All we are finding are "bits and pieces"... a mutation here... a mutation there... and that, in my opinion, is a lot more indicative of ALUMINUM POISONING than anything because aluminum is a KNOWN GENE MUTANT and a substance found in vaccines/shots!   Autism and Alzheimer's impact ALL systems.   Indeed, if it truly were a "gene mutation" one would not expect to see so much variability among those impacted either.   Yet, mercury exposure resulting in neural degeneration does seem a much more likely explanation... mercury travels within the body... and impacts those tissues it comes in contact with.   It is a known fact that both mercury and aluminum accumulate in the brain!

If indeed you can not have a "genetic epidemic", what has caused the autism and Alzheimer's epidemics?   We know that these epidemics are not geographically confined... as such, geography or one's environment does not appear to be at issue either!   If not genetic, and not "environmental", what could it be?  

In my opinion, the culprit for these epidemics can only be something that has come in contact with afflicted persons... it's not a virus, not a bacteria... you can't, after all, "catch" autism or Alzheimer's... so, what does that leave?  Food?   Well, many people eat the same foods... only some come down with autism or Alzheimer's... so, food does not appear to be the culprit either.  People around the world have various diets... but, that does not make them immune to autism or Alzheimer's... two epidemics that have been unleashed everywhere!   So, what does that leave as a common denominator... vaccinations or "shots"?   That certainly is a common denominator in all persons - isn't it?   Note that many adult "shots" contain mercury and aluminum (pneumonia, tetanus, flu etc.).

Note in the online video provided by the University of Calgary a comment is made about brain lesions found resembling those found in 80% of human Alzheimer's patients.   Coincidence - again?   Call me crazy... but, this just all seems like a few too many "coincidences" for my comfort!  The statistics for Alzheimer's are grim indeed.   Of those over 85 years of age, 50% have Alzheimer's -  between 75-85, 20% have Alzheimer's - between 65-75, 10% have Alzheimer's.   The numbers impacted are expected to double every 5 years.   We currently have 4M in the US alone with Alzheimer's.   Given 50% of us can look forward to Alzheimer's (and that is provided the statistics don't get any worse), there is no denying that the possible Alzheimer's-Autism-Vaccination link is one that needs to be investigated quickly and honestly!

We have long been told that Alzheimer's is "dementia" or may be tied to factors of the "aging brain process".  But, there are indeed studies indicating that cell loss (i.e., neural degeneration/brain cell loss) does not seem to be related to age alone:

Of course, there are differences between autism and Alzheimer's.   Young children are active... the elderly, in large part, are confined to wheelchairs, have weaker bones, less energy, etc.   In the young, the brain is still very much growing.   In the elderly, the brain reached adulthood and as such, yes, you would expect to find some differences in the impact of mercury and/or aluminum on the brain and other body tissues based on developmental stage.    In one case, the neurons were allowed to form and as such, normal functioning was allowed for most of the person's life... yet in the very young, that formation of neurons was interfered with as a result of mercury exposure.    So, yes, there are certainly differences, and in my opinion, surely, timing of mercury exposure must be a factor taken into consideration.

The undeniable fact, however, remains that there are very striking parallels between Alzheimer's and autism!

The unfortunate thing in all this, in my opinion, is that as more Alzheimer's patients are placed in nursing care facilities, they will undoubtedly be exposed to more flu shots in order to "prevent" the spread of influenza (flu) in nursing care facilities... and with that, will come more exposure to mercury!!!  :o(

The link below is an excellent summary on flu shots... note point 5 dealing specifically with increased risk of Alzheimer's for those taking flu shots!... 5 flu shots make you 10 times more likely to get Alzheimer's!!!

Unfortunately, again, the facts speak for themselves in that area also as many are now discovering that in 80 years, not once did the government study the safety of mercury in vaccinations/flu shots, etc.

Those interested in reading more on this subject could do so by going to:  or to

Finally, I can not but ask -  Is it simply just another "coincidence" that a leading, world renowned immunologist has the following two areas of expertise:  Autism... and Alzheimer's? 

Either one of these disorders is a life-long project in and of itself in terms of addressing immune system issues... how is it that this man is an expert in both?  Is it because he really isn't studying 2 disorders... but, really, only 1?

I suspect no scientist has come forward to state what appears to be "the obvious"  because they would take too much of a beating as  scientists if they were to "come out" and "just say it" - that Alzheimer's is nothing more than autism in the elderly?  Would all funding for their research be cut if scientists came out and just stated this?   I certainly hope society would stand behind our scientists and their research!  INDEPENDENT RESEARCH will be the only way to get to the bottom of this.

Quite obviously, scientists like Dr. Singh and Dr. Wakefield, the man who "started" the MMR controversy in England, have led a difficult battle.    Scientists, worldwide, who have taken great steps forward in understanding this disorder of autism (and Alzheimer's) have been forced to become "politically correct businessmen" who need to watch their every word because almost all research funds come from agencies somehow affiliated with either the pharmaceuticals or government agencies affiliated with vaccination programs.   Our scientists have been have been forced to wage not only a battle against the disorders they are investigating but to also walk through political mine fields that can, in my opinion, cut them off at the knees in an instant, thereby preventing them from continuing in their work and quest into understanding autism and/or Alzheimer's..  

Before you judge any scientist who may have suspected this (and in my opinion, I believe there are many who do) and did not come out and specifically state this "theory", as I have,  that in my opinion, Alzheimer's is nothing more than autism in the elderly, I urge you to consider the very difficult position scientists have been placed in.    In my opinion, they must be aching to make this statement... yet, if they are "cut off at the knees" for making such a statement... then significant funds for their work may be "removed" and society would lose the best minds we have for taking more steps forward.   As a scientist,  do you keep working, and hoping that "someone will figure this out" and make the statement for you or do you make the statement and possibly take a devastating, potentially "fatal" blow  in terms of how much you are given in research funds/grants to do your research?   I do not believe any of us can imagine the feeling of utter "helplessness" and the total "heart wrenching" that must be occurring in so many of our scientists dedicated to solving the mysteries of Alzheimer's and autism... in their quest to make us see the truth! 

Unfortunately, politics in science are all too real... and that, in my humble opinion, is to the great detriment of mankind!

In my opinion, there needs to be a GREAT outcry around the world for independent research into autism so that our scientists can finally be just that... scientists!   They certainly do not need the added headaches that come with having to deal with the politics of the situation!  

The costs of Alzheimer's are clearly, already, at unsustainable levels.

The above, of course, do not include the costs of autism - together, they become absolutely overwhelming.  It is estimated that to "educate" an autistic student costs anywhere from $20,000 - $25,000 per student (and I suspect that is very conservative... just the very basics), and that does not even begin to touch on the costs in lost labor as parents deal with autism issues, costs of private behavior therapy (that can run anywhere from 35,000-50,000+ a year, costs of supplements (can be hundreds per child per month), the costs of research and so on.   Clearly the costs of autism are also in the billions!   Of course, none of this even begins to address the emotional costs on families!!!  It is estimated that there are approximately 2 million autistic children in the US with another 2 million or so with autism spectrum disorders (PDD, ADHD, etc.)

Suffice it to say, no society will be able to manage these costs on an ongoing basis as afflicted populations continue to swell out of control!

In my opinion, INDEPENDENT research is the FIRST step that needs to be taken... and in my opinion, that needs to be in all research related in any way to public health!    If we can re-organize the government for matters of national security as they relate to terrorism, surely we can do the same in matters of public health.   Public funds, currently provided in the form of grants or any other tax dollars, in my opinion, need to be re-routed to INDEPENDENT research.   We've had too many "special interest" (government or pharmaceutical) backed studies... studies put forth by agencies that have a great deal at stake in what I now consider to be perhaps the greatest scandal ever when it comes to public health!   Drastic times call for drastic measures... and in my opinion, the reallocation of all public funds to INDEPENDENT research is long overdue!

In my opinion, given that we now see all these parallels in BOTH the elderly AND the young autistic child...

I think there is a strong case for putting the  "aging brain theory" for Alzheimer's to rest once and for all!   

Get involved in this issue by signing online petitions to stop legislation that shields the pharmaceutical industry from any liability relating to vaccine injury!!!

"Sign On The Line... Walk The Line©"  

Is this how we expect to run our healthcare and military?   How long can we afford to ignore vaccine-safety concerns and truly investigate the autism-vaccine link - via independent research, subpoenas and audits?    How long will we allow the pharmaceuticals and government to hide the facts?   What will it take for the autism-vaccination link to finally be properly addressed via subpoenas and independent audits of the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry?

The government wanted to SEAL RECORDS of those involved in vaccine injury/autism lawsuits.   Although this motion was withdrawn, I can not help but ask... WHY was it proposed in the first place?

I encourage all persons impacted by mental illness  to get involved in this issue and demand answers... and change!

Are parents and scientists finally putting too many pieces of this puzzle together?  I encourage all visitors to read my link entitled:  Shades Of The Same Thing for more on this issue!!!   How long will we remain in denial?

We cannot order men to see the truth or prohibit them from indulging in error. 

Max Planck, Philosophy of Physics, 1936

Click here for more references used to provide the above analysis

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