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The following is a medical hypothesis paper written by Kathy Blanco, the mother of 2 children with autism... another mother who has done a great deal of research in the field of autism.   I present this here as "another piece to consider".   Do I personally think it is the Lyme disease itself that is "causing autism"... no.   Do I think it is part of the problem... yes.   The reason I say that is because iron feeds bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancers and Lyme is certainly known to be caused by ticks (and they could certainly be considered "parasites" of sorts).   This issue of a possible link between autism and Lyme, in my opinion, may be one where the "condition of the host" is what determines what presents itself as an issue.      For example, if a child has measles viruses injected into him (i.e., from the MMR), those viruses appear to be e the ones to grow, thrive and multiply on things like iron and be found in the gut of children with autism (as Andrew Wakefield has found)... and personally, I suspect the same may be true in the case of Lyme.  There are many viruses, parasites, etc. now being linked to mental illness... and thus, I don't think, personally, that Lyme is "the cause" of autism... I think that with so many other issues, it is "an effect" that may present itself as a result of the deeper underlying issues - metal toxicity - which provides a favorable environment.

Lyme may have many parallels to autism and some appear to believe that children who have Lyme disease, once treated for Lyme, appear to have "recovered" from their autism.   As such, yes, this is "an issue" - especially if there can be a misdiagnosis of "autism" when "Lyme" may be the true culprit... and for those for whom this may be the issue, I wanted to present this argument for an "autism-Lyme connection".   Many of the issues discussed in Kathy's paper are also things we find in those who have metal toxicity and as such, I think the jury is still out on this one... an issue - yes... a "cause" of autism - personally, I don't think that is the case.

Of course, that is just "my opinion" on this issue.   Kathy is the person who has really been studying this one and so, I present her paper here for those who are interested in this issue of a possible autism-Lyme connection!

Note that it very much appears Louis Pasteur - the father of germ theory - reversed himself on his death bed as he stated that it was not "the germ" that mattered... but the condition of the host!  Personally, I would tend to agree!

The above link has many other good links on this one for those interested in this issue of "THE HOST" is more important than "THE BUG"!  Note also that - once again - this knowledge is over 100 years old!

The following is a paper that also discusses the issue of "the condition of the host" as being the real issue... not the bacteria, viruses, parasites themselves... after all... they are all around us... so... why do they affect some of us... but not all of us?  That is certainly THE question!  In this paper... note again the very clear mention of "oxidative stress".   I think no one can deny that "oxidation" is absolutely tied to things like iron!

So, can Lyme play a role in mental illnesses such as autism... perhaps... but, like Pasteur, I too suspect that the true issue is the condition of the host - and personally, I would go a step further and state that it may have a whole lot to do with the condition of the host as it relates to metal toxicity!  Indeed, I may even go so far as to say that perhaps "the bugs" play a beneficial role in helping to rid the body of things like excess iron and that the true underlying issue in illness may be more that of "metal toxicity".  "The Condition Of The Host" theory would certainly explain why some of us die during plagues and others are unaffected!  Of course, that is "just my theory" at this point based on things that just appear a little "suspicious to me" now when it comes to "the bugs".  We have some doctors that think parasites are to blame for everything... some that think about the same thing is true for viruses... but, these are everywhere... and so... I kind of tend to think that maybe... just maybe... God created them for a reason and perhaps we've been seeing "the effect" (thriving viruses, parasites, etc.) as "the cause" when truly, they may just be the manifestation of a deeper underlying issue (i.e., iron overload, toxicity from mercury, aluminum, copper, etc.)!    Just "a hunch" at this point!  :o)

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