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In April 2005, an article in JAMA indicated death due to obesity were seriously overestimated.  Note the article stated that only about 25,000 deaths were now attributed to obesity (as opposed to the 400,000 stated earlier, then revised to 365,000 by the CDC- once again... please note the "accuracy" of the CDC in these matters).  So, is it "being fat" that is really killing people... or maybe... could it possibly have more to do with metal toxicity.   Not the article also stated that being slightly fat was actually better than being of normal weight... could it be because this allows one to store toxins in fat as opposed to the brain (a very "fatty type organ")?  All very interesting indeed!  So... being fat isn't what is killing people after all... and indeed... a little extra fat may actually help you stay alive...

Those interested in reading more about this issue can go to the following article in the Washington Times, by Joyce Howard Price, April 20, 2005, entitled:  "CDC says obesity deaths overestimated", at http://www.washtimes.com/national/20050420-124451-2201r.htm.

I quote: 

"The federal government greatly overestimated deaths from obesity in the United States, according to new CDC estimates, which now ranks it as the No. 7 most-preventable cause of death, rather than No. 2...The study, led by Katherine M. Flegal of the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the CDC, analyzed mortality according a person's to BMI, or body mass index, which measures weight and height. It determined that being modestly overweight, but not obese, "was not associated with excess mortality" or a shorter life expectancy. In fact, the research shows that being overweight is actually less of a mortality risk factor than being of normal weight..."  

Results of the study were published in JAMA: Excess Deaths Associated With Underweight, Overweight, and Obesity
Flegal et al. JAMA.2005; 293: 1861-1867.   View PDF File For This Study Here:  http://www.amptoons.com/blog/files/JAMA_flegal.pdf

Note that type II diabetes is on a sharp increase in young children and adolescents... something that was considered "rare" in this age group only 10 or 15 years ago is now at epidemic levels.  For more on this epidemic of type II diabetes in children, you can go to many sources, including this one, from the Saturday Evening Post, May 2001, by Patrick Perry called Dia-Besity Overtakes America - diabetes and obesity increase


Again, keep in mind... current school of thought is that obesity is causing diabetes...   If that were true, why are all obese people not diabetic? Personally, I think that "obesity causes diabetes" has yet to be proven... I suspect it is truly the other way around... that diabetes (most likely an indication of metal toxicity) is causing obesity as the body generates fat to store toxins!  

If indeed being overweight is what leads to diabetes, then why is it that we are seeing low birth weight being tied to an increased risk of diabetes, as shown by the Joslin Diabetes Center in a study led by Mary-Elizabeth Patti.  Note this comment by Dr. Patti - I quote:

"But cultures of the beta cells revealed the answer: the undernourished mice had an abnormal way of responding to glucose. “They were somehow ‘programmed’ to secrete a limited amount of insulin later in life, no matter what signal they got from glucose,” Dr. Patti said. “The impairment was permanent. It couldn’t be corrected even when the body caught up to normal weight.”  

http://www.joslin.org/news/prenatalrelease.shtml (Joslin Diabetes Center Press Release, February 25, 2005, Poor Prenatal Nutrition Permanently Damages Function of Insulin-Producing Cells In The Pancreas, Joslin Scientists also Discover this Impairment in Low Birth Weight Babies Sets the Stage for Type 2 Diabetes Later in Life)

Note again... the involvement of beta cells (cells that produce insulin) and remember... iron is not only preferentially passed to the unborn child via the placenta, it also preferentially lodged in beta cells as discussed in the insulin paper I wrote... and iron and insulin modulate one another... and prenatal vitamins are LOADED with iron... so, trip up those iron levels via prenatal vitamins... it would make perfect sense that you would also trip up the insulin levels (i.e., gestational diabetes)!  So, are the scientists in this study simply assuming that this is due to "poor nutrition"... I most certainly think so... I just don't think that pregnant women in the US are "undernourished"... most have access to food in the US... especially when pregnant!  If "poor nutrition" was the true factor here in causing an increase in diabetes, then we should be seeing a much higher incidence of diabetes in developing countries and their infants (of course, those "studies" would be tainted too since there are mass vaccination programs underway in developing countries as well as the giving of iron fortified foods, etc.).  To get a true view of diabetes, perhaps we need to go where countries are not participating in mass vaccination programs or iron fortified "nutrition" programs [personally, I call these iron fortified poisoning programs].

You can't have it both ways... saying that diabetes is tied to obesity... and that diabetes is tied to low birth weights...

There are plenty of non-obese people who have diabetes too... so... again... the arguments just don't hold up!

Also, note that diabetes is said to be increasing among all groups - including the affluent (those who would have those better "health plans" that provide for immunizations)... so... which is it?   Are people getting diabetes because they are rich or poor, fat or underweight (i.e., low birth weight)?   I just see too many contradictions in what we are "fed" by organizations that put out these "studies" (and yes, I use that term loosely)!  Note that risk of diabetes also increases with age... well... with age... you would have more metal toxicity... fact is... I know plenty of people with diabetes who are old and who are young... who are fat and who are thin... who are rich and who are poor... so... quite frankly... I think it goes beyond these issues... to issues of metal toxicity... that is one thing many certainly do all have in common as a result of things like vaccines and high iron diets...

For more on diabetes trends - and "diabetes double-talk" as I call it, go to:

Obesity Rates Dissected...

http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/statistics/maps/map1.htm  (US)

http://www.worlddiabetesfoundation.org/media(140,1033)/Diabetess_Developing_World1.pdf  (World)

I just don't believe diabetes a disease of weight or waist size, wealth, whereabouts, etc... there are just too many contradictions in "all those studies".  There has to be a "common denominator" that organizations such as the CDC and the World Diabetes Foundation are overlooking... and I suspect that common factor is metal toxicity!

Unfortunately, these "studies" do not take into consideration metal toxicity at all as a possible reason for the increase in diabetes... they are not looking at the potential impact of prenatal vitamins and/or vaccines in the unborn, children and adults!

Just "my opinions" of course.

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