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Insulin shown to induce renewed expression of some inactive genes...

And it is this... along with so much more that I am finding as it relates to insulin that makes me think it may not only play a role in metal detoxification but also in actually acting as a rejuvenating organ for the human body - overall!

Perhaps one of the most interesting comments I wanted to share was this comment as it related to insulin... a comment I had failed to notice earlier when I had read an article by Perrine, Greene and Faller entitled:  Delay in Fetal Globin Switch In Infants Of Diabetic Mothers, N Engl J Med., 1985, Feb 7:312(6): 334-8, , that stated:

"Since insulin has recently been shown to induce renewed expression of some inactive genes... " 

Could this help explain what we see in "chromosome 21" in Down Syndrome (DS)... that "extra chromosome"... did it have to be made new/again in the unborn child because the original one was too damaged?  Remember... chromosome 21 is also associated with beta amyloid... what is now being shown by Glenda Bishop's work to be protective against oxidative stress due to iron...  and thus, that "beta amyloid" is not the "cause" of Alzheimer's!  Perhaps that extra chromosome 21 is what allowed that child to live... whereas so many others may be dying (i.e., miscarriages due to metal toxicity).  Also keep in mind... a child with DS is also more likely to have autism, diabetes and leukemia (more on that in the insulin paper)... all things very much tied to metal toxicity!    Also remember -  amyloid plaques are found in the pancreas of persons with type II diabetes... would make sense if indeed these plaques are protective against oxidative stress due to iron given iron accumulates preferentially in the beta cells of the pancreas (again, refer to insulin paper for more on that).

Also, how interesting given my hypothesis that insulin may play some role in the healing processes of the human body!   I can not help but wonder how this plays into the diagnosis of "hypogammaglobulinanemia" that some children with autism seem to be getting... note again... anemia can be a sign of IRON OVERLOAD... and iron and insulin modulate one another as discussed in the article I wrote entitled Redefining The Role Of Insulin.   

Fetal blood should switch from 2 alpha + 2 gamma to 2 alpha + 2 beta proteins around week 28 of gestation... in children with diabetic mothers, that switch is delayed until almost just before birth... why?   I truly wonder how all this fits into these issues given I am absolutely convinced insulin plays a huge role in these disorders...

When one is "below normal" as would imply the term "hypo"... does that mean that the issue is one of things "not being produced in the first place" or perhaps an issue of things "being used up very quickly by the body" and hence giving "the appearance" of "low production".   According to the Iron Overload Diseases Association (  ), anemia should be treated with vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid ... NOT WITH IRON SUPPLEMENTATION... given B6 is so horribly low in so many suffering from autism, Alzheimer's, etc., and their appear to be issues with insulin in these disorders also, does the fact that B6 is used in blood production, excretion of iron, production of insulin, production of adrenalin, over 100 enzyme processes, etc. play into this whole issue of hypogammagloblinanemia... especially given it is known that mercury impacts both types of beta cells (those of the pancreas as well as those in the globin part of the blood).... and especially since the beta cells of the globin part of the blood is where we primarily find IgD (immunoglobulin D), which is found to be another "issue during pregnancy"... that of Rh Factor incompatibility.   If indeed IgD is found almost exclusively in these beta cells and impaired functioning of these cells has been tied to mercury toxicity... well... it just seems to me that somehow... this fits into the whole "anemia" issue (which can be iron overload with blood production issues as well) in these kids.  

An online dictionary states the following definition for IgD - I quote:

"The class of antibodies found only on the surface of B cells and possibly functioning as antigen receptors to initiate differentiation of B cells into plasma cells."  [end of quote, taken from:;jsessionid=cmk15uwrk2mt?method=4&dsid=501&dekey=immunoglobulin+D&gwp=8&curtab=501_1&sbid=lc03a ]  

Plasma cells is the liquid in which blood cells are suspended.    So, if b cells are impacted somehow... seems production of plasma would also be impacted... and that would certainly have an impact on "blood production" ... would it not?

So, again, if b cells are impacted by mercury... seems to me that a "lack of proper immune system functions" could certainly be tied to this whole issue of iron overload, B vitamin deficiency, etc... just "my opinion", of course.

In closing... would it no be amazing indeed if the human body had a dna code that knew when something was "so bad"  (i.e., original chromosome 21 in DS child) that it had to "start over"... and personally... I think that is what we are seeing in the Down Syndrome child and the whole issue of chromosome 21... (that would kind of also "kill" evolution theory given that man can produce a whole new chromosome within a few months while the child is still in the womb... so, guess we may not need all those "billions of years" as we've all been fed... (for a whole lot more on that lie... that we "evolved"... go to: and order that 17 hour series - the blue one - or to -  fascinating stuff indeed when it comes to the lie of evolution - something those of you in science truly need to understand... until you get the basics down... well... let's just say that I don't think you can come to the truth in these issues if your "scientific beliefs" are based on a lie!  :o)   ).

Perhaps things are best summed up this way...

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."
"What luck for rulers, that men do not think." 

"If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it".

"Let me control the textbook and I will control the state".

 All quotes by the same person... one of the best among liars...

... Adolf Hitler

As for the truth... remember this...

"... keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:" 

1 Timothy 6:20

"Science falsely so called"...  seems we have an awful lot of that today.  :o)


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