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Our Sick Children... Aging But Not Growing...

On May 13th, 2005, a story appeared in an online news article entitled: 12-Year-Old Maryland Girl Has Not Aged In Years, Syndrome Remains Undiagnosed, ( )  and spoke of a young girl, in the Baltimore area, Brooke Greenberg, who at age 12, weighs only 13 pounds and measures only 27 inches in length, according to Dr. Laurence Pakula, Brooke's pediatrician since birth.

My guess... insulin-like growth factors have to play into this... and, as we all know by now... metals very much appear to impact insulin and other hormones.  Note that growth factors are very much associated with "insulin" ( ).

This little one is not growing physically - or mentally... and, like so many other sick children... she has no language skills.

Note the following quote in the above referenced article:

I quote:   "Her body may not be aging, but Brooke's health is deteriorating. She is fed through a tube, and she's had strokes, seizures, ulcers, severe respiratory problems and a tumor the size of a lemon."

This child is aging... she is 12 years old... she just doesn't look or feel  like a 12 year-old...  

Note the things in Brooke's case that are now all too familiar... feeding problems (certainly common in autism), strokes (issue with flow of blood), seizures (lack of B6 known to cause/magnify seizures, metals such as mercury are known to "fry" neurons), ulcers (known to be caused by bacteria overgrowth... iron feeds bacteria), respiratory problems (insulin is known to impact lung development), tumor (iron feeds cancers).   

When I look at children today, clearly, many, many of them are very sick... cancers in children have increased tremendously... as have all these "mystery illnesses".... and not surprisingly... the article states that perhaps "genetic research" will someday help us understand children such as these... you know... the "ever-elusive missing genetic link" that is also now "all too familiar"...

Let me help some of you out...

CLUE FOR SCIENTISTS:   For those once again looking into "genetics"... the article on this precious little girl states this child is the only one like this that we know of in the world... I quote - again from the above referenced article:

 " Her syndrome remains undiagnosed and unnamed, and as far as doctors can tell, she is the only one in the world who has it." 

Given that... why would we possibly think the answer to this lies in "genetics"?  Give me a break!

Perhaps it is time we spent more time money looking at ENVIRONMENTAL factors such as metal toxicity instead of chasing the "ever-elusive missing genetic link"!    In looking at a child such as this... I suspect scientists would look at her "genetics" and find things that seem rather odd... and then try to attribute the disorder to that... but, perhaps those "odd things" would show how her "genetics" were modified to even allow this child to live in the first place!  How do we know that "changes in genetics" are not a response by the body to attempt to fix "what has gone wrong"?  We always seem to see "changes in genetics" as bad things and forget that just maybe, God knew what he was doing when He created the immune system!  

Something tells me God knew exactly what He was doing when He created the immune system... I doubt we could say the same of "science" today!

My Prediction:   Unfortunately, I think we are going to see a whole lot more of this kind of thing in the near future!


"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future".   John F. Kennedy

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