Why Autism, Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia May Be...

 EPILEPSY - At Its Worse!!!

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UPDATE Posted March 2005:

In order to understand why I say these disorders (autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer’s) may be “epilepsy” at its worse, you need to understand how I came to this conclusion. 

Note:  I am not saying that epilepsy is causing these disorders… what I am saying is that epilepsy is one of the many results or effects we see in these disorders… and that it is massive epilepsy, which, in my opinion, is due to metal toxicity from mercury, aluminum, iron and potentially, other metals as well.  

I encourage all families to read the paper I recently posted on my website:  Redefining the Role of Insulin (I'll provide the link to that article later in this section)… I think that paper will help put many, many, many loose ends together for many families!   It contains CRITICAL information that many families are simply not aware of and as such, I hope you will take the time to read this paper… very eye opening indeed!

First, you need to determine for yourself if you think autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's might be the same disorder based on the over 140 across the board parallels I provide in this unbelievable, yet, undeniable comparison of autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer's!

As you do this, keep in mind the fact that world leading immunologist Hugh Fudenberg stated that 5 consecutive flu shots make one 10 times more likely to get Alzheimer's than 1, 2 or no shots!   Here are "his credentials" for those who would ask "Who is this man to make such a statement?".   I think we can all agree that this is a man who knows a little something about immunology!  :o)

Then, you need to consider the history of these disorders… the fact that autism used to be called “childhood schizophrenia”, the fact that schizophrenia used to be called “dementia praecox” – as was Alzheimer’s… and the fact that Alois Alzheimer was the co-worker and protégé of the man who discovered and devoted his entire life to schizophrenia (Emil Kraepelin)… so, Kraepelin (who worked on schizophrenia) and Alzheimer’s were working together!

Note that Kraepelin is considered "co-discoverer" of Alzheimer's disease as clearly indicated on the website of the International Kraepelin Society ( http://www.kraepelin.org )!

Kraepelin named this disorder after his young co-worker/protege - Alois Alzheimer - who had noticed "plaques" on the brain of this individual they were studying!  Note:  Beta amyloid plaques are also found in "normal brains" per the Merck Manual and they are also found in the pancreas of persons with type II diabetes (diabetes absolutely fits into this puzzle too... ).   So, if indeed we find plaques in "normal brains" too (although to a lesser degree), did we really need to separate the two disorders (schizophrenia and Alzheimer's to start with)?  Note that both were previously called "dementia praecox" meaning dementia in the young... given they were now seeing this dementia "in the elderly", obviously, the name had to be changed... but, a name change based on "age of onset" hardly makes these "separate and distinct disorders".  Note that autism and childhood schizophrenia are also very much "set apart" based on "age of onset" criteria!

You then need to realize or take into consideration a few key comments such as that from NARSAD, The National Alliance For The Research Of Schizophrenia And Depression… This is the largest not-for-profit organization in the world into the research of schizophrenia and depression…  here are few key comments from their newsletters:

As the autistic child gets older, a small percentage improve and function well. The majority, however, take on the characteristics of adult schizophrenia with an emphasis on "negative" symptoms (i.e. withdrawal, flattened emotions, poverty of thoughts), rather than "Positive" symptoms (i.e. delusions, hallucinations).” [end of quote, emphasis added, NARSAD Publications: Research Newsletter Archive: Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia, How Related are Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia? By Anne Brown and Rebecca Weaver, NARSAD Staff Writers, http://www.narsad.org/pub/fall98related.html].

Here's the screen print from that article/website:















"For many years, researchers believed autism and schizophrenia were different variants of the same disorder, but epidemiological research showed that the two disorders did not occur more frequently in the same families than would be predicted by chance, so since about 1971, we have taught that they are distinct. However, more recent research suggests they may be related." [end of quote, emphasis added, The Neurobiology of Infantile Autism, by Roland D. Ciaranello, M.D, NARSAD Special Report,  http://www.narsad.org/news/newsletter/specialreports/archautism.html].

Note that "not finding them both in the same family"... in my opinion, just further confirms that these are not "genetic" but rather "environmental assaults" due to things like metal toxicity!

So, the above article tried to argue that autism and schizophrenia were "separate and distinct disorders"... but the authors themselves defeat their own argument with the inclusion of this statement that children with autism go on to develop schizophrenia... so, families are told... "they aren't the same"... but... really, "in the end"... they are!

Here's that screen print... note that many other researchers are also finding "common threads"... again, no surprise to me!  

Taken from:  http://www.narsad.org/news/newsletter/specialreports/archautism.html

The fact also remains that from 1943 to 1971, they were considered "the same"... it was only in 1971 that they were "pulled apart" because of the belief that if indeed "genetic" and "the same", we should see both in the same family... but they were not seeing that... Could it be because the "assumption of this being a genetic disorder" was incorrect to start with!!!   That was the reason they were pulled apart... because - "given these disorders were genetic"... if they were "the same" you should "see both" in one family... and they just weren't seeing that!   I suspect that "genetic assumption" was the problem... not the fact that they "were the same" in the first place.   The fact that so many still have trouble distinguishing the two and that it took decades to pull them apart and that they were pulled apart on a bogus "genetic assumption" and "age of onset criterion" should be enough to raise eyebrows here folks!  If indeed parents are screaming "vaccines" for autism... and autism and schizophrenia... and I also believe Alzheimer's... are the same disorder... that certainly poses a HUGE problem for those in the government and in the pharmaceutical industry and as such, we can be certain that they would certainly fight against the "re-merging" of autism and schizophrenia!

This person's "informed hunch" is no better than mine, quite frankly, and based on everything I've researched - thousands of hours now - I absolutely do believe these are the same disorder... there are simply way too many "parallels" and too few "differences" among them... and may I add that the differences may very much be explained by the fact that the brain is not a constant over time and as such... what you see in autism vs schizophrenia may very well be the result of "time of assault" type issues!   I also address the "genetics or genes implicated in schizophrenia" issue in the seminar I put together... very eye opening indeed!

Now, put that together with these comments from the University of Iowa which specializes in the treatment of schizophrenia… note that in the quote below, it very much appears that the primary criteria for separating schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s was “age of onset”.. 

"Schizophrenia, or dementia praecox, was originally distinguished from dementia in the elderly (later named Alzheimer's disease) because it occurred in relatively young people rather than older people". [end of quote, emphasis added, How Was Schizophrenia Discovered, The University of Iowa Mental Health Clinical Research Center (MHCRC),  http://iowa-mhcrc.psychiatry.uiowa.edu/new/MHCRC_Web_Page/schizdisc.html.

Taken from:  http://www.psychiatry.uiowa.edu/mhcrc/MH-CRCpages/How%20Was%20Scizophrenia%20Discovered.htm

So, again, clearly, "age of onset" appeared to be the "major criteria" for splitting the two!

And then, put that together with this comment from the Simpsonwood meeting on mercury  in vaccines:

Dr. Keller, pgs. 116 & 118:  "…we know the developing neurologic system is more sensitive than one that is fully developed…".   (You can find this one in the Simpsonwood report – posted on my website under the “Reports link” – middle column second or third link from the top:  http://www.autismhelpforyou.com)

 Note:  That states "WE KNOW"  - not "we think"... "WE KNOW"!

Well… this comment has huge implications… because it appears to indicate that “what gets targeted” depends on “what is developing”… and that would say metals target the immature cells the most… and that is exactly what we see in these disorders…

In autism… the cerebellum is hit the most… takes 20+ years to mature and is considered among the most immature parts of the brain at birth…

In schizophrenia… when we should be seeing a thickening in gray matter, these folks are losing cells in the very areas where they should be gaining them…

In Alzheimer’s... it is the hippocampus that is most hit (one of 2 parts of the brain known to continue to develop new cells throughout life… the other being the olfactory bulb…but, keep in mind, the sense of smell is tied to much more than “just smelling”… it is tied to emotions, sense of self, imagination, memories, etc…).   Scientists believe that – potentially – these parts of the brain that continue to develop new cells throughout most of a person’s life may be where we get our new stem cells… so, if metals damage these, we would have serious issues indeed. 

The brain is NOT a constant over time... and as such, you can not say that these are not the same disorder based on "age of onset" criteria.   Leukemia is leukemia... at 2 or 85... and metal toxicity is metal toxicity... at 2 or 85... and if metals are most devastating to immature or developing cells (as clearly indicated in the Simpsonwood meeting discussing mercury in vaccines), then, you simply can NOT compare the brain of a 2 year old to that of an adolescent or elderly person... the effects of metals WOULD be different based on "what is developing in the brain at the time of the assault"!

Remember this quote from Simpsonwood meeting - a quote by the study's chief author:

Dr. Verstraeten, pg. 166:  "When I saw this, and I went back through the literature, I was actually stunned by what I saw because I thought it is plausible.  First of all there is the Faeroe study, which I think people have dismissed too easily, and there is a new article in the same Journal that was presented here, the Journal of Pediatrics, where they have looked at PCB.  They have looked at other contaminants in seafood and they have adjusted for that, and still mercury comes out.  That is one point.  Another point is that in many of the studies with animals, it turned out that there is quite a different result depending on the dose of mercury.  Depending on the route of exposure and depending on the age at which the animals, it turned out that there is quite a different result depending on the dose of mercury.  Depending on the route of exposure and depending on the age at which the animals were exposed.  Now, I don't know how much you can extrapolate that from animals to humans, but that tells me mercury at one month of age is not the same as mercury at three months, at 12 months, prenatal mercury, later mercury.  There is a whole range of plausible outcomes from mercury.  On top of that, I think that we cannot so easily compare the U.S. population to Faeroe or Seychelles populations.  We have different mean levels of exposure.  We are comparing high to high I the Seychelles, high to high in the Faeroe and low to low in the U.S., so I am not sure how easily you can transpose one finding to another one.  So basically to me that leaves all the options open, and that means I can not exclude such a possible effect."

So, after all this… why does it appear that this may be epilepsy? (I’m not saying this is the cause of these disorders… it is just “an effect”… like so many others…and what I am saying is that the epilepsy is due to metal toxicity from mercury, aluminum, iron and potentially other metals as well… iron plays a huge role in all this… you need to read my insulin paper to understand that one… way too much to go into here, but something I think is critical for ALL parents or persons who have loved ones impacted by these disorders… CRITICAL issues in that paper that you absolutely need to understand.

But, again, back at the “epilepsy issue”… you can have “short circuiting” going on anywhere in the brain… it does not need to involve just the motor cortex… now… take a look at these pictures…

The Alzheimer’s brain:

The Alzheimer's Brain  Image (below) was taken from the website of the American Health Assistance Foundation located at 22512 Gateway Center Drive, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871, 1-800-437-2423, (301) 948-3244, Fax: (301) 258-9454   http://www.ahaf.org/alzdis/about/BrainAlzheimer.htm    

The Schizophrenia Brain – the most “telling story” is in the pictures provided in this article, showing massive gray matter loss in a “back to front wave” with puberty onset in schizophrenia.   Note that at this time in a person’s life, there should be the GAINING OF CELLS (a back to front wave of development of gray matter thickening… in normal individuals… but in schizophrenia… these folks are LOSING gray matter in the same back to front wave that we should normally be seeing for gray matter thickening at this time of life…make perfect sense if metals target immature cells)!

The following are "snapshots" taken from that video... just to give you an idea... given the last time I looked, the video itself has "disappeared" from the NIMH website... this shows gray matter loss in persons with schizophrenia with puberty onset (MRI's were taken starting at age 14... you can already see damage there - a normal brain was shown as "blue")... second image below is what we see after 5 years... tremendous gray matter loss...




Images above taken from:  http://www.nimh.nih.gov/events/waveschizteens.avi  (note:  this link has since disappeared from NIH website, but the comprehensive article, showing many more images and descriptions of what was seen via MRI can be found at: www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.201243998  or in an article entitled: Mapping adolescent brain change reveals dynamic wave of accelerated gray matter loss in very early-onset schizophrenia , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), September 25, 2001 | vol. 98 | no. 20 | 11650-11655.   This MRI study of what happens in schizophrenia with puberty onset was done by Dr. Paul Thompson of UCLA.  The team included:  Paul M. Thompson*,dagger, Christine Vidal*, Jay N. GieddDagger , Peter GochmanDagger , Jonathan BlumenthalDagger , Robert NicolsonDagger , Arthur W. Toga*, and Judith L. RapoportDagger , * Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, Department of Neurology, Division of Brain Mapping, 4238 Reed Neurology, University of California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1761; and Dagger  Child Psychiatry Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892-1600, Edited by Solomon H. Snyder, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, and approved July 18, 2001 (received for review May 16, 2001).  

Another link that has this information is:  http://pn.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/36/22/18 in an article entitled: Imaging Studies Document Schizophrenia's Devastation by Joan Arehart-Treichel, Psychiatric News, November 16, 2001, Volume 36, Number 22, p. 18.

Note: The animation originally provided by the NIMH  shows loss of gray matter in schizophrenic teenagers (indicated by pink, red, yellow area).   Note that the wave of degeneration occurs from back to front and that it obviously had already started prior to this imaging study - clearly already close to 1/3 of the brain is already impacted by age 14.   This study was conducted over 5 years - so it ended around age 19 or 20!  So, this loss of gray matter appears to take place over a period of 8 - 10 years.

Even the NIMH article on schizophrenia states that they believe there may be a “NON-GENETIC” trigger to this massive devastation… I quote:

“Since losses in the rear areas are thought to be caused by environmental factors, the findings are consistent with the notion that activation of some non-genetic trigger contributes to the onset and initial progression of the illness, suggest the  researchers.”

 Source:    Paul Thompson, M.D., UCLA, Laboratory of Neuroimaging, Posted: November 08, 2001, NIMH website under heading:  "National Institute Of Mental Health  NEWS UPDATE, Teens With Schizophrenia Lose Gray Matter in Back-to-Front Wave.

Source: NIMH Website, Teen With Schizophrenia Lose Gray Matter In Back To Front Wave, November 8, 2001,  http://www.nimh.nih.gov/press/nimhprschizteens01.pdf

For more pictures on what happens in schizophrenia with puberty onset, go to this link on my website:   http://www.autismhelpforyou.com/schizophrenia_brain.htm.

Note:  I was unable to find a good MRI scan for autism or any "representation" of the "autism brain" online - even after several days of searching.  I can not help but wonder why these scans are not out there... anyone with good MRI scans of the autistic brain (especially over time), please forward these to me and I will include them on my website).   Studies do appear to indicate, however, that the cerebellum is among the parts of the brain most impacted in autism.   Note this part of the brain is tied to functions very much associated with one's environment (coordination of motor functions - I have to learn to walk and dance, coordination of emotions - again, very much tied to one's "environment", coordination of speech - I can take a Chinese child and make him speak French... again, tied to one's environment, and possibly also tied to coordination of higher thought processes - again, what I am taught in life - values, sense of self, etc. - all very much depend on one's environment).   So, if metals do target immature cells - this would certainly make sense given the cerebellum takes 20+ years to mature and as such would be among the most immature of immature cells in the brain in a young child.  Note also that at birth, the brain of a boy - and the cerebellum - is considered less developed than that of the female - perhaps also explaining why we see more boys impacted than girls (as plays into all this the fact that testosterone magnifies the effects of mercury, etc.).  Again, read the insulin paper and "book 3" for a whole lot more on all these issues!

If you are a parent considering an MRI scan, I urge you to keep in mind... an MRI is a magnet... and we are talking about "metals" in the brain here... and iron in my opinion, very much plays into all this (read that insulin paper for a whole lot more on that critical issue)... and as such, you need to seriously ask yourself as a parent... what might an MRI do to my child given it is a huge magnet and given metals very much appear to be "part of the problem" in these disorders.   If you have a doctor wanting to do an MRI just as a "nice to have" but he won't really be able to help you address anything based on that MRI... then truly, ask yourself, why do it in the first place if it will do basically nothing in contributing to the care of your child.   These are serious issues I think all parents need to consider - again, just my humble opinion!   Also, if you are  considering a CAT scan - you should be aware of the fact that dyes used for these procedures contain radioactive substances.  As such, as in all matters relating to the health of your child or that of your family... do you homework and ask questions - again, just my opinion!   Blind trust is mistake number one and a costly one at that!   Just a few things parents should be aware of!  You may also want to read a section I wrote entitled All Those Brain Studies for a little more on this issue!

It is most interesting to note that in an article entitled Aura Continua (that means "ongoing aura" - Note: the "aura" is considered part of the seizure), that the author, Heinz Gregor Wieser (Date of submission: May 4, 2001 Date of Update:  September 17, 2003 Medline SEARCH DATE: September 17, 2003, posted at:  http://www.epilepsy.org/ctf/aura_continua.html ) stated in his Table 3 that those who experienced this type of  "ongoing epilepsy" included persons with schizophrenia and "schizophrenia-like" psychosis.   Note what is stated about this condition of "ongoing epilepsy" known as "aura continua" - I quote:   

"Aura continua is an intriguing condition of epileptic nature. The reason long-lasting seizure discharges remain restricted to a circumscribed area of the brain is not completely understood. However, new insights emerge from animal models of epilepsy and, in particular, from studies of network disturbances seen in cortical dysgenesis. Aura continua has been observed with a variety of clinical signs and symptoms that depend on the localization of the epileptic discharge and reflect the functional organization of the brain. In this clinical summary, Heinz-Gregor Wieser, MD, of the Universitatssipital in Zurich, Switzerland, reviews the most fascinating phenomena described within the context of aura continua. These phenomena include ictal psychic phenomena with perceptual hallucinations, mnemonic, emotional, and other rare misperceptions, such as depersonalization, distortion of body image, and heautoscopy..." [end of quote, Heinz Gregor Wieser, Aura Continua, http://www.epilepsy.org/ctf/aura_continua.html ].  

Other things experienced by persons with "aura continua" or "ongoing epilepsy" included things like... again I quote: 

"Perceptual hallucinations   - Visual - Auditory - Olfactory - Gustatory • Mnemonic   - Deja vu - Jamais vu - Memory recall - Memory gaps/amnesia - Emotional   - Fear - Sadness - Pleasure - Sexual emotion - Emotional distress - Anger  - Change in reality - Depersonalization - Feeling of other presence -  heautoscopy  - Forced thinking - Distortion of body image..." [end of quote, Heinz Gregor Wieser, Aura Continua, http://www.epilepsy.org/ctf/aura_continua.html]. 

"Forced thinking" would probably include things like "thought insertion" that is also common in schizophrenia.

And, it goes on and on and on in terms of what these people experience... and it most certainly would appear to describe "schizophrenia" and a whole lot of what else we see in these disorders!    This article on the "aura continua" is another one of those articles I consider a "must read" for families of those afflicted by these disorders!

Well... given the "printscreens" above showing what happens with puberty onset in schizophrenia, it certainly would seem logical to me that these persons would be experiencing "ongoing seizure activity" or the "aura continua" and that the so many for so long thought of as simply "crazy" were actually suffering from massive epilepsy and gray matter loss!  

Note also that drugs often given to persons with schizophrenia (anti-psychotics and anti-depressants) can trigger a condition known as "hyperacussis" (very sensitive hearing - where a whisper can appear as a shout).   For more on that, read my section on "Hearing Voices... Crazy or Hyperacussis?"

Epilepsy is generally NOT HEREDITARY… but rather is believed to be caused by environmental factors… and note that the areas impacted most in these disorders are all parts of the brain that appear to be most tied to functions that are influenced primarily by “your environment”.   For a whole lot more on this, please read the insulin paper I referenced above (link to it is provided below) and/or “Book 3” posted in full on my website.  

In less than 5% of cases is epilepsy considered “inherited”… and keep in mind… “hereditary” does not equal “genetic”… in other words, a disorder can be due to a genetic mutation… passed on… but what caused the mutation in the first place could certainly have been the result of an environmental assault such as metal toxicity… and as such, I personally question even the “5%” that is said to be “hereditary”… may be “genetic”, but “genetic” due to environmental assault!  

For more on this issue of whether or not epilepsy is “inherited”, simply go to any search engine on the Internet and type in “epilepsy inherited”, as I did, and you will see, epilepsy, in the vast majority of cases, is NOT “inherited”, as indicated in the article below from http://www.epilepsy.com… there are many others… just like this, that state that clearly. 

Taken from:  http://www.epilepsy.com/101/ep101_inherited.html

So, in the vast majority of cases – up to 95% - and potentially more - epilepsy is NOT inherited… of course, once the parents have the “mutation” to their genetics, yes, it can be “inherited”… but, again, keep in mind, you can have a “genetic mutation” resulting from an environmental assault… so, if not generally an “inherited condition”, what caused the mutations in the parents or children in the first place in those few cases that are “inherited”?   I very much suspect that the answer  to that is an environmental assault from metal toxicity.

Note that research indicates epilepsy is growing the most among the very young and the very old!   Another “interesting coincidence” (i.e., could be due to the fact that these are the generations getting the most vaccinations - just my humble opinion, of course)! 

Also, it is well known that children with autism often develop seizures with puberty onset.   For more on that, refer to articles by Stephen Edelson of the Center for the Study of Autism in Salem, Oregon, specifically, an article entitled: Autism, Puberty, and the Possibility of Seizures, posted at:  http://www.autism.org/seizures.html . 

In this article, Dr. Edelson states that he knew of children with autism considered “high functioning” prior to puberty and who later went on to experience untreated seizures during puberty… by their late teens, they were considered “low functioning”. 

Parents need to keep in mind that seizures can occur in any part of the brain.   We generally discuss epilepsy involving "convulsions"...but, the fact is that there can be "short circuiting" of neurons and seizure activity anywhere in the brain... it does not need to involve the motor cortex (i.e., shaking, etc.).   Blank stares, aimless wandering, picking at things, etc. can all be signs of seizure activity as can be loss of cognitive functions, little or no gain academically, behavioral issues, increased aggression, etc. 

As you consider all this, it is also important to keep in mind what we now know for a fact in terms of mercury and neurodegeneration… when neurons are exposed to mercury, they basically shrink to half their original size within 40 minutes or so of exposure as clearly shown – on video – by the University of Calgary team – and this video also clearly mentions that the neurons went on to form “neurofibrillary tangles” – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s and that the lesions seen were like those in 80% of human Alzheimer’s patients.   For those of you who have yet to view that video, I strongly encourage you to take the few minutes it takes and look at that very, very telling experiment done at the University of Calgary!

Given the over 140 parallels provided on my website among autism-schizophrenia-Alzheimer’s and indeed their very common history (click here for more on history of these disorders),  I think many will agree that these disorders very much appear to be the same disorder over the life spectrum, and if indeed that is the case, you simply can not lose as much gray matter as we see being lost without the experiencing of seizure activity. 

It is interesting that seizure activity (for up to 25% of children with autism – that we seem to have documented – I suspect the number may actually be much higher and that parents and/or professionals are not recognizing the seizure activity for what it is) starts in these children with the onset of puberty – the very time the brain is supposed to be undergoing a thickening in gray matter… a gaining of cells… yet, clearly, with the onset of epilepsy and with the onset of “schizophrenia”, there is a tremendous loss of cells.   That would make sense if indeed it is true that metals such as mercury, aluminum and iron target immature or developing cells.   Dr. Keller’s quote from the Simpsonwood meeting on mercury in vaccines, referenced above, would certainly be in line with that:

 I quote: 

 Dr. Keller, pgs. 116 & 118:  "…we know the developing neurologic system is more sensitive than one that is fully developed…".  

So, it very much appears, at least in my opinion, that these metals are most devastating and/or targeting "developing cells" - explaining why we would see a loss of cells at a time when a person should be gaining them in specific parts of the brain!

Untreated epilepsy is a serious issue indeed because with each seizure comes the potential for greater cell death!  Again, keep in mind, B6 deficiency is the only nutritional deficiency that is known to cause or magnify seizures… and it is certainly well documented that B6 has proven most beneficial to children with autism!   In fact, according to the Edelson article on this topic, it is stated that – and I quote: “vitamin B6 with magnesium as well as dimethylglycine (DMG) are known to reduce or eliminate seizure activity in some individuals, even in cases where seizure drugs are ineffective” [ end of quote: Stephen Edelson, Center For The Study of Autism, http://www.autism.org/seizures.html ].

Melatonin is also known to help prevent iron induced seizures.   For more on these issues, again, read the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin – posted in full on my website – in my opinion, a must read for all families of children with autism!

Note that some research is now indicating that beta amyloid in Alzheimer’s may actually protect the brain from oxidative stress due to iron overload…. For more on that, read my insulin paper… again, that is a “critical must read” for anyone with an interest in these disorders!

 Bottom line: 

You simply can not lose so much gray matter without having epilepsy or short circuiting in the brain… and that is why I say that what we may be seeing in these disorders is MASSIVE epilepsy caused by metal toxicity whereby metals are most targeting “developing cells”, thereby perhaps explaining the differences we see in these disorders in terms of “what is hit” in the brain – because the brain is NOT a constant over time – and what is “developing” in a young child would be very different than what is “developing” in a teenage or adult brain!

Again, for more on these issues, I urge you to read what I consider a "must read paper" I wrote on Redefining The Role of Insulin, (will explain a whole lot more for families, physicians and anyone else with an interest in these issues - simply too much to go into here!) and also “Book 3” - the 3rd book I wrote and posted in full on this website, a book I entitled  Breaking The Code:  Putting Pieces In Place!

Indeed, it very much appears to me that we do not have an "epidemic" of "autism" or "Alzheimer's" on our hands... in my opinion, it very much appears to me that if indeed metals such as mercury, aluminum and iron are contributing to these disorders - as I very much believe is the case - that what the pharmaceuticals may have created is truly a "schizophrenia epidemic" - just my humble opinion of course.   But then, that would perhaps explain the many changes we see tied to these disorders... it is much easier to tell a family member that their child has "autism" or that a parent has "Alzheimer's" than to state they have "schizophrenia" - a disorder so very, very misunderstood by society - a disorder we may not have to come to terms with as we learn to deal with autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's - again, just my opinion!   Understanding the issues, however, is the first step in addressing them!

As far as the denial by the pharmaceuticals and the government agencies that have played a role in all this... well... as I state in several places on this website:

"If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it"... Adolf Hitler

However... there does come a time when the facts become undeniable... and I think many would agree that we have reached that point!

Families - in closing - I can not strongly enough urge you to read the paper I wrote on Redefining The Role Of Insulin and if possible, Book 3... I think both of these will help you put a whole lot more of your puzzle in place as well as help you understand many other very, very critical issues that play into all this - issues I truly believe all parents and/or physicians/therapists need to understand- again, just my opinion!

Mercury, Aluminum & Iron...

Devastating All Generations...

From Autism... To Alzheimer's?©

Picture/Phrase:  Copyright Autismhelpforyou.com.   All Rights Reserved.

(This is a picture of my son's hand... holding the hand of an elderly woman - a past neighbor - showing early signs of Alzheimer's)

The stats:   Autism                     1 in 150

                    Schizophrenia         1 in 100

                    Alzheimer's             1 in 2 (50% afflicted in those over 85)        

                                          1 in 5  (20% in 75 - 84 group)

                                                     1 in 10 (10% in 65 - 74 group)

The numbers impacted by Alzheimer's are expected to double every 5 years...

If you think autism impacts only families of those who suffer from "autism" - THINK AGAIN!  

It certainly looks like "our family" is an ever-growing one... and it looks as though there are many more facing "joining the ranks" of the "autistic" unless society wakes up to these undeniable facts and starts to demand answers to all this... and that can ONLY come from INDEPENDENT STUDY - not studies "funded by the pharmaceuticals" or government agencies tied to vaccination programs... personally... I've seen enough of their lies/"misrepresentations" to last me a lifetime!  

For more on that issue, go to Reports Attorneys For The Vaccine Injured Will Surely Want To See!, and read "Book 3"... very eye opening indeed!


Below is the original section posted on this issue - a few more things to look at... 

I decided to add the section above this as parents had more questions than were answered below...

In order to understand why I say this, and before going on to discussions on this subject, all visitors need to look at the "basic info" presented on this website.   That would include the following:

The comparison chart between autism, Alzheimer's and schizophrenia.  Autism - Alzheimer's - Schizophrenia Comparison Chart
The "history" of these disorders as presented under the information on mental illness classification Why Our Mental Illness Classification System Is Outdated And Invalid!!!
The 5 minute neural degeneration due to low level mercury exposure video provided by the University of Calgary Neural Degeneration Due To Low Level Mercury Exposure Video
The Alzheimer's brain illustration Alzheimer's Brain Illustration
The Schizophrenia brain illustration showing what happens at puberty onset Schizophrenia Brain Change With Puberty Onset
I found this interesting link on epilepsy... and what supplements are used to help with this condition... Zachary is already getting most of these...  http://www.go-symmetry.com/health/epilepsy.htm

Note:  Evening Primrose Oil, and Borage Oil can make epilepsy WORSE by lowering the seizure threshold!  


Before giving your loved one ANY oil supplement, please check with your doctor and investigate the oil for possible issues dealing with seizures!

I know many parents give oils to their children... especially flaxseed...

I gave Zachary both borage and flaxseed oil in the past... now, I will have to reconsider this.   This is another one of those "dilemmas" since I know that the body benefits in many ways from these oils... yet, I certainly do not want to risk increasing the possibility of seizures - hence - brain damage - in my son.   Another difficult issue for all parents indeed!  I will at the very minimum significantly reduce the amount of borage I have given to Zachary - especially since I know many children with autism develop seizures at puberty!  

The concern I have with all this is that when studies are done, we really do not know "other supplements" or "meds" someone may have been taking, or for example, if someone had a B6 deficiency (something that is known to cause or magnify seizures).   Thus, I have "mixed feelings" with this whole issue - especially when I see posts by parents on message boards that state children were helped with things like flaxseed or primrose oil when it came to seizures.  But, again, there was no way to know "the rest of the story"... i.e., the meds, etc. a child could have been on that may have also contributed to the issues with seizures.

I guess right now, I'm at a point of "not knowing what to do" on this one... and unfortunately, I suspect this will very much be another one of those "trial and error things".   Regardless, this was certainly an issue to "keep in mind" or at least be aware of! 





Once you have reviewed all the above, I encourage you to go to "book 3" and read that text in full, including the chapter on epilepsy.    Look specifically for information dealing with "delusions", "psychic seizures" and vagus nerve stimulation

Note:  The only vitamin deficiency KNOWN to cause or worsen seizures is vitamin B6 deficiency!!!   Vitamin B6 deficiency is a "hallmark" in autism!   Those with Alzheimer's are also known to suffer vitamin deficiencies - especially in the B vitamin group!

Note:   Research estimates that anywhere from 95 - 99% of cases of epilepsy indicate it is NOT genetic.   Thus, if "not genetic", where are these seizures coming from in our children?  And why do they seem to occur more with the onset of puberty.    Again, a great deal more on that in Book 3!   I strongly encourage all parents to read this text. 

You will see how - in my opinion - all this fits TOTALLY together... and how, there seems to be no denying that what we are seeing in these disorders is EPILEPSY at its worse - i.e., massive short circuiting of the brain - leading to even greater cell death down the road!!! 


The following is an excellent site on epilepsy:



(this is their main web page... the first link above is for the same website but is about B6 specifically)


I also encourage all visitors who have family members with autism, Alzheimer's or Schizophrenia to read the all 3 books I have written and posted online in full on this website.   In my opinion, these will greatly help you understand many of the "subtle issues" too and see why I came to the conclusions I came to in terms of these disorders.   My UPDATES section is a "continuation" of our family's journey with autism and what I have come to understand since the writing of my books.   

Note:  In my opinion, we can not assume that we are dealing with "just epilepsy".   The overall devastation in persons impacted by these disorders indicates that a great deal of work lies ahead in order to help prevent further cell loss due to seizures, etc.   

People have a tendency to think that "if it's epilepsy, there are drugs for that"... the fact is, there are over 13 drugs for epilepsy based on type of seizure, etc.   If I am correct, we are looking at OVERALL seizures - throughout the brain - and the brain is a very fragile creation.   Concerns over the use of drugs in epilepsy and damage the medications themselves may cause are real concerns, too as indicated on the above epilepsy website cited!


Book 1

Saving Zachary:  The Death And Rebirth Of A Family Coping With Autism

Book 2

Breaking The Code To Remove The Shackles Of Autism:  When The Parts Are Not Understood And The Whole Is Lost!

Book 3

Breaking The Code:  Putting Pieces In Place!

By: Jeanne A. Brohart


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